Criminal Process Procedures In Florida Law Essay

The fundamental law and regulations of statues and procedure our condemnable procedure of jurisprudence is based upon. The Constitution is composed of the basic warrants and rights of due procedure as good equal protection under the jurisprudence, dwelling of the right to ; hold legal advocate nowadays, the right to face informants, the right to a jury test, and the right non to attest against one ‘s ego.

“ While province fundamental laws and procedural regulations are allowed to increase the protection afforded to condemnable suspects, they may non offer less protection than that guaranteed by the ” U.S. Constitution ( ) .

The aforesaid constitutional clause was conceived to protect to the citizens of any province from freakish or inappropriate Torahs or processs that would impact a citizens ‘ rights in all States or deny them due procedure of jurisprudence.

Condemnable process trades with the set of regulations regulating the series of proceedings through which the authorities enforces substantive condemnable jurisprudence. Municipalities, provinces, and the federal authorities each have their ain condemnable codifications, specifying types of behavior that constitutes offenses. Title 18 of the U.S. Code outlines all federal offenses. Typically, federal offenses cover with activities that either extend beyond province boundaries or straight impact federal involvements ( )

In the province of Florida procedural regulations that guide condemnable procedure are as follows

Preliminary hearing

The “ Initial Appearance ” is the Federal authoritiess term of the first hearing and

At the suspects ‘ first visual aspect, the suspect is advised of charge ( s ) and Rights.At the suspect ‘s first visual aspect the justice is supposed to instantly inform the suspect of the charge and supply the suspect with a transcript of the ailment and all affidavits file with it. The justice adequately advises the suspect that of his or her rights which are as follows ; ( 1 ) the suspect is non required to state anything, and anything the suspect says may be used against him or her, ( maranda rights ) ; ( 2 ) if unrepresented, the suspect has a right to advocate, and, if financially unable to afford advocate, that advocate will be appointed ; and ( 3 ) the suspect has a right to pass on with advocate, household, or friends, and if necessary, will be provided sensible agencies to make so the aforesaid processs are applied in both province and federal tribunal ( Florida saloon, p35 ) .

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“ During the preliminary hearing, the authorities is required to show grounds set uping likely cause to say the suspect committed the offense ( Lawson p.176 ) .. Among other things, due procedure necessitates that offenses be described, therefore, the suspect is moderately cognizant of what behaviour is prohibited by the legislative act. The due procedure clause in the Fifth Amendment protects an person from action by the federal authorities, and one clause in the Fourteenth Amendment protects an person from actions by province authoritiess. ( Wallace and Roberson, 2011 p.34 ) .

The suspect is entitled to look with his lawyer to dispute the likely cause grounds. If the justice determines that there is deficient grounds of likely cause, the instance is dismissed with no farther proceedings. After a dismissal at the preliminary hearing phase, the authorities is free to go on its probe and may re-file charges against the suspect subsequently if it believes that freshly discovered grounds is sufficient to run into the likely cause criterion ( Lawson p.176 )

During the preliminary hearing the Bail is set because the suspect has a right to pretrial release, unless charged with a capital discourtesy or an offense punishable by life imprisonment and the cogent evidence of guilt is apparent or the given is great ( Florida Bar p.36 ) . Whether such release is by surety bond bond or recognisance bond or some other signifier, in a status of pretrial release, the suspect must avoid any contact of any type with the victim, except through pretrial find pursuant to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure ( Florida Bar p.36 ) A day of the month is now set for Arraignment.

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In the arraignment stage of the test, one time the indictment or information had been issued or filed, the suspect is brought before the tribunal to be officially charged with the offense. During the arraignment, the charges are read in item to the suspect, the suspect is advised of his rights and asked to officially come in a supplication to the charges.

During the arraignment, the tribunal will besides see that advocate represents the suspect. The tribunal may hear statements for and against puting or cut downing bond for the suspect ‘s release pending test. “ If the suspect pleads guilty at the arraignment, the tribunal will carefully oppugn the suspect to find whether the guilty supplication is being made wittingly and voluntarily. The tribunal is basically seeking to guarantee that no 1 has improperly coerced the suspect to come in a guilty supplication ” ( Florida Bar ) . The tribunal will besides teach the suspect that by pleading guilty, they are relinquishing their rights to a test and taking to continue instantly to the punishment stage of the condemnable procedure ( Lawson, p 177 ) .

A supplication is a entered and bond may let to be re-examined. If the tribunal is satisfied that the suspect is voluntarily come ining a supplication of guilty, a day of the month will be set for condemning. Defendants who do non take to plead guilty at the arraignment will hold their instances scheduled for test ( lawson, p 177 ) .

Pre-Trial Gestures

Both the prosecution and defence Begin to be after their schemes, one time a instance is scheduled for test.

After the initial ailment has been filed a assortment of gestures can be made throughout a instance. A gesture is a petition to a tribunal for a desirable order or governing A gesture can be spoken, or written, in conformity with the require relevant regulations. Both the prosecution and the defence attempt to travel the tribunal in their favour with gestures as portion of their scheme by showing statues and grounds in authorship ( Lawson p. ? ) . The defence may gesticulate assailing the sufficiency of the charge ( s ) or to stamp down grounds The defence scheme may include disputing the authorities ‘s aggregation of grounds against the suspect on constitutional evidences. In order to ordain this scheme, the suspect normally will register a gesture to stamp down the grounds, reasoning that the grounds was seized in misdemeanor of the Fourth Amendment or that implying statements were obtained in misdemeanor of the Fifth or Sixth Amendment ( Lawson, p 179 ) . Depending upon the replies to the gestures to stamp down, and the nature of the grounds suppressed, the authorities ‘s instance may non be able to continue, ensuing in the instance against the suspect being dismissed ( Lawson, p178 ) .

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For case, if a suspect is charged with narcotics trafficking and the narcotics grounds is successfully suppressed because of an improper hunt of the suspect ‘s place, the authorities will non be able to continue with the instance because a important and necessary piece of grounds will be excluded from the instance.

There may be gestures sing mental status of the suspect. Or that the conditions of pretrial release might be modified ( Florida Bar )


Jury selected ( voir dire )

Opening statements

State ‘s instance

Gesture for Directed Verdict

Defendant ‘s instance

State ‘s rebuttal

Gesture for Directed Verdict

Shutting statements

Jury deliberation

Verdict or findings


Statement of Counsel

Evidence possibly presented

Pre-Sentence Report examined & A ; rebutted



Supervised Release


Particular Conditions of Probation ( drug/alcohol

Treatment, batterer ‘s intercession plan, etc )

Residential Program


( VOP ) misdemeanor of probation