Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Research Study Essay Sample

Fix a critical analysis of a quantitative survey concentrating on protection of human participants. informations aggregation. informations direction and analysis. job statement. and reading of findings. The quantitative research article can be from your old literature reappraisal or a new peer-reviewed article. Each survey analysis will be 1. 000-1. 250 words and submitted in one papers. As with the assignments in Topics 1-3. this should link to your identified pattern job of involvement. Refer to the resource entitled “Research Critique Part 2. ” Questions under each header should be addressed as a narrative. in the construction of a formal paper. You are besides required to include an Introduction and Conclusion.

*Cite at least 3 mentions **Article must be from 2012-2015 *** Please follow the affiliated guidelines Prepare this assignment harmonizing to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is non required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please reexamine the rubric prior to get downing the assignment to go familiar with the outlooks for successful completion. You are required to subject this assignment to Turnitin. Submit the assignment along with an electronic version of the article used for the analysis. If an electronic version is non available. subject a clean unmarked transcript of the article. Answer:

Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Research Study

The primary intent of this paper is to measure the importance of the result of a quantitative research survey on the subject of nurse exposure to physical and intangible force and to incidents of intimidation and sexual torment. This paper is meant to analyse the research process. the methodological analysis of and several other factors to determine the effectivity of quantitative surveies in happening out. in appropriate mode. the effects of such exposures to the overall occupation public presentation of nurses. The paper will stress on a critical rating of a quantitative research survey to beef up the statement that most of the nurses on a conducted to determine the grade of exposure of nurses to the concerned events. In the paper the benefits and hazards of engagement in such quantitative surveies will be evaluated and some other of import characteristics of engagement will besides be ascertained. It will be evaluated that whether the participants participated voluntary or non and whether informed consent was obtained from the topics or participants or non.

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The information aggregation methodological analysis employed in the concerned quantitative research is besides traveling to be critically analyzed along with the principle that the writers provide for utilizing the informations aggregation method. A information direction analysis will besides be done in the paper which is traveling to include the informations direction and analysis methodological analysis that has been used by the writers. Finally. the paper will measure the research findings and so an reading of the findings will be done and this reading will be followed by the rating of the deductions of the findings for pattern and espect of the concerned research survey. The non-involvement of any human participant/subject has given no range for some specific analysis including designation of the benefits and hazards of participants. rating of whether informed consents were retrieved. 347 nurses from 160 samples ( Spector et al. 2013 ) .

The writers identified the articles through a database hunt and the writers besides consulted mention lists of the reappraisal articles that were found to be suited of inclusion ( Spector et al. . 2013 ) . The three writers coded the relevant informations and they categorized the informations depending on the handiness of at least five surveies. and the writers coded the exposure rates as per centums of nurses in the gathered samples who reported about a certain type of violence-exposure ( Spector et al. . 2013 ) . The writers did happen out five types of reported force including physical. intangible. intimidation. sexual torment. and combination of several such types of force and moreover. the writers coded the scene. timeframe. state. and beginning of the force ( Spector et al. . 2013 ) . The writers adhered to such informations aggregation process because of the broad array of information that was possible to be gathered from such summarisation of the believable literature available on the given subject.

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The writers inclined towards such informations aggregation method chiefly because the gathered and reviewed articles reported informations obtained from a immense figure of nurses which was 151. 347 ( Spector et al. . n. d. ) . The more the sample’s strength the more the opportunities of truth and that might be one primary ground for the writers to indulge in such informations aggregation process. Furthermore. the writers carried on with such informations aggregation process maintaining in head the aim of the quantitative research survey – to determine the violence-exposure of nurses across the Earth. The writers reviewed. analyzed. and summarized the articles that were on surveies conducted in 38 states and that is one ground that Thors conducted the analysis individually for each type of force and samples were so categorized for an easiness in analysing. The writers collapsed the figure of beginning classs from five to three to show relaxation in the regional analysis of the informations collected ( Spector et al. . 2013 ) . The writers conducted another set of analysis on “the scene for all instances with at least 5 samples. Puting included exigency sections. general ( e. g. . national or statewide ) samples. geriatric. infirmary. and psychiatric” ( Spector et al. . 2013 ) .

The writers did guarantee the asperity of procedure of analysis and this can be ascertained by larning the fact that surveies on the concerned subject. The polar deduction of the survey will certainly be in regard of the pick of parts in which such exposure to force is the upper limit. The information extracted from this quantitative research survey can be used by future research workers in placing the most force prone part in regard of the health care sector. What the writers have suggested is that. more surveies need to be conducted on parts like Asia and collected sets of informations the writers have been able to find that Asian and Middle Eastern nurses experience much higher rates of exposure to force than nurses in the European part. And this information can be really much useful for future research workers willing to carry on research on the concerned subject.

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Spector. P. E. . Zhou. Z. E. . & A ; Che. X. X. ( 2013 ) . Nurse exposure to physical and intangible force. intimidation and sexual torment: A quantitative reappraisal. Nursing Studies. 51 ( 1 ) : 72-84

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