Core Values of the National Association of Social Workers Essay Sample

The primary mission. besides known as the codification of moralss. for the National Association of Social Workers ( NASW ) is to assist heighten the wellbeing of people and to help ignificant constituent of societal is work is its focal point on the wellbeing of persons in a society. The nucleus cardinal values. of the societal work profession. are service. societal justness. self-respect and worth of the individual. importance of human relationships. unity. and competency. The nucleus values and codification of moralss are put in topographic point to guarantee that all societal workers are focused on the persons they are assisting and on assisting those persons become empowered. One of the nucleus values of societal work and a chief portion of working in the societal work profession is service. I have chosen to give attending to this value becausThat is. they wish to assist people in any manner they can.

The value of service is of import because it can be applied to any puting whether it is an single. household. or community scene. The ground that service is one of the nucleus values of societal work is because it lets people know that societal workers are at that place to assist people without anticipating anything in return. Peoples do non travel into this calling to merely acquire in front in the universe. they do it so they can assist those who are in demand and that can non needfully assist themselves. A individual or household might necessitate a encouragement in order to set aid set their life together and that is why a societal worker is at that place. to supply a service without anticipating compensation. Social workers are to promote service by assisting other instead than concentrating on one’s self- involvement and they are to utilize their accomplishments. cognition and values in helping people in demand.

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A state of affairs where a societal worker has an chance to function is when a teenage miss becomes pregnant. A societal worker can be at that place for the miss to speak to while beiially happen a household if she chooses to give the babe up for acceptance. Through this state of affairs the client is the chief focal point and the societal worker does non care about what she could acquire out of the state of affairs she is merely disquieted about what the female parent wants and what is best for both the female parent and babe. From my understanding a pupil that is contemplating a calling in societal work would happen service of import because it describes what a societal worker is. Social workers are at that place to assist other and service agencies to assist another individual. If you wish to travel into societal work you need to be willing to set others demands before your ain without any sort of payment.

Of class there will be people who will reason that you do non necessitate to be a service orienteon in order to travel into societal work. all you need is a willingness to assist people better their lives. but isn’t that what service is. assisting people better their lives. If a pupil sing a calling in societal work is non person who enjoys service so they will hold troubles because their first inherent aptitude may non be to believe of the demands of the client above all else. They may be more self-absorbed which is a problese in societal work the person. household. or community that you are serving should ever come foremost. Obviously there are many grounds why service is of import to societal work.

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However. the chief point is that service is about assisting people and seting them foremost. I personally believe. whether it involves an person. household. or community. Besides. service is an of import portion in assisting those who are oppressed. vulnerable. and populating in poorness. No affair how much clip or attempt is needed if you give concentrate to the nucleus value of service. in the societal work profession. you can ever cognize that you have helped to better the lives of others.

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