Concept Of Community In UK And India Social Work Essay

Aristotle states that adult male is a societal animate being. He can non populate his life in isolation and community is the best illustration of worlds interconnected with each other. Community is an built-in portion of society. With the promotion of human existences and their civilisations, there arose the construct of ‘community ‘ which traditionally can be defined as a socially cohesive group or bunch of people interacting with each other who have organized themselves around common values sharing a geographical country. However, in today ‘s closely linked clip the construct of community has surpassed the geographical boundaries and has gone far and beyond, linking people from across the universe. The term community has in fact gained several significances over a period of clip. In fact community has been called as the local people ‘s capacity to jointly react to the issues and events that affect them. Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain calls the construct of community as a nucleus docket of authorities discourse in the state and abroad. Mayo says that a community evokes a sense of belonging, of unity, and of shared involvements and individuality. Since a long clip, a figure of sociological analysis have been made on the construct of community, nevertheless, it has non been able to get a precise definition. In any instance, it still captures the thoughts of socialisation, symbiosis and corporate being which have both functional and ethical aspects to it.

These dimensions are being harnessed by the enterprises of many authoritiess of the universe, taking to the construct of community development, closely supported by statutory and voluntary sectors. A echt committedness is being made towards the integrating of communities in the planning processes, bringing of public services and bettering the quality of life.

In the field of societal work, working with the community has been one of the most of import facets of societal work profession. Community organisation and Community Development are some cardinal patterns taking to elate communities of the province.

Community Organization viewed from a human-centered attack is meant to work out the jobs of the community by mobilising and authorising them through their establishments, organisations, groups, leaders, advocators and voluntaries. On the other manus Community Development is a motion designed to advance better life for the whole community, with their active engagement and if possible at the enterprise of the community. Both of these subjects capture the thought of working in partnership, societal inclusion and active citizenship. Furthermore, it echoes the impression of happening ‘local solutions for local jobs ‘ which non merely aims to advance regeneration of vicinity but besides heightening of civic battle.

Community work has had a long history as an attack to societal work. In the western construct, the community work has been in relation to community attention, advancing attention in the community, every bit good as enabling service users to take part in planning, monitoring and measuring community attention services. However, in developing states like India, the community work has mostly been seen as a procedure of developing local enterprises, chiefly in the countries of instruction, health care and agricultural development, by fiting community demands with the available resources. Community societal work in any instance has non been restricted to community attention, instead has been seen relevant to a broad scope of societal work patterns, including preventative work with kids, households, young person, elderly, etc. While community work has a uninterrupted function to play, it is yet non confined to societal work.It characteristics in other professional scenes including lodging and planning. In add-on, community work has besides been carried out and continues to be carried out by voluntaries and unpaid militants within communities.

On the theoretical spectrum, community work seems to be based upon viing positions and is associated with both left and right political position. The ‘professional ‘ attack, seeks to advance ego aid and to better service bringing within the wider model of bing societal dealingss, with the ‘radical ‘ attack. This latter ‘radical ‘ attack seeks to travel farther, lending to authorise the comparative powerless to dispute the causes of their want and favoritism, and to develop schemes and construct confederations for societal alteration, pulling upon penetrations from neo-Marxist construction analyses, together with penetrations from feminism and from anti-racist analyses ( Twelvetrees, 1991 ) .

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Though these differentiations have relevancy, the footings ‘professional ‘ and ‘radical ‘ have built-in jobs, in the current context, as Twelvetrees has besides recognized. In recent old ages, the term ‘radical ‘ has become more confusing with the acceptance of ‘radical ‘ right. The usage of the term ‘professional ‘ could connote that alternate attacks are ‘unprofessional ‘ . Nevertheless, Mayo states that whatever may be the position, community work can be categorized into ‘technicist ‘ and ‘transformational ‘ attack which purpose at community authorization and societal transmutation of the communities.

Charles I. Scotland in his paper, ” Community Development: A Challenge to societal worker ” , emphasizes on the fact that societal workers have a cardinal function to play in the procedure of community development. The societal workers make a witting attempt to understand the kineticss of human behavior. A societal worker has successfully developed techniques to work out jobs of worlds by manner of some particular accomplishments which enable the persons to do the optimal use of the resources available to it. These accomplishments in fact can assist in mobilising the cooperation of the young person and adult females in a group activity as a measure towards taking community duty.

Community development requires a strong organisational construction which would assist in administrating the plans and accomplish ends of community development. The construct of community organisation is closely related to the construct of community development, as the community organisers can assist in using the democratic rules for the development of community.

Some of the general elements of community organisation and development include, fact determination, community analysis and studies, societal programmes, audience and dialogue, undertaking disposal, be aftering of conference technique etc.

Community development is one of the cardinal subjects in developed states like UK and developing states like India. UK authorities has directed its attending to the disadvantaged groups in Britain and aim issues like that of unemployment, low educational degree, hapless wellness and offense. It has been punctually recognized that these jobs must be addressed by close linkage with the local governments and the communities to hold the rhythm of want. There have been a figure of enterprises taken by the politicians in this respect such as the Social Inclusion Partnerships in Scotland, Community First in Wales and Community Strategies mechanisms in England, which non merely demonstrate characteristics like community partnership but besides leading and answerability. User partnership and engagement of the community into the determination devising procedure has been a affair of great importance in the authorities ‘s purpose to supply public assistance services to the people. Mulgan ( 1997 ) and Stewart ( 2000 ) in fact province that the New Labour introduced the construct of ‘stakeholders ‘ which laid an unseeable foundation for inter-sectoral coaction, community administration and development.

There has been an increasing acknowledgment of the fact that the occupants of a community must play a major function in placing their jobs and issues and suggest solutions for the same. Thus governmental enterprises in partnership with the communities have been by and large in relation to wellness, community safety, environment, neighbourhood direction and womb-to-tomb acquisition.

In UK, community development has been a portion of the local governments and the voluntary sectors since late sixtiess and today it has gained an institutional position. The beginning of support for community development in UK has been in relation to the Urban Programme which is a strategy of the authorities set up in 1968 to undertake the issue of want. This support system is jointly funded by the cardinal authorities and the local governments and works on short term budgets of 3 to 4 old ages. The consequence of this is that there has been a considerable rise in the figure of practicians and the job of occupation insecurity has reduced. In the 1990s, community development in UK entered a new stage where major restructuring of societal public assistance services and developing took topographic point particularly in the Fieldss of community architecture, economic development, planning and lodging. These techniques were subsequently on adopted by many rural developmental bureaus and church for their community development enterprises.

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Though a figure of enterprises were taken by the authorities, there are certain facets that need alteration and rectification. Some of the jobs with the attack taken by the authorities are:

As the processs set up by the local governments are considered to be the appropriate methods of pull offing partnership agreements, the consequence was that the community representatives feel anomic and frustrated at the formal partnership board meetings, formal protocols and scenes. Therefore most civil retainers find it hard to pull off their relationships with voluntary organisations and communities.

In UK, it has been felt that the intercessions of the authorities are excessively focused on the designated local country and someway neglect to jointly work with the communities taking to non permanent impact on the quality of life of the people of the community.

The focal point has ever been more on support and preparation instead than publicity of community leading which would besides keep them accountable to the wider community.

In malice of these challenges, the authorities of UK still aims to accomplish its aim of community development and the New Deal for Communities programme presently running in 39 countries across England has brought some beam of hope to the province of community development in the state. It is a long term and good funded enterprise that aims to work upon the issues of societal want and inequality.

To achieve satisfactory consequences, community networking is what the authoritiess should direct their attending to. A community can accomplish greater tolerance, societal coherence, societal trust and better impact on determination doing if they are closely connected. This is possible through networking, i.e, the ability of people to interact with each other, thereby act uponing one another exceling geographical, organisational and individuality boundaries.

At the minute, there is a famine of ‘active citizens ‘ in the state who may act upon and stand for the sentiments of their communities. The authorities, furthermore, seems to follow an individualised attack to acknowledge and honor ‘community title-holders ‘ and ‘social enterprisers ‘ characterized by personal appeal and creativeness instead than their committedness to societal acquisition and corporate answerability, which has been widely criticized.

However, several enterprises are being taken for capacity edifice of partnership members, educational programmes for skilled societal workers, developing for directors coming from other professions etc. The Community Development Foundation has been working to border an rating bill of exchange, the ABCD theoretical account, that measures the techniques, procedures and the ends for carry throughing better community direction.

Contrasting to UK ‘s organized system of community development, engagement of local communities and voluntary organisation is one of the most typical characteristics of community development in developing states like India. India is fundamentally a rural society and therefore the community development pattern began with the small towns in India.

Community development in India is mostly concerned with proviso of basic comfortss like nutrient, shelter, and vesture and to convey about a alteration in their mentality for farther upliftment. It aims to convey about a societal alteration particularly in traditional societies. Post independency, Community Development Programme was launched in 1952 on pilot footing. Harmonizing to Prof. S. C. Dube, its basic purposes were to supply for a significant addition in the agricultural production of the state, for betterments in the system of communicating, in rural wellness and in village instruction. The programme besides was directed towards a cultural alteration, aimed at societal and economic transmutation of the lives of the rural population. Though the Community Development Programme in India was initiated with batch of enthusiasm and great ardor, it failed to mobilise and affect the local people and therefore it was a failure. One of the chief grounds for the failure of the Community Development programme was that it became a undertaking oriented scheme and the educational component was losing. Equally much as people are imperative for the development programmes, a high degree of stimulation and motive is besides required for a lasting development and upliftment.

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However, with the intercession of the societal workers and many NGOs, the community development aims have been attained and are in the procedure of accomplishing justness, equality, upliftment of the socially deprived and economic authorization. Therefore, the procedure of community development in India has been a narrative of success chiefly because of the sheer involvement and engagement of the community in its development along with governmental enterprises which has non been much of a instance in UK ‘s system of community development.

Earlier, the method used for proviso of public assistance services in India was through either casework or group work. However, with clip, societal work practicians began utilizing community-oriented attack.

UK has a really organized system of turn toing the issue of community development and to an extent its communities face different issues and jobs. While in India, the procedure of community development has taken form in an unorganised mode, which the state is combating to form it. The function of the province has been cardinal in community development in UK. India on the other manus has had voluntary societal public assistance organisations working at local, regional and province degree apart from the governmental strategies taking to turn to the inquiry of community development. The Central societal Welfare Board, through State Advisory Boards and field staff, aid local leaders handle some of their ain public assistance demands. Organizations like Association for Social Health in India, Indian Council of Social Welfare, All India adult females ‘s conference etc are advancing and organizing organic structures.

In contrast with UK, where it has been seen that there is a famine of ‘active citizens ‘ , state like India finds a figure of immature societal militants working to advance, protect and elate the socially disadvantaged subdivisions of society, instead than professional societal workers ( as in UK ) . They are chiefly found working in urban metropoliss like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras. Professional societal workers in such state of affairss are more frequently development -oriented, while militants use socio-political analysis to raise issues and mobilise people, sometimes acquiring in struggle with the governments.

To excite neighbourhood communities, several metropoliss organized citizen ‘s councils under the Development of Urban Development. A figure of community Centres have been set up in the community vicinity in many parts of Bombay, Delhi, Banglore, Calcutta and other metropoliss.

In rural communities, through mass literary plans and attempts made by community workers, there has been a broad rousing amongst provincials, landless laborers, agenda castes and tribals. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, the authorities with many rural strategies and societal workers with their community pattern have been able to retrace small towns at macro and micro degrees.

Many communities of people have organized themselves to work for their ain development every bit good as receive resources from the authorities.

Different motions in India such as abolishment of Sati, motions to mobilise adult females such as SEWA have non merely organized adult females in trade brotherhood methods and community organisation techniques but have made them capable plenty to do themselves self reliant. Micro efforts are being made by the community workers to bring forth employment for immature work forces and adult females. The ends are high and are difficult to accomplish, therefore the consequence is that there is a high degree of defeat.


Community development has a long manner to travel and has much to offer to the societies both urban and rural and to the authoritiess. However, it needs to come on with great cautiousness as its methods, accomplishments and techniques can be opted for intents that may non reflect its cardinal aims, committednesss and values. As the universe advances, the issues f poorness, suppression, societal exclusion, private belongings, inequality will still be faced by the people of the universe. However, with corporate action towards altering the lives of the people at an single degree excessively can convey about a considerable alteration in society.