Controversy before the Civil War Essay

During the enlargement due west of United States. contention between the Northern and the Southern States rapidly originate. This was chiefly due to the dissension of what these new western districts would become- free or break one’s back provinces. The Southern States wanted these new districts to back up bondage so they could direct more pro-slavery senators/ representatives to Congress. which was the antonym for the Northern States. Many of import events from 1845-1861 rapidly led to the start of the Civil War due to these Northern and Southern differences.

When the U. S. eventually claimed more land after the Mexican War. the Southern and Northern States easy began to travel further apart. Even though Northern congresswomans supported the Wilmot Proviso. which banned bondage in all new Western districts. the Southern congresswomans wholly disagreed and went against it. The Compromise of 1850 was set to hopefully smooth these differences over by back uping the thought of popular sovereignty. western lands holding the right to find by themselves whether they would be free or break one’s back provinces. The Free-Soil Party besides had a large impact. They opposed slavery’s enlargement in the Western districts in the late 1840s and early 1850s.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act and Dred Scott Case ( 1857 ) determination highlighted the bondage dissension and caused even more jobs between the Northern and Southern States. forcing the U. S. even closer to the Civil War. The Kansas-Nebraska Act. passed in 1854 as a little via media. enforced popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska. making dissensions over whether these districts would take to go free or break one’s back provinces. The Kansas-Nebraska Act even created tensenesss over the upset Missouri Compromise of 1820. which had held the state together by leting slavery North of the already created line. In consequence. pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups flooded Kansas and battled in the “Bleeding Kansas” struggle over whether the district would go a free or slave province.

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The enlargement due west was a large measure for the United States. and it sparked a immense contention between the Northern and Southern States. Southerners wanted these new districts to back up bondage. so they could hold more senators/representatives in Congress. whereas the North wanted the new districts to reject bondage. Important events such as the Wilmot Proviso. Compromise of 1850. Popular Sovereignty. Dred Scott Case. Kansas/Nebraska Act. and Free Soilers all rapidly sparked differences between the North and the South during the old ages 1845-1861 prior to the Civil War.