Competitive Advantage Essay Sample

I. Undertaking Description:
A. Introduction
1. Scheme for Competitive Advantage: Integrating a concern computing machine web
2. Business Procedure to Better: Customer interaction
B. Proposed solution and IT components needed to implement the undertaking.

1. Selected system
a ) In order to run into our aim of procedure betterment. we will utilize the package and services provided from a company called AppointmentPlus. B ) AppointmentPlus is a fast turning company in this industry with over 1 million current clients. The Application Program Interface ( API ) integrating systems they use are province of the art and they provide all needed support and direction of the full IT substructure. which includes our company web site and Point of Sale ( POS ) system. 2. Major hardware needed – In order to run into hardwire demands for the system that AppointmentPlus will implement. we will necessitate to buy a waiter capable of managing 3 to 5 desktop computing machine and proctor POS systems.

This will include all necessary switches. modems and routers to supply both wired and wireless entree. 3. Facility demands – The desktop POS systems will be placed at assorted workstations throughout the installation. The waiter should be placed in a locked compartment with entree limited to direction and those who have specific entree demands. This country should be easy accessible and good ventilated. This will forestall overheating and supply easy entree for care. 4. Telecommunication needs – We will utilize AT & A ; T concern service for our telecommunication needs. This will include a dedicated high-velocity cyberspace connexion for all company needs and a 2nd WIFI cyberspace hot spot for client usage. Additionally. they will supply company cellular devices to let direction to stay affiliated to the concern 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

C. Business resources needed to finish the undertaking.
1. IT Skills & A ; Services – Installation for this undertaking will be completed by both AT & A ; T and AppointmentPlus. AppointmentPlus will besides supply elaborate preparation for direction on any supervisor maps that can be performed on the POS system and web. Besides. operator preparation will be provided to all employees. Any care that is outside the range of preparation will be completed by AppointmentPlus. free of charge. during the guarantee period and for a charge after the guarantee period. A web interior decorator will be contracted to implement and pull off the company web site. 2. Cost of proposed solution – The initial costs for this undertaking will be reasonably high. but this undertaking is an investing into the hereafter of the company. The truth and dependableness of the appointment programming plan entirely will drastically diminish scheduling struggles. which consequence in 1000s of dollars in lost gross every month. Care on the system is minimum and does non include a cost until after the guarantee period. The telecommunication capablenesss will let direction to manage jobs rapidly and expeditiously. which will greatly increase return clients. Overall. the future addition extremely outweighs the costs.

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II. Undertaking Management:
A. Ternary restraints – In order for the undertaking to be successful. it must be completed in a manner that does non interfere with current daily operations of the concern. The purpose is for a seamless passage with small to no unneeded concern shuttings. Cost must be closely controlled and managed. This can be done by keeping changeless communicating with the installing squad about your wants and concerns. This will assist forestall re-work and excess unneeded costs. Besides. merely those services and pieces of equipment necessary to run into the end should be purchased. Additional. unneeded services or capablenesss will merely increase costs with no future potency of addition.

B. Human resource direction – Implementation of the system will include all direction and supervisory forces. Tracking system execution advancement will go an extra responsibility for those forces. Once system installing is complete. all employees will be involved in preparation.

C. Risk direction – There are ever hazards involved with alteration or making an IT substructure. Up front support hazards can be minimized by holding a elaborate program and cognizing what you want. Training is another common hazard for implementing an IT substructure. Many of the maps may be new to the employees. which presents a steep acquisition curve. This hazard can be managed by guaranting that all employees are to the full engaged in preparation and that preparation is something that is uninterrupted to guarantee degree of cognition is maintained. Finally. security is a hazard that will non merely be on the head if the concern. but the clients every bit good. Compromising sensitive information can non merely ache concern. but consequence in legal action. This hazard will be minimized by guaranting that security steps are put in topographic point by the installing squad. This will include both hardware and package. Besides. a security disclaimer will be placed on both company paperss and the web site to allow the clients know that their information is safe and will non be used for any illegal activity.

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III. System Development Life Cycle ( SDLC )
A. System Investigation – This part of the SDLC was completed as portion of the research procedure to find ways to better interactions with clients. B. System Analysis – This part of the SDLC included specific research and analysis of the systems and procedures provided by AppointmentPlus and how the company would profit from execution of these systems and procedures. C. System Design – Although the systems have been design and configured by AppointmentPlus. this part of the SDLC include any determinations made on specific characteristics that were good for the company. D. Programming or System Configuration – This part of the SDLC was completed by the installing squad and monitored by direction forces. E. Testing – This part of the SDLC was completed by the installing squad. with a brief of specific consequences provided to the direction squad.

F. Implementation – This is the most of import part of the SDLC. To be successful with implementing the plan. direction must guarantee that all employees are to the full trained and proficient with system operations. Besides. direction must be adept on work outing any minor issues that may originate with the system. Once these things are met. the new system and processs will be implemented. G. Operations and Maintenance – Operations will take topographic point on a daily footing with employee and direction interaction. Minor preventative care will be tracked and scheduled by direction to guarantee the system is maintained and the guarantee is non voided. Any care that will necessitate outside aid will be scheduled outside of normal concern hours every bit much as possible non to interfere with daily concern and prevent long downtimes.

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IV. Business Process Changes – Once the system is implemented. electronic programming will be the primary procedure for all programming. Paper programming will merely be used in an exigency state of affairs. All employees will now be required to login utilizing their single USERID and PASSWORD. and working hours will besides be tracked on this system. Besides. employees will advance the capablenesss of the company web site. which will supply added convenience to the client.

V. Employee Training – Training will be conducted in 4 stages. First. preparation will hold been conducted for all employees prior to the beginning of the undertaking. This was done to supply a speedy indoctrination to the employees about the upcoming undertaking and its capablenesss. The 2nd stage will be conducted during system installing for the direction squad. This preparation will cover supervisory map of the system and minor care and trials that can be completed. The 3rd stage will be conducted after installing is complete and will include all employees. This preparation will cover all operations of the system and will fix employees and directors for utilizing the system in a daily operation puting. The 4th stage if the uninterrupted preparation that will be conducted to guarantee proficiency with the system. This preparation will be scheduled and tracked by the direction squad.

VI. Specifying Success – In order to be considered successful. the system needs to hold some kind of betterment on the concern. The first. and most obvious thing will be an addition in gross. Any addition in money from prior to system execution is a mark of success. The 2nd mark would be holding small to no concern downtime caused by issues associating to the new system. whether it’s hardware. package or employee issues. The 3rd mark of success would be overall client satisfaction in the company. This can be tracked by supplying anon. studies both in-store and online.

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