Corporate Style And Business Image Consultation Marketing Essay

Core Image is a closed corporation owned by Mareli du Toit. This company provides extremely sole manner audience Sessionss in styling, make-up and hairstyling. The purpose of our company is to revive adult females from vesture that do non suit decently to making a new, fresh and elegant expression that is put together to make an semblance of the perfect organic structure form. We are committed to supply South Africans with a originative and advanced service. The Fashion Box aims to go one of South Africa ‘s celebrated image adviser bureaus and non merely better the life styles of adult females but besides companies.


As an image adviser, our concern will supply clients, work forces every bit good as adult females, with the necessary information that will assist them accomplish a fashionable and polished expression which in clip will supply them with the perfect occupation, soul mate or merely increase their ego regard. The company will supply them with the right closet manner for the image they want to project, closet necessities and even travel on shopping expeditions. Working with other stylists such as make-up and hair, we will supply the right coloring material audience and instructions for a well defined and confidant expression.

The company will besides present a book, a user friendly manner usher which touches on organic structure forms, underwear, closet planning, tendencies and tips and accessorizing. This book is the chief focal point of our company as we provide information to those non able to afford an image adviser, but have all the information that we provide to clients.

The company does non merely concentrate on persons but on companies as a whole every bit good. We will work with corporate clients urging new employee unvarying manners, image as a whole per single and provide classs in multicultural etiquette or organic structure – linguistic communication rudimentss for better gross revenues and client dealingss.

As each individual is single and has different organic structure measurings, gustatory sensation and budgets we will analyze the client exhaustively and maintain his/ her audience personal and maintainable.

The Core Image Advisers will be run as a close corporation where a few people will have the vote stock and involvement in the company. The forces will dwell of a qualified manner stylist, hair stylist, make up stylist and will work portion clip with an etiquette and organic structure linguistic communication coach all who have worked in the industry before and has an extended cognition of image and how to maintain it maintainable, low-cost, fashionable and single.

Our company ground for success is the followers:

We reach out to all adult females and work forces, irrespective of their societal or work position.

We are committed to supply an low-cost service, to make fashionable persons

We are one few companies that provides a personal service to pass on straight with the client.

We are the lone that provides a measure by measure usher that is alone, timeless, ageless and low-cost.

THE Selling Plan


Globally fabric and vesture trade grew by 10.6 % to US $ 583bn in 2007, while textile exports from Asia to Africa increased by 18 % and from Asia to Europe rose by 16 % . The universe ‘s biggest fabric exporter in 2007 was the EU27, followed by China, Hong Kong, the USA, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Japan. The EU27 was besides the biggest fabric importer, followed by the USA-although China ranked every bit high as 3rd, followed by Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam, Canada and Russia.

In vesture, China was the universe ‘s prima exporter for the 2nd twelvemonth running, followed by the EU27, Hong Kong, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and the USA. As for vesture imports, 46 % of the universe entire went to EU states in 2007, while the USA took 24 % and Japan took 7 % . The states which followed in importance had merely little portions and included Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Australia [ 2 ] .

It is estimated that the South African dress and fabric sector is the 6th largest fabrication sector employer and eleventh largest exporter of manufactured goods. A sum of 230,000 people are estimated to straight be employed in the industry with a farther 200,000 employed in dependent industries [ 3 ] .

In 1939 the vesture industry consisted of 268 mills using about 19000 workers and by 1959 there were 560 mills using 49000 workers with 844 houses registered in 1960 [ 4 ] . This equates to approximately 3770 occupations per twelvemonth since 1960.

Much of the argument relating to explicating a policy hereafter and yesteryear to “ deliver ” the South African dress sector has been thwarted with political motive and involvement groups forcing their ain docket and a deficiency of trust between assorted sub-sectors within the dress sector. For an industry sector that contributes an estimated 11 % of all fabricating employment and as portion of the fabrication sector which contributed 16.2 % of one-year GDP [ 5 ] the hold in happening a cohesive policy and the infighting is inexcusable.


The Main services will be:

Style audience

Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Weeding

Ladies Group Consultation

Corporate Style and Business Image Consultation

Hair and Makeup audience

Our Style Guide will supply in depth information that allows the reader to accomplish a fashionable image on their ain.

The services that Core Image Advisers will supply is a broad scope of audience services that provides information on the rudimentss of dressing for both ladies and gentleman, every bit good as guidelines for corporate interaction that will better the relationship and trust between the clients and the administration. It ranges from single coaching session ‘s right through to a company staff presentation.

The Main services will be:

Style Consultation:

It is imperative to dress harmonizing to your organic structure and have assurance no affair the juncture, size and form. This service will educate the client in their organic structure type and its features. It will besides go forth one with a clear penetration as to the vesture, frocks, pants, etc should be purchased that will blandish the specific organic structure type and create and semblance to a hourglass organic structure which is to be said the perfect organic structure form, therefore cut downing defeat when vesture do n’t suit rectify in stores. Our client will besides have a audience by our make-up and hair stylists harmonizing to their face form and coloring material combination.

This service will be divided in two classs. The one presentation will cover the importance of visual aspect and manner within a corporate environment. It will cover how little alterations in personal manner can impact a client ‘s success. The other will concentrate more on single personal manner.

The expected clip span of this service will take topographic point in one hebdomad with audiences of 45 proceedingss daily and costs an estimated monetary value of R 7 280 per individual.

Personal Shopping:

We realise that for our cliental shopping can be clip devouring and topographic point extra emphasis on already stressed life styles. Prior to a meeting, we will discourse precisely what the specific client ‘s demands are, be it revamping a closet or choosing an outfit for a particular juncture. With the information received the proper apparels will be sourced to run into the client ‘s demands. Clothing will be bought harmonizing to the client ‘s budget and tips will be offered in footings of organic structure form and manners.

The clip span of this service is about 3hours and costs and estimated monetary value of R 1 976.

Wardrobe Weeding:

Many adult females find that they have nil interesting, new or fresh to have on in their cupboard. With the closet weeding service we will place the 10 key pieces and acquire rid of the closet full of old and out-of-date apparels and make a closet that is ideal and personalized for the client. Together with the client we will weed the closet and I will assist organize the clients outfits and accoutrements to make new expressions. Style tips will besides be given for future shopping trips.

This audience aims to go forth you with a jumble free, coordinated and a wearable aggregation in your closet. This continuance of this service is about 5 hours and cost R 4 290.

Ladies Group Consultation:

This service is perfect for a miss ‘s dark or bachelor girl party, a manner audience with your friends in the comfort of your place. Initially it will get down by spliting the adult females into their organic structure form groups where the 6 different groups will be educated on how to dress harmonizing to their organic structure form. A file will be handed to each person that contains all the indispensable information on their specific form.

A make up lesson will besides be presented to the group as a whole by our make-up stylist, single hair audience by our hair stylist and a short class in etiquette by our portion clip etiquette manager.

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This service will be R435.50 per individual in a group of minimal 20 ladies and 5 hours long.

Corporate Style and Business Image Consultation:

This service provides concern leaders, company persons and other staff, both ladies and gentlemen with the indispensable manner foundation in a corporate environment. The service includes single organic structure form analysis, what clothes suits the organic structure form and taking relation to the concern universe proper and powerful vesture, from meetings to insouciant yearss to suite the company ‘s image. They will besides have a brief class on make-up and hair tips.The employee will hold single Sessionss with the stylist, make-up creative person and hairdresser every bit good as group Sessionss with the etiquette manager.

This service will be R 1 202.50 per employee.

Hair and Makeup audience:

A short audience of 2 hours will be provided to provide a client with the right hair and make-up harmonizing to their coloring material and face form. Hair will be cut and coloured and a little basic make-up kit is provided with this service.

The service will be R1 300.


The company has merely one sole merchandise which is a thorough manner usher on organic structure forms, underwear, cardinal closet pieces, tendencies and tips and accoutrements.

This usher will be available for clients that can non afford our services but still experience the demand for information on how to dress right. The merchandise will be available in specific bookshops and will be an sum of R386.


The typical client that will do usage of the manner audience, personal shopping and closet weeding services, is a adult female in her early mid-thirtiess to the age of 60 ; she lives in the Gauteng country and she is a successful professional with a comparatively high income. She is considered to be a posh individual and good educated. She is rather a busy individual that does n’t ever hold the clip or forbearance to believe about apparels, manner or shopping, she wants to be up to day of the month with latest tendencies and manners without holding to take of import clip out of her agenda to make so.

Customers for the ladies group audience and hair and make-up audiences will run from immature females in their late 20 ‘s to older females at the age of 60. They live in Gauteng and have an mean income degree. They are posh and educated. These adult females are looking for professional advice but non in deepness as they have a brief cognition about manner and tendencies. They will do usage of our service for particular events such as bachelor girl parties or misss dark as they do non desire to pass excessively much money on these services.

The typical client for the corporate manner is large or little companies in the mundane industries such as accounting, personal dealingss, human recourses etc, who work with clients and have to maintain a professional image to maintain a promising cliental, these companies will pass money on our service to be in front of competition as they provide a professional image and work ethic.


Companies that compete in this market are Chata Romano who is situated state broad, the Image room in Faerie Glen Pretoria and CImage in Equestria Pretoria.

These companies compete all on the same degree as we offer the same services. Indirect competition like manner magazines, cyberspace may besides be a job as possible clients may believe that they can confer with themselves.

Tabel1: Competition and Competitive Advantages

Competition and Competitive Advantages


Chata Romano

The Image Room









Not merely provides a service but has other merchandises

Wide assortment clients can acquire baffled

Offers complete makeover

Merely one service


Small assortment

Monetary value

Guaranteed monetary values


Cheap monetary values

Cheap monetary values may frighten off possible client

Reasonable Monetary values

Not full services


World renowned

Has a batch of advisers underneath whom can impact repute

Good quality service

Clients go friends

Good quality service

Not truly known



Different intervention by different advisers

Pretoria faerie glen concern country

Not really easy accessible

Pretoria equestria is a rich vicinity

May frighten off mean clients


Very professional

May look edgy


May frighten more proper clients


Not truly impressionable

Our company will look at the above mentioned strengths and seek to integrate every bit many as possible into our system. To vie with these rivals it is rather indispensable to maintain up with their degree of professionalism. We will besides prise on their failings, analyze make them better and integrate them into our strengths. Thingss like holding a batch of advisers and other merchandises as appose to merely confer withing as Chata Romano is decidedly a strong disadvantage to our company but will be corrected in the long term of the manner Box.

Our competitory advantage is therefore that although there are other companies providing the same service, we have an advantage as these operations are run in specific countries where our company drives to the client.


Kry ‘n paar verskillende pricing techniques en verduidelik Bluegrass States ene

Our company would utilize a Consecutive skimming monetary value technique. Price skimming is a monetary value scheme in which we set a comparatively high monetary value for a merchandise or service at first and so lower the monetary value over clip. We target the richer clients foremost as it is an sole and rather expensive service and so lower our monetary value for the mean adult female so everyone can afford our services. It allows the house to retrieve its sunk cost rapidly before competition stairss in and lowers the market monetary value.

While a expression is provided for each single service, a 30 per centum grade up fee will be charged on all merchandises and services. Twenty five per centum of this 30 per centum is send to the concern bank history in order to pay excess monthly disbursals and shop capital to guarantee that the concern expands.

The proprietor gets 50 per centum of the wages whereas the hair stylist and make-up creative person portion both a 20 five percent income and merely receives this when their service was provided, about a committee like footing.

Price list

The expressions to obtain the monetary values of different services that were provided that was used were as follows:

Style Consultation

[ Material such as printing of documents, files etc ( a ) + Clothing illustrations ( B ) + Make up ( degree Celsius ) + Hair merchandises ( vitamin D ) + Electricity for hair services ( vitamin E ) ] ten [ 4 wages of stylists ] + ( 30 % markup ) = estimated monetary value of service ( x )

Personal Shopping

[ Materials such as printing of documents, files etc ( a ) + Petrol used when purchasing apparels at different shops ( vitamin E ) ] + [ ( R400 cost per hr x hr minimal 3 hours ( degree Fahrenheit ) ] + ( 30 % markup ) = estimated monetary value ( ten )

Wardrobe weeding

[ Petrol used when purchasing apparels at different shops ( vitamin E ) ] + [ ( R600 cost per hr x hr minimal 5hours ( degree Fahrenheit ) ] + ( 30 % markup ) = estimated monetary value ( ten )

Ladies Group Consultation

[ Material such as printing of documents, files etc ( a ) + Clothing illustrations ( B ) + Make up ( degree Celsius ) + Hair merchandises ( vitamin D ) ] + [ ( R800 cost per hr x hr minimal 5hours ( degree Fahrenheit ) ] + ( 30 % markup ) ? ( Number of adult females in group ( g ) lower limit of 20 ) = estimated monetary value ( ten )

Corporate Style and Business Image Consultation

[ Material such as printing of documents, files etc ( a ) + Clothing illustrations ( B ) + Make up ( degree Celsius ) + Hair merchandises ( vitamin D ) ] + [ ( R1500 cost per twenty-four hours ) ten ( yearss ( H ) lower limit of 10 ) + ( 30 % markup ) ? ( Number of employees ( I ) lower limit of 20 ) = estimated monetary value ( ten )

Hair and Makeup Consultation

[ Make up ( degree Celsius ) + Hair merchandises ( vitamin D ) ] + [ ( R150 cost per hr x hr minimal 2hours ( degree Fahrenheit ) ] + ( 30 % markup ) = estimated monetary value ( ten )

Style Guide

The expression to obtain the monetary value of the merchandise that is provided that was used was as follows:

[ Photo shoot cost ( K ) + illustration cost ( cubic decimeter ) + printing and binding books ( m ) + ( 100 % grade up ) ? Books lower limit of 200 transcripts ( N )

Table 2: Monetary value Scheme

Monetary value Scheme

Service/ Product


Price ( rand )

Estimated Price ( ten )

Style audience

( a + B + degree Celsius + vitamin D + vitamin E ) x 4 +30 % = ten

50 +500 + 500 + 200 + 150 x 4 + 30 %

R 7 280

Personal Shopping

( a + vitamin E ) + ( 400 x degree Fahrenheit ) + 30 % = ten

20 + 300 + ( 400 x 3 ) + 30 %

R1 976

Wardrobe Weeding

vitamin E + ( 500xf ) +30 % = ten

300 + ( 600 x 5 ) + 30 %

R4 290

Ladies Group Consultation

( a+b+c+d ) + ( 800 x degree Fahrenheit ) +30 %


( 200+500+ 1000+1000 ) + ( 800 x 5 ) + 30 %


R435.50p/p minimal 20 people

Corporate Style and Business Image Consultation

( a+b+c+d+e ) + ( 2000xh ) + 30 %


( 200+ 1500 + 1500 + 300 ) + ( 1500 x 10 ) + 30 %


R1 202.50/p lower limit 20 employees

Hair and Makeup Consultation

( c + vitamin D ) + ( 150 x degree Fahrenheit ) + 30 % = ten

( 500+200 ) + ( 150×2 ) + 30 %

R1 300

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Style Guide

( k + cubic decimeter + m ) + 100 %


( 6000 + 3000+ 20A 000 ) + 100 %


R 386


As we are a new company advertisement will be limited to postings, booklets etc. In the beginning we will besides trust on word of oral cavity and sponsorships. We besides have autos branded with spines that provide the client with a label, figure and website reference. The image that we want to portray to the clients is a voguish one, where the client can experience that he or she will happen personal manner through our audiences. Events will besides be organised to pull patrons and clients.

Airing Media

In the beginning we will non trust to a great extent on airing media, such as telecasting as we do n’t hold the financess for this.

We will do usage of wireless advertisement merely every bit medium to long term channel. Initially it will merely be used to publicize and advance events hosted by our company as a means to make consciousness and originate duologue amongst our mark market.

Print Media

We will do great usage of this specific media as it is non excessively expensive and easy to make clients.

Booklets will be made available at high category dress shops and delivered to companies in our mark market.

Branded vehicles will be driven by our employees. Besides to make consciousness on the route or where of all time they go.

Posters will be placed in public toilets in shopping promenades and eating houses.

Billboards will non be used as these are expensive and will non pull efficient clients.

Ads in manner magazines can be used but merely be employed one time the concern has achieved market section.

Digital Media

The company will establish a web site which will incorporate all the necessary information on services, monetary values etc. Equally good as contact information and besides have a service were users can register and have information by electronic mail on specials, monetary values and other information on the company.

We will publicize on already based web sites such as, and registry with the SA professional image advisers association.

Social networking sites such as face book besides play an built-in function it will be in the company ‘s best involvement to set up a strong online presence on these sites.

Table 3: Get down up Budget

Start up Budget


Monetary value

Circulars ( 10 000 A6 full coloring material )

R 1040.00

Business Card games ( 500 Full Colour )


Banners ( Premium Banner quality white PVC. )

R24.40 x 20

Vehicle Branding

R4 500.00 x 2

Posters ( Photo High Gloss, 235gsm )

R18.00 x 100

Website hosting

R49 x 12months


R 13 211.00

See appendix for citation

Table 4: Operating Plan Budget

Operating Plan Budget


Monetary value

Circulars ( 10 000 A6 full coloring material )

R 1040.00

Business Card games ( 500 Full Colour )


Banners ( Premium Banner quality white PVC. )

R24.40 x 20

Posters ( Photo High Gloss, 235gsm )

R18.00 x 100

Website hosting

R49 x 12months

Circulars ( 10 000 A6 full coloring material )

R 1040.00

Business Card games ( 500 Full Colour )


Radio Ad

R15 0000

Magazine Ad

Roentgen 7000


R26 211.00


Table 5: S.W.O.T Analysis

S.W.O.T Analysis


Exclusive service

Status to Clients

Personalized and customized service


Young inexperienced company

Competitive environment

Difficult to set up client base


Persons in corporate clients can go single clients

A Training plan can pull more stylists


How to develop loyal clients

How to Stress intangible cues


In our market research we asked 20 females between the ages of 20 – 60 to reply a questionnaire on our company the services it offers and involvement in these services.

Majority of the female respondents went shopping one time every two months and their motivation for purchasing apparels ranged every bit from particular occasions, closet malfunction and season alterations. The bulk of the respondents ‘ influence when purchasing apparels were wears ability and mentioned that they budget when purchasing apparels and disliked the fact that vesture are expensive.

Majority of respondents were influenced by friends when taking manners and believed themselves to be stylish, fashionable and single in manner.

Most of the respondents believed to cognize their right organic structure form and bandeau size.

They felt that they need advice in vesture choice and seting together a closet

The bulk said that they would wish the cognition of shopping like a stylist and the bulk of the respondents were interested in a manner usher that helps to better image and manner.


Our company targets the middle-aged, busy executive female. These persons frequently have highly busy agendas, including a great trade of travel clip. In add-on, they possess a big proportion of disposable income that allows them to afford usage services. Our service will let them more concentration on work, A while leting them to obtain great dress for that specific juncture. In the first few months the concern will non be really successful as it is a new company, merely from the 3rd month of the starting period concern will pick up and gross revenues will increase.

The end of Core Image Consultants is to go a well known company and supply a quality service for both males and females and turning in footings of stylists and location.

Table 6: Estimated mark gross revenues for the first twelvemonth of operation through gross revenues.




Unit Price

Gross saless

January – December 2011


Style Consultation

R 5 600

R 268 800


Personal Shopping

R1 520

R 54 720


Wardrobe weeding

R3 300

R 66 000


Ladies Group Consultation

R335p/p minimal 20 people

R 40 200


Corporate Business Consultation

R 935p/p minimal 20 employees

R 37 400


Hair and Makeup Consultation

R1 000

R 78 000


Style usher

R 386

R 193 000

Entire gross revenues

R 738 120

Monthly Expenses ( Jan-Dec )

-R 386 531

Monthly Wages

-R 288 000

Grand Total Net income

R 63 589

Grand Total Profit per month estimated

R 5 299

For elaborate sale estimations of the concern please refer to Postpone 14 on page 47.



Core Image Advisers will be run by a close corporation where a few people own the vote stock and involvement in the company.

The advantages of a close corporation includes, voting stock is in the control of a limited figure of stockholders, the procedure of pull offing the overall operation is frequently much more simplistic.

Another benefit of private companies is that it is frequently easier to come to consensus on issues that are confronting the corporation. Since the control of the closed corporation is in the custodies of a choice few people, it is much easier to dialogue on how to outdo place the company for future public presentation. Often, a great trade of insouciant treatment can take topographic point among the stockholders before any formal action is taken. The consequence is formal concern meetings that can be conducted with a lower limit of dither and without taking a great trade of clip to be after and put to death a class of action.


Core Image Advisers will get down off as a little concern and will be located in a little office infinite near Centurion Shopping Centre for the ground being that Centurion is situated near a corporate environment in a higher category vicinity and a good known country for easy entree for clients.

Core Image Advisers will merely lease a little infinite to cut on costs and disbursals for the ground being in the beginning Core Image Consultants will do small net income and hence can non cover dearly-won disbursals. Get downing little will guarantee less hazard of failure and debt.

In the get downing the company will dwell of a stylist, who is besides the proprietor, a hair stylist, make-up creative person and free-lance etiquette manager. The figure of our stylists will increase in the 3rd twelvemonth of our concern when all loans are settled and the company has grown.

Core Image Advisers long term end is to go one of South Africa ‘s celebrated image adviser bureaus and non merely better the life styles of persons but besides companies as a whole.


Core Image Advisers should register as a close corporation for legal entity at the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office.

2.4 Insurance

Core Image Consultants needs insurance to cover the premises for hazards such as fire harm, larceny etc. We will besides get auto insurance as conveyance plays a great axial rotation in the concern. The tabular array below suggests an estimated amount needed for insurance.

Table 7: Estimated Insurance amount

Estimated Insurance Sum

Insurance for






Core Image advisers will run from a little office infinite situated near Centurion shopping Centre. This is to guarantee easy entree to the premises for clients, the premises is surrounded by a corporate environment with cliental with a higher degree of income and possible clients.

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The infinite is 60sqm and consists of three suites, one for each stylist. The three suites will be large plenty for each stylist to supply their alone service in. The rent per month will be R 4 780. It provides all three services on location so that the client can be treated at the same topographic point without any problem. Safe parking is provided behind a security gate.

Figure 1: Floor Plan of premises


Stylist Room


Hair Stylists


Makeup Artist


2.6 Location

Core Image Advisers will be situated in Centurion Clubview, this suburb is near to the shopping Centre and surrounded by corporate companies. This is really of import since the biggest service we provide is aimed at these specific companies. The premises are besides easy accessible for clients outside the corporate environment. Since the concern is located nearby the promenade shopping trips will non necessitate excessively much clip and cost on gasoline will be cut.


Our merchandise will be sold in local bookshops and merely a few transcripts will be kept on site. The publishing houses will largely manage this procedure. Books are printed and adhere at a printing company and so couriered to legion finishs.

The procedure of the development of the usher underwent as follow:

Information was gathered on all topics touched. It was sourced from other stylists, books, cyberspace and the cognition of our stylists.

The information was analyzed minimized and edited.

Photographs were needed to back up information to supply an easy clear usher.

These exposures required a theoretical account, vesture and hair and make-up which were done by your ain stylists.

Illustrations needed to be done by in writing interior decorators and the layout of the usher was settled with these in writing interior decorators.

The usher was sent to the pressmans where they were printed and bound.

The ushers were sent to bookshops and a few transcripts was kept on location.

The service that we provide is largely based on the cognition of our stylists. Seminars and audiences will be held hebdomadal depending on client involvement assignments will differ in get downing.

When costumiers come for audience and closet weeding, old apparels would be given off to charity organisations such as hospice etc.

The tabular array suggests a monthly agenda for Core Image Consultants.

Table 8: Suggested monthly Schedule for first two months of operation





08:30- 16:30

Styling Consultations


08:30- 16:30

Styling Consultations


08:30- 16:30

Corporate Consultations

Styling Consultations


08:30- 16:30

Styling Consultations

Personal shopping


08:30- 16:30

Ladies Group Consultations

Styling Consultations


08:30- 13:00

Hair and Makeup audiences

Wardrobe weeding audiences


The manner usher will be distributed to metropoliss where female consumers care about their image and manner. The Style usher will be produced state broad in as many bookshops as possible. Our service will merely be distributed from going and subsequently spread out to more locations.

For our usher a publishing house will be required to sell and overlook the procedure every bit good as providing fiscal assistance.

2.9 Recognition Footing

Core Image Advisers will hold a no recognition policy, the ground being ; Core Image Consultants is a little concern and has deficiency of capital it will be good for the hazard of fiscal failure. Core Image Advisers will merely accept hard currency.


Equipment such as mirrors, make up, color swatches, manner books and magazines, computing machines, computing machine package that gives the client a practical beauty makeover before existent hair cutting. Makeup and Hair stylist will necessitate all their equipment such as scissors, coppices, but all these normally are given when you study these classs.

Table 9: Equipment



Cost of already owned

( Inc. VAT @ 14 % )

Cost of buying

( Inc. VAT @ 14 % )


Roentgen 1200

Manner Books







Roentgen 5000

Computer package


Makeup coppices


Hair equipment



R20 400

R 4 200


Core Image ‘s chief end is to go a premium quality service and will seek to achieve this position. By guaranting to maintain up with tendencies on tracks and shops, maintain edifice cognition of industry such as reading other stylists books to guarantee up to day of the month acquaintance, guaranting all employees are qualified and extremely recommended by establishments or organisations we will accomplish such quality.

Control cheques will be done on stylists on a regular footing, such as hygiene, visual aspect etc. Feedback will besides be asked from clients on specific stylists.


Core Image Advisers will register with the SA professional image advisers association, which is a website, was acquired in 2004 by 1st Solutions Executive Image Consultants. After recognizing the possibilities and hereafter of Image Consulting in South Africa, it became evident that the demand for such an association had arisen and it has become critical to the well-being of the profession.

2.13 Communications

Core Image Consultants will do usage of cell phones, land lines and cyberspace. Clients will be able to make the company through these signifiers of communicating.

2.14 Trading Hours

Core Image Advisers will be unfastened from 9 boulder clay 5 hebdomadal and on Saturday forenoons for those who wo n’t be able to go forth work. Particular agreements can besides be made for things as ladies dark, nuptialss etc.


The concern will open in a twelvemonth ‘s clip, to hone all merchandises, services and employees.



A diagram demoing the places needed to run Core Image Consultants. During the first two old ages, the proprietor and stylist will use merely two other employees, make-up creative person and hair stylist and utilize a free-lance etiquette manager for certain services. When the two twelvemonth period is over, or the concern is successful and needs to spread out, Core Image Consultants will increase the figure of stylists.

Figure 2: Organizational Structure

3.2 Forces

Table 10: Requirements of forces

Requirements of forces



Fashion Stylist

The proprietor has a grade in Fashion design. The duties of the stylist includes:

Keeping up to day of the month on manner tendencies and manners.

Supplying accurate information for clients on vesture and their organic structure type

When shopping for clients, have entree to dismiss at certain shops and maintain personal relationships with mentioned shops. Besides the stylist needs an accurate apprehension on what a specific client wants and the ability to supply the right vesture.

The stylist needs to cognize what the indispensable pieces in a closet are and when supplying the closet weeding service have the ability to do the client understand why apparels were thrown out and non be violative.

The stylist should be able to pass on with a big group of adult females during the Ladies group audience and corporate manner and concern audience.

It is besides the stylist ‘s occupation to guarantee the concern runs swimmingly.

Hair Stylist

The hairdresser will necessitate to hold instruction and experience on the topic and besides ain equipment. The duties of the hairdresser includes the followers:

To obtain cognition on current hairdos and face forms and hair manners.

Knowledge on taking attention of hair.

The ability to explicate this cognition to others.

Makeup Artist

The make-up will necessitate to hold instruction and experience on the topic and besides ain equipment. The duties of the make-up creative person includes the followers:

To obtain cognition on current do up manners and face tones, skin jobs etc.

Knowledge on taking attention of the face and make-up.

The ability to explicate this cognition to others.

Etiquette manager

The etiquette manager will necessitate to hold instruction and experience on the topic. The duties of the etiquette coachincludes the followers:

Knowledge on etiquette

The ability to explicate this cognition to others.


Mareli du Toit



Business term loan

Business term loans are a comparatively simple manner of procuring financess for any period up to eight old ages that is repayable in equal monthly episodes.


Your Business term loan may be used for the followers:

Purchase of fixed assets, for illustration, belongings equipment.

Renovations and changes.

Geting a new concern.

The loan period is non fixed but is determined by your monthly refunds, which include involvement and capital.

The minimal loan sum is R50 000 and there is no maximal, depending on what you can afford.

Extra financess deposited over and above your monthly agreed refunds will be available for backdown topic to a lower limit of R10 000 and multiples of R1 000.

The history can be linked to electronic channels.