Contrasting Theorist Essay Sample

After carefully reading and reviewing my memory on the three great theoreticians I found every facet of their surveies intriguing. There are several constituents obliging about Piaget. One is that he studied his ain kids and he based his research on: “What the kid can make? ” His statement was that kids progress through four phases of cognitive development. These phases are sensorimotor. preoperational. concrete operations. and formal operations ( Boeree. 1999 ) . Piaget besides argued that our heads are comprised of strategies. and these strategies change invariably as we grow older and have new experiences. I believe this to be true. and this theory has helped me understand my pupils and their advancement better. This theory is besides the ground we have age appropriate course of study. Educators must be after a developmentally appropriate course of study that enhances their students’ logical and conceptual growing ( Funderstanding. 2011 ) . It is highly of import that pedagogues recognize the function that experiences or connexions with the connecting atmosphere drama in pupil instruction.

In my sentiment Piaget’s theory of constructivism is the most compelling. This theory addresses how learning really occurs. non focuses on what influences larning ( Huitt & A ; Hummel. 2003 ) . Constructivism is go oning in my school territory now with the switch to Common Core. Common nucleus requires concerted acquisition and pupil lead activities. Constructivism requires the instructor to map as facilitators. This takes off focus from the instructor and talk and puts it upon the pupil and their acquisition. Teachers following Piaget’s theory of Constructivism and Common Core Standards must dispute their pupils by concentrating on developing critical thought. job work outing. and analytical accomplishments pupils need to be successful. What was most compelling about Erickson’s research was his phase theory was one of the first to analyze and explicate psychosocial development across the full lifetime.

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His phases remain by and large consistent with psychoanalytic theory. but the theory’s accent is on the importance of early childhood and the thought that each phase is marked by a quandary or crisis that must be resolved for normal development to continue ( McLeod. 2013 ) . There are eight original phases of Erickson’s theory. and for each of these phases he believed societal interactions were the most important constituents in determining result. Parents have a immense influence on legion facets of a child’s self-esteem. self-efficacy. academic success. and end orientation. As a parent and pedagogue I have ever tried to transfuse self deserving and self efficaciousness in my kids. It is of import for them to be cognizant of how valuable they are. so they will be capable of making their full potency at the terminal. Child with both self worth and ego efficaciousness will hold the accomplishments to assist them maneuver through life and make their ends. Most significantly. they will hold the ability to persist during a challenge or set back.

This is what life is all about ( cognizing how to acquire back up when you have fallen ) . and Erickson has impacted legion lives. both personal and professional with his research. The concluding theoretician I researched was Lev Vygotsky. and what I found most challenging about his research was his zone of propinquity. ZPD is a degree of development when kids engage in societal behaviour ( Culatta. 2013 ) . This construct opposes the usage of standardised trial. Vygotsky believed that alternatively of measuring what a pupil knows to find intelligence. it is more helpful to compare their ability to independently work out jobs with the aid of person who has mastered the constructs being learned ( Culatta. 2013 ) . This is besides a theory that relates to the freshly adopted Common Core criterions.

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With Common Core and ZPD pupils are given undertakings ( alternatively of the traditional paper and pencil trial ) . and they must utilize critical thought and job resolution accomplishments. An instructional scheme known as staging is besides used by pedagogues which originated from the ZPD. When utilizing scaffolding the pedagogue provides undertakings that enable the scholar to construct on anterior cognition and internalise new constructs.


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