Continuing Academic Success Essay Sample

Academic Success may non go on after you earn your grade. but what skills you learn will take you to success in your calling and at place. By using your composing accomplishments. your personal acquisition manner. resources. and puting ends. you will win at any undertaking you take on. Goal Puting for Academic Success Setting ends for yourself during your academic calling is an of import measure in success. By puting ends for clip direction. composing documents. and reading. you will develop good wonts for larning. “Researchers have identified end puting and self-regulated acquisition as important factors that affect academic achievement” ( 2007 ) . There are long term ends and short term ends. Long term ends are what you want to accomplish at the terminal of the procedure. Short term ends are easy approachable ends to acquire you to that long term end. For case my long term end is to acquire a occupation in medical office direction. To accomplish my long term end I have set a few short term ends. First I have to happen a occupation in the wellness attention industry.

Then my following end is to complete my grade in Health Care Management. By puting ends pupils can larn more because it helps them concentrate on the ends they have set for themselves. Oxana D. Clark says “Goal puting improves student public presentation and enhances accomplishment by apportioning attending. triping attempt. increasing continuity and motive which in bend leads to the development of self- ordinance of skills” ( 2013 ) . The University of Phoenix has developed the five ends for larning besides. They are Professional Competence and Values. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Communication. Information Utilization. and Collaboration ( November. 2014 ) . These ends can assist you accomplish non merely academic success but besides success in your professional life. Finding Your Personal Learning Style Finding your personal acquisition manner is a cardinal to academic success. By larning how you learn. and happening ways to heighten your larning manner. you will be able to increase the sum of information you are taking in. There are several learning manners. These manners are Visual. Auditory. Moving. and Doing. A ocular scholar will larn by watching.

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An Auditory scholar will larn by listening to the information. A individual. who learns by traveling. learns by merely that traveling about while they process information. And in conclusion the individual learns by being custodies on. I have assessed my personal acquisition manner. and found that I am a Ocular scholar. I besides learn by being custodies on. By measuring the manner I learn I have been able to increase my input of information. therefore going a better pupil. After my academic calling I can use my personal acquisition manner to my professional calling by being able to larn my occupation faster and go more adept in my occupation. The Writing Process and Utilizing Resources Being able to compose documents that are clear and enlightening in your academic calling will take to success outside of school. Writing is another signifier of communicating. You need to be able to pass on information to others whether you are in a schoolroom or council chamber. You want to be able to avoid information overload by “incorporating the information in compact documents” ( Julie & A ; Lehr. Dece ) . Your employers and equals will appreciate it. By making so will besides do you a valuable employee.

When you gather information to pass on to others. you want to use all the available resources there are at your disposal. How of all time when making so you want to do certain the information comes from believable and dependable beginnings. Academic Integrity “Academic Integrity is a committedness even in the face of diverseness to five cardinal values. trust. honestness. equity. regard. and duty. ( Keshane. 1999 ) ” From these five values come the rule behaviours that allow academic communities. to take thoughts and set them into action. When you incorporate academic unity into your academic calling you are puting up your nucleus values. These values will follow you into your professional calling and your societal life.

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It is your duty as a pupil to be honorable and trusty. and to esteem others and there work. When a pupil is dishonorable he/she is puting themselves up for failure in non merely their academic calling but besides in life outside of school. Conclusion Academic Success can go on on long after you are finished with school. Those who achieve Academic Success will be able to use their acquisition accomplishments to their professional calling. They will besides be able to pass on in composing. whether it is an electronic mail. or project presentation. This communicating will be clear. concise and professional. They will be able to utilize all available dependable resources. And they will be an honest and trust worthy citizen and employee.

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