Computerized System Essay

7. 1 Architectural Design
7. 1. 1 Entity-Relationship Diagram

Fig. 7. 1. 1 Database theoretical account

On the figure above. the table “item_description” contains information about the points in the stock list. This is where the informations for new points will be stored and updating of information of bing points takes topographic point. Notice that. the tabular array “critical_items” has merely two property which is “status” that identifies the critical point if it is low or non. The “transaction” tabular array is where the system shops informations sing single dealing while “item_trans” table focal points on list of points and its entire monetary value.

7. 2 System Function

7. 2. 1 Physical Data Flow Diagram

Fig. 7. 2. 1 Physical DFD

The system chiefly consists of maps for gross revenues and stock list direction. A client orders an point and the system checks the stock list by accessing the maestro point tabular array. New points can be added by the direction and the maestro point record is updated as such. A procedure computes the entire monetary value for the points ordered by utilizing the input from the client and information ( monetary values ) from the stock list maestro tabular array. After the dealing. reception will be given to the client and both the stock list record and gross revenues record are updated. If the system detects any point to be at critical degree. a presentment will be sent to the direction.

7. 2. 2 User Interface

Fig. 7. 2. 2. 1 Main Menu

This is the interface where the user has entree to all map of the system ( Fig. 7. 2. 2. 1 ) . The first thing that will demo up when the user runs the system is the button with a text of “V” . When the user clicks the “V” button the five buttons and upon snaping the stock list and study button their sub points will besides look and when the user clicks one of these buttons ( Point of Sale. View Inventory. Update Inventory. Add Inventory. Critical Items. View Gross saless Report. and View Inventory study ) the visibleness of all buttons will be disabled and so the coveted signifier of the user will look on the grey infinite.

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The sub buttons of Inventory is where the user screening of stock list and critical points ( if there’s any ) . update. and adding of stock list. The sub buttons of studies is where the user views the gross revenues and inventory study of the system. the aid button chiefly focuses on how to utilize it or what we call “user manual” and about the system.

Fig. 7. 2. 2. 2 Point of Sale

Last. this signifier is where the dealing between the director and the client takes topographic point. First thing that the user will make is take an point codification and so the measure for the point and it will automatically calculate for the monetary value after that. he will hold to snap the add point button so the point will look on the white infinite on the right side and so a message will motivate if he want to add another or non if he doesn’t want to add another point the uwser will necessitate to input the customer’s payment and snaping the complete dealing button will motivate another message if the user is certain about the dealing. And so if the user is certain. the system will motivate another message if he want to publish the reception or non.