Consumer Buying Behavior Comparison in Marketing Strategies Essay

In order to assist making new offerings. bettering communicating. forming bringing and. finally. increasing the sale. It is of import to understand the consumer purchasing behaviour from situational. personality and societal facets. This paper will briefly discourse the selling schemes of two elephantine retail section shops. Walmart and Macy’s. in footings of client purchasing behaviours.

Macy’s atmospheric scenes provide strong stimulations for its clients. First. every season. Macy’s puts up different window show windows to show its authoritative and artistic gustatory sensations. Besides. different ambient colourss are used in its shopping environment. These seasonal alterations should be able to hike the sale of the manner dress. Second. Macy’s decorates different subjects for different vacations. such as Easter. Mother’s twenty-four hours. Halloween. Christmas. etc. the gift shopping behaviours are likely induced by these subjects. Third. Macy’s ever plays a comfort and visible radiation background music. clients would pass more clip into shopping with a good temper as the text points out: ” People’s tempers temporarily affect their disbursement patterns” ( Tanner. J. . Raymond. M. & A ; Schuster. C. 2001 )

On the other manus. it seems that Walmart pays a batch of attending to the shoppers’ personality factors. First. Walmart concentrates on the thought of “money saving” . Walking into a Walmart. the “Rollback” tickets with two comparing monetary values are everyplace.

The economical shoppers would compare more on the monetary values. Second. clients who prefer one halt shopping might happen that Walmart. with its stock of nutrient. plaything. car parts. etc. is more convenient than other shopping centres. Third. Walmart shelves “as seen on TV” points and dollar points along the teller to impact the shopping determinations. While waiting in the check-out procedure line. clients are likely to pick up these points as they are categorized as low-involvement merchandises.

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Furthermore. societal factors are besides good considered by these two retail giants. In footings of societal category. Macy’s focuses more on the middle-class households whereas Walmart marks on the clients with standard income. Wal-Mart scoops have a average household income of approximately $ 57K ( Scarborough Research. 2005 ) . Besides. the merchandises. Walmart is selling. stand for the chief watercourse of a geographical civilization whereas Macy’s might fulfill some groups with particular subculture involvements such as high-end golf nines or aromas. In amount. consumer purchasing behaviour is a really of import component in the selling schemes of a company. Situational. personality and societal factors will act upon the consumer purchasing behaviour dramatically.