Criminalistics: An introduction to forensic science Essay Sample

The fibre grounds in Wayne William’s instance was important due to figure of ground. It was non easy to place the fibre. that is. xanthous nylon from William’s rug with any other fibre in the industries. The singularity in the fibre made it difficult for the forensic scientist to happen out the industry ( Saferstein. 2011 ) . Unlike the other fibre instance it is easy to place the since they are widely distributed so it is non easy to convict a individual utilizing the fibre grounds.

However. in Wayne William’s instance the fibre was really alone and it was researched and no person had the same fiber even the makers had non manufactured another fibre of that sort for a long clip. The connexion of the fibre found on the victims’ organic structures alarmed the research workers ( Saferstein. 2011 ) . Consequently everything that Wayne used there was some fibre similar that found on the organic structures. Case of Wayne William was non an easy one since the research workers had to document the fibre grounds and besides to educate the juries on fibre. This marked it as a alone instance ( Saferstein. 2011 ) . The judgement of a felon is non based on the fibre grounds merely but in this instance it was the most of import grounds that led to the test of Wayne Williams.

The grounds that was collected from the victims was exhaustively studied exhaustively. In add-on the fibre that was found on the bodies’ victims was besides linked with an car that William used. The scientist used as many organic structures as possible and non all had the same fibre. In decision the fibre grounds in this instance was alone and of import since the fibre that was found was merely identified where William visited.

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