Critical analysis of safeguarding children Essay

A. Critical analysis of safeguarding kids including statute law. policy and professional pattern ( 4000 word – 100 % ) :

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the kid ( UNCR 1989 ) . Article 1 defines a ‘child’ as a individual below the age of 18. Law is used in order to legalize society ; kids are profoundly and for good affected by the Torahs that are made and enforced by grownups. Safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of the kids is based on “_protecting. preventing and guarantee safety_” towards kids. ( Reference ) . Within society there are many professionals and bureaus operated in order to protect and reenforce children’s rights. The linguistic communication of safeguarding kids came about with the coming of The Children Act 1989. The Children’s Act ( 1989 ) and ( 2004 ) are besides statute law which states that those who work with kids have precedence to maintain them safe. The Children’s Act 2004 focuses more on ‘integrating services around run intoing the demands of kids and their families’ . which resulted in professionals working more closely together ( DfES. 2004a ) .

Measures which besides are seen to be protecting the involvements of the kid. would be the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Convention on the Rights of the Child are seen to in-fact rich person ‘limited impact’ concentrating less on the existent rights of the kid and more on parental rights in regard of their children’s instruction ( Blythe and Parkin. 1999. p. 118 ) . Although kids do non hold any say in who will regulate them. it is seen as indispensable for kids to be protected within this incorporate system we live in. Although professionals have the responsibility of the protection of kids “_everyone who comes into contact with kids and households has a function to play_” . any administration or bureau can work together in order to supply consistent support towards kids ( Web ref 1 ) .

Before traveling frontward with this essay it is of import to set up the professional pattern and instance which will be used to analyze the kid protection of kids within the United Kingdom. The parental duty under the Children’s Act 1989 S3 ( 1 ) is defined as holding ‘responsibilities’ instead than ‘rights’ in relation to kids. However there have been many instances where the parents/career of kid has been questioned. Social workers are called to look at the instance. the responsibility of a local authorization societal worker particularly in the Children’s Act 1989 S17 ( 1 ) is seen to be a responsibility to look into when there is cause to surmise that a kid may be enduring or has been harmed. Social workers are traveling to be the focal point in this essay in footings of professionals used to protect kids and Victoria Climbié instance will besides be the focal point.

Social workers are seen as “mediators. aggressive intervener. translators and provider/ locator/ Godhead of resources in footings of the client’s needs” . in footings of functions which are played ( Hollis. 1964 ) . Most times covering with societal workers are non ever at the petition of the client. kid protection is non the lone option they besides deal with “compulsory admittance to mental wellness attention and at the order of the condemnable courts” ( Lindsay. 2013. p. 2 ) . Over the old ages. the complexness of work for practicians advanced. which created _structural and organizational changes_ ( web ref 2 ) . After several old ages. the authorities hence decided to utilize their docket for children’s services onto the instance of Victoria Climbié ( Crippling. 2003 ) . This essay will be based on the analysis of the safeguarding and protection of kids and the issues which may come about making so. Concentrating on the work of Social workers in footings of kid protection and how the effectual safeguarding was lacked in the instance of Victoria Climbié ( 2000 ) .

The decease of Victoria Climbié came approximately in February 2000. aged eight old ages and three months ; her maltreatment by her great aunt Marie-Therese Kouao and Kouao spouse. Carl John Manning. was unknown although she had been seen by many different practicians including wellness. constabulary and societal workers over the last 10 months of her life. Her decease sparked an influential enquiry into professional and policy failure which proved negative amongst children’s services. nevertheless promoted a alteration in publications and statute law within the UK as this instance has created an inspection and repair to child protection processs.

As a consequence of the decease of Victoria. Lord Laming highlighted in his rating of the professional patterns environing Victoria’s instance the importance of kid services working and sharing information in order to protect kids and protect them from injury. In his nosologies of the ‘professional and systematic’ failures which contributed to Victoria’s decease including many histrions who failed to place the maltreatment Victoria went through. His study published in 2003. recommended 108 alterations in which most of them being adapted into the Children Act 2004. every bit good as the creative activity of the 2003 green paper Every Child Matters. The professional function of societal workers will be analysed critically in collaboratively working to safeguard kids.

Under the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004 practicians have the duty to ‘_Safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids who are in need’_ as they help forestall kids from being in a vulnerable province by a calling who can no longer or should non be looking after them. Within the Victoria Climbié instance. societal workers were described as “incompetent” ( web ref 3 ) . It was found that the chief societal worker of this instance. Lisa Arthurworrey. was responsible for the decease of Victoria. for falling to recognize the maltreatment. However. Arthurworrey claimed that societal workers had non received the ‘_correct guidelines’_ from direction until after Victoria’s decease ( Batty. 2004 ) .

It is seen that kids tend to hold better results where there is grounds of careful appraisal of their demands. Social workers try to work together with the services provided in order for early intercession. Assessment is seen to be the foundation of all effectual intercession. as it establishes the human demands. grounds would necessitate to be grounded. Servicess are needed to be provided in the state of affairs of hazard and demand. accurate and realistic appraisal from the relevant professional to guarantee all the appropriate information of that certain instance needs to be undertaken before ‘Judgements and determinations are made about action and resources’ ( Adams and Dominelli et Al. . 2002. p. 209 ) The safety of a kid is overriding with a societal workers function. the Children’s Act 1989 centralises this. The act has focused on the importance of appraisal of need/risk of the kid and concentrating on the agreements of services inter-connecting for the Protection of Children.

Policy and statute law has changed over the old ages sing safeguarding kids as it was seen that before the policies and patterns were more concerned with household support public assistance ( Audit Commission. 1994: Department of Health. 1995 ) . It was seen that the focal point was set to be more of a ‘_change_’ of the work. for the consequence of kid public assistance attack rules being able to rule. It was established that the significance being based on back uping kids and households within the community and coercive of intercession and patroling being kept to a lower limit.

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The passage of the 1989 Children’s Act shows tenseness between policy and pattern over clip When the Act was passed. the force per unit area on the kid protection system had been raising. every bit good as the figure of referrals and kids being brought into attention. The jobs which have been faced before the act was even passed had non been resolved. Inquiries and studies contained inside informations of how professionals environing the kids had failed to bring forth a reaction from failure to pass on with one another.

The act was enforced to set up the threshold standards for kid protection inquires and to guarantee kid as Centre in footings of tribunal proceedings. At the same clip the Act. enforced counsel and of import of the birth household and set uping rules for kid attention patterns. working with household and professionals and the importance of working with household and protection of them every bit good as protecting kids from injury ( Allen. 2005 ; Department of Health [ Doh ] . 1989 ) .

The safeguarding docket continued into the 1990’s. introducing bureaus and programmes such as Certain Start and the Children’s Fund. Significant statute law continued with Crime and Disorder Act 11998 and the Adoption and Children Act 2002. which policy besides developed with the debut of Framework for _the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families_ ( DoH et al. . 2000 ) . This was implemented within local governments in 2001. which establishes counsel about the behavior of appraisal prompted on societal workers due to the instance of Victoria Climbié .

The safeguarding docket was subsequently implicated by the Victoria Climbié instance which introduced _Every Child Matters ( _ECM ) Framework. including the constitution of Local Children’s Safeguarding ( Chief Secretary to the Treasury. 2003. parity 1. 12 ; Crippling 2003 ) . The enterprise was introduced as portion of Laming’s actions onn the decease of Victoria. which involved attempts to guarantee that no kid is being ignored by improved services. through shared information within different professionals and these professionals working alongside another which besides included the Common Assessment Framework ( CAF ) – based on renewed steps of undertaking societal exclusion guaranting each child’s have their voices heard.

Victoria horrific decease which arose due to the custodies of the great aunt and spouse reaffirmed the model which aimed for every immature kid to hold the best opportunity in life to accomplish their full potency. While reacting to the decease of Victoria. the Green Paper ECM supplying ‘thinking and legislative’ model that would farther broaden the range for bar and early intercession which was seen to be the cardinal purpose of guaranting wellbeing of all kids. This is shown in the result statement of ECM ( DfES. 2004 ) .

Children should accomplish economic well being

Be wellness

Enjoy and accomplish

Make a positive part

Stay safe

These classs are far from the narrow visions of how child protection should work from how it was the 1980’s and 1990’s. demoing how advanced the docket has advanced to guarantee better services. These purposes show the efforts the Government have in order to accomplish a more proactive and guarding service for kids and households. However even with this in topographic point. it is seen that the docket within the UK can be seen to be wavered in footings of the ‘local nidation failure’ within society as Victoria Climbe instance demonstrates instead than existent policy.

The Victoria Climbié Inquiry study established the struggles of agents working together as they failed to associate little factors which would hold led to gain she was being abused. It established that there were cardinal chances which could hold taken topographic point to assist step in to assist Victoria. None of the professionals who had seen Victoria questioned why she had non been go toing school or had non been registered with a GP.

Victoria was seen by Dr. Schwartz who failed to descry grounds of the 8 twelvemonth Old’s maltreatment. asserted her position that due to the due of the indispensable ‘interpretative nature of inter-professional communication’ . Victoria was ignored. Schwartz claimed the hurts were apparent as itchs infection. this sentiment which antecedently as itchs infection. this sentiment which antecedently contracted a locum registrar. Dr Ajayi-Obe who had the position that she had been physically abused. But the adviser claimed she did non see it necessary to take a instance history. despite her kid protection concerns as she expected societal services to look into the misss fortunes ( Batty. 2001 ) .

Lord Laming asserts in his rating of the professional ; patterns environing Victoria’s instance. in order for kids to be adequately safeguarded. information within bureaus has to be improved. Each bureau needs to prioritize go throughing information to another bureau and the receivers should question any points of uncertainness. In the words of the two infirmary advisers who had Victoria. “_I can non question for the manner other people interpreted what I said. It was non the manner I would hold liked it to hold been interpreted_” ( Dr Ruby Schwartz ) “_I do non believe it was until I have re-read this missive that I appreciated rather the deepness of misunderstanding_” ( Dr Mary Rossiter ) .

This shows how Victoria was in the center of miscommunication which was the ruin to her safety ( Crippling. 2003 ) While analyzing about statements. it is obvious the deficiency of communicating and misinterpretation was evident. doing it obvious to see how Crippling came to this position. It is clear that action to safeguard Victoria non-existent ; she was caught up in the dysfunctional ‘_gatekeeping’_ patterns in Brent Social Services. Actions to safeguard Victoria were hindered due to the undetected and failing pattern of the establishments in which she was involved in.

Within society. kids are seen as necessitating protecting from economic and societal constructions. It is seen that societal significances in society differ depending on different hazards and demands. this is evident within the ECM docket with the policy paperss. Negatively views as the kid being ‘citizen-worker-of-the-future’ ( Williams. 2004. p. 408 ) . It is seen that the child’s position is being ignored. from their positions which were expressed in the ECM audience process- which emphasized on extra-curricular activities and infinites for kids ( DfES ) . This is seen as common within policy-making and how kids are being constructed within the society we live in. Rather than being seen as kids rehearsing to go grownups. kids are viewed as non be able to cognize ‘what is rational because they can non yet see what rational’ ( Archard. 1993. p. g6 ) . Therefore kids are ever seen as being needed to be developed and protected by the capital.

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Some would state that within different bureaus some practicians within different bureaus are non cognizant with the apprehension of how different services defer depending on different degree of demand. This can be a job as kids and households could be given the incorrect type of service. Guidance from ‘Early Intervention Securing Good Outcomes for Children’ ( DCSF. 2010 ) saw early intercession as non associating ‘_exclusively to step ining younger ages’_ but undertaking issues ‘as they arise. whatever the age of the kid or immature age’ . Early intercession is used in order to safeguard kids is demonstrated by ‘_research surveies and cost-benefit analysis’_ ( Easton and Gee. 2012 )

Policies within the authorities seem to hold progressed towards early intercession. Not merely due to the safety of kids. but was due to economic evidences of children’s failure to procure necessary accomplishments. makings and moral thoughts for their hereafter. Soon the authorities decided to show-case their concerns for kids holding future jobs with employability and criminalism. hence presenting the model for instruction _Birth to Three Matters_ in 2002 ( DfES ) . to corroborate that no kid is exempt from developmental prescription. This is relevant to safeguarding kids in the sense that with the models. kids who are seen to be ‘in conflict’ with the jurisprudence or seen as baleful and as such forfeit their right to be ‘safe-guarded’ although those are kids who may necessitate protection the most.

Harmonizing to ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ ( 2010 ) a papers released by the authorities based on a usher for administrations and persons who need to work together to safeguard kids. In respects to thresholds and assessment the papers established. the Local Safeguarding Children Boards ( LSCB ) should take portion in local agreements for taking common appraisal and utilize the Common Assessment Framework ( CAF ) when appropriate. They came about to guarantee pattern work in topographic point that aims to aim peculiar groups by ‘developing/evaluating thresholds and processs for work where kids and households where a kid has been identified as ‘in need’ under the Children Act 1989′ . Besides. that ‘local arrangements’ are taken for common appraisal while utilizing CAF and be cognizant when it is possible to mention a possible kid in demand to children’s societal attention services. this is enforced by the Children’s Trust board. working with the LSCB.

The Common Assessment Framework was developed as a standard tool for all professionals working with kids and households. used for appraisal and referral intents ( Department for Education and Skills [ DfES ] . 2006a. 2006b ) . all this in the hope of professionals working efficaciously through communicating and shared information. As the authorities has come up with the purpose of conveying kid public assistance to a common apprehension within different bureaus and professionals. the debut of CAF is designed to light this. CAF was designed in order to concentrate on the demands and strengths instead than ‘concerns’ for kids within these services.

Professionals have been encouraged to educate strengths. demands action and solutions for kids across three spheres derived from the Framework for Assessment of Children and Need and their Families ( DoH. 2004 ) : ‘_Development of unborn babe. baby or immature children’ . ‘Parents and carers’_ and ‘F_amily and environmental’ . _ As the CAF is grounds based. which can do the completed CAF really hard to understand. even for experient kid public assistance professionals ( White et al. . 2008 ) .

As the demand for Child Care services has increased. in entire. between April 2011 and January 2012 Cafcass. received 10. 199 new applications – 10. 8 % higher when compared to the same period last fiscal twelvemonth ( Rogers and Evans. 2012 ) . This shows that the mode in which the 1989 Children’s Act is being applied efficaciously within the state ; bureaus are moving faster and more efficaciously in guaranting vulnerable kids are being removed from disregard and opprobrious families. hence due to a more quickly and antiphonal appraisal and consciousness. professionals of go forthing a attention are the cause of higher Numberss of applications.

Children’s Care prioritizes attention for those fortunes such were the household or kid are in such serious danger. Harmonizing to North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board these are the cardinal duties for Children’s Care ( web ref 1 ) :

Assess. program and supply support to kids in demand. peculiarly those agony or likely to endure important injury ;

Make questions under Section 47 of the Children Act 1989 wherever there is ground to surmise that a kid in its country is at hazard of important injury ;

Supply a Key Worker for every kid topic to a Child Protection Plan ;

Ensure that the bureaus who are party to the protection program coordinate their activities to protect the kid ;

Convene regular reappraisals of the advancement of any kid topic to a Child Protection Plan through both Core Group and Child Protection Conference Review meetings ;

Instigate legal proceedings where required.

In order to supply effectual service. professionals must be prepared to seek an apprehension from other practicians. from other administrations in order to organize phrases which have small significance and consequence in the usage of habitualization. ( White et al. . 2008 )

In order to measure the engagement within parents and child it is of import to utilize CAF to measure the kids and to place demands ( Department for Education and Skills. 2005 ) . Rearing is held to be of import for the life opportunities of all kids. although in world parenting intercessions are focused upon the poorest parents ( Goldson and Jamieson. 2002 ) . Safeguarding kids requires the demand to guarantee that the kid is in best custodies in footings of carers for them. Carers who are seen to be of a negative visible radiation within society. this weighs to a great extent on each kid. as each kid depends on person to look after them as they are vulnerable. The status of kids who are incapable of moving for their best involvements justifies the demand of carers ; policies are put into topographic point to guarantee the rights and power between parents and kid. Parents in moving in behalf of their kids. but it besides constitute such tuition as a responsibility ( Archard. 1993. p. 7 )

Due to the Adoption and Children Act 2002. which emphasized how bureaus have a responsibility to measure injury whenever domestic force was present. the addition of instances referred to Children Protection Registers etc. because of domestic force was paramount. However it is seen that although there is an addition in instances of domestic force being assessed decently. grounds of services which protect them have non been increasing ensuing in these services holding to see what can be done to better their response with the current budgets.

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The importance of working with parents and kid in order to accomplish the best result is critical as it ensures effectual aid has been used. Working in partnership with parents is needed as working with parents is shown through the Children Act 1989. ‘supporting households. when necessary. to convey up their kids and working in partnership with parents whose fortunes may be hard is at the bosom of our Children Act’ ( Department of Health 1995a. p. 1 ) Many other Acts of the Apostless support working in partnership with parents. such as the green paper Every Child Matters as it encourages the engagement of bureaus and support through early intercession non merely through kid protection work but others besides.

However. with these multi-agencies working together to assisting and authorising parents. some households are seen to be loath to have these services which has some negative effects on safeguarding kids. It is seen that some workers draw back from negative menaces of force or bullying and many programs that were supposed to make undergo hold non and hence left undisputed. This is apparent in the decease of Ainlee Labonte in 2002. through the negative behavior of her parents who refused to collaborate with the bureaus offered to them. workers frequently ‘froze’ which hence hindered their ability to follow through with referrals. appraisals or programs ( Brandon et al. 2008. p. 96 )

Mentioning to parents power and engagement with kids and professionals it is besides of import to set up how the Adoption and Children Act 2002 contributed to a farther amendment to the Children Act 1989 in regard of fathers’ parental duty. This refers to all professionals working with kids should cognize the parental duty ; it antecedently contained information which hindered single male parents entree to their kids. This act put in topographic point has ensured that the child’s involvement were cardinal and non merely the involvements of the authorities. with societal workers looking at grownups in a household who had existent relationships with their kids. The current state of affairs is that the following have parental duty

The child’s female parent

The child’s male parent if they are married to fuss

The child’s unmarried father if registered on the child’s birth certification

Person who adopts kid

Person who becomes the child’s defender on the mother’s decease etc.

Overall. it is of import to set up the importance of safeguarding kids with the UK. With instances such as Victoria Climbié . which emphasized the deficiency of good professional pattern has led to many different alterations. Although some would state these alterations are non ever implemented everyplace. Practitioners have a cardinal function in guaranting the procedure of communicating between different administrations and professions. which the Acts of the Apostless and policies such as the Children Act 2004 and Every Child Matters. the integrating of kids services can be practised to guarantee protection for kids and households. It is seen that in order to better the result of kids. services should monitored more closely to guarantee the results for kids are 1s we expect. With the services being more effectual and the committedness of inter-agencies working together. the purposes can all be achieved.


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