Construction of Childhood Essay Sample

The societal building of childhood agencies that childhood is non natural because it is a construct that has different significances in different societies. Sociologists agree that kids are biologically different to grownups but every society gives these biological differences different significances.

Rams. a interactionist argued that the nineteenth century Britain. before industrialization kids were seen as mini grownups because they dressed like their parents and did the same work on the farm as their parents. After industrialization. kids became different to grownups because kids had to travel to school between the ages of 5 and 11 and so kids were financially dependent on their parents until the age of 11 when they were allowed to travel to work and this period of dependence created the construct of childhood.

Today. households in Britain are really child centred because twosomes have fewer kids. Gitten says that kids have become a luxury and the parents talk about ‘being able to afford a child’ because kids can be over £100. 000 to raise.

Musgrove. a Functionalist says that kids today are of no economic usage because they have to remain at school until the age of 16 and so they are financially dependent on their parents. Modern industrial society demands accomplishments and so kids have to remain in instruction to acquire their accomplishments. normally good past the age of 16 and while kids depend on their parents they can be classed as kids. However. in many societies kids do hold an economic function because they start work from a really early age. For illustration. feeding kids and weeding and in these societies there is no construct of childhood and so childhood must be a societal building.

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Marxists say the construct of childhood benefits the middle class because the middle classs need a knowing work force. They need kids to remain in instruction for every bit long as possible. The bourgeoisie benefit from the political orientation of the ‘responsibility of parents’ which means that parents feel that they have to pay the cost of conveying up kids who will so go the following coevals of workers for the middle class and so it benefits the middle class to hold a construct of childhood.

The disbursal of childhood varies from society to society and between different societal categories and genders. The street kids of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil have a really different childhood to a in-between category kid in Britain. However. more than a one-fourth of kids in Britain live in poorness so their childhood is without dainties and with a hapless diet is really different to the childhood of a in-between category kid in Britain.

Oakley. a women’s rightist says that childhood of a miss is really different to a childhood of male childs. Girls drama with dolls. aid with housekeeping. and are encouraged to be orderly and clean but male childs are encouraged to acquire soiled playing athletics and they play with autos and building playthings and are given much more freedom to research. The childhood of male childs and misss are hence socially constructed in a different manner.

In decision. childhood is socially constructed. The experience of childhood even in Britain is non the same ; much depends on gender and societal category. Not all societies in the universe have a construct of childhood. which shows that childhood is socially constructed.

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