Critical Thinking and Physical Evidence Essay Sample

1. Make you believe altering engineerings are doing it easier to find who is responsible for a offense? Why or why non? -I do believe that altering engineerings makes it easier to find who is responsible for a offense. Even one hundred old ages ago. offense work outing was based on relation to the victim and possible motivation. now modern engineerings is assisting scientists to detect more and more of the felons without holding to happen a acerate leaf in a hayrick. Though engineering is ne’er perfect. it does supply us with a quicker and more accurate reading of analysis. By holding computing machine simulations. we can seek to happen out if our theories are plausible. And the newer engineerings such as progressing microscopes and computing machine analysing plans allow for a more accurate position of the grounds. and provides a better manner to compare and contrast the given informations in a shorter sum of clip.

2. Make you believe the representations in the media of the designation and analysis of physical grounds are accurate based on the information you learned in this lesson? Why or why non? -I believe that the tactics used in the media are based in truth. but are messed with to maintain up the visual aspect of the secret plan. One thing that I have most rebelliously learned is that things do non go on every bit fast as they make them look in the media. Trials for Deoxyribonucleic acid or analysis of fingerprints and hair take much more than the 10 infinitesimal scene on Television. Another major difference is the fact that non all physical grounds can convict person to the offense perfectly. in fact. it seems as if there is ever some uncertainty to the condemnable if no other grounds is provided with it. So I do happen the media’s reading rather miseading.

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