Competition Case Essay Sample

Competition does lend to come on in society under most conditions. In the scientific disciplines. competition between scientists in the same field will oblige every scientist to develop new thoughts and to recognize the applications of those new thoughts more rapidly so that as a whole the human cognition accumulate more rapidly and more finds and engineerings are available for the better life of human being. In economic systems. pattern has proved that the market economic system based on competition is more feasible than the planned economic system. without competitory environment business communities will lose the most of import drift for developing better merchandises and supplying better services. because the drift is coming from the threatening of their oppositions who will portion benefits with them and hold the chance to do them neglect to last in the market competition. Obviously without the advancement in scientific discipline and economic system we can non bask the justnesss of modern life. As the base of the advancement in scientific discipline and economic system. competition contributes to come on in society.

But in my sentiment. in certain instances the competition is blind and out of control. which is unsafe and damaging to our society. For illustration. many states are evolved in the competition in making more destructive arms under the name of guaranting their ain safety. On one manus. this sort of competition is so unsafe and out of control that the Earth is faced with the danger of being bombed to a lasting winter. which causes misgiving and sense of overextending. and do harm to our society as a whole. On the other manus. it costs a batch of money which can be paid to better our populating criterion and develop other engineerings which can convey us installation in our life. which means the most of import advancement of the society. the object of advancement is to do human being unrecorded better. Can we believe that this sort of competition is good to society? Largely. competition compels people to make lucks but sometimes it can take to a unsighted race in developing things which can take to catastrophe.

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In my sentiment. without competition the advancement of our society is impossible but some blind or malignant competition should be avoided. If we want that competition serve as a more positive function in the advancement of our society. we should make a becoming environment in which competition is under rational control. In the scientific discipline field. the competition in scientific discipline research itself should be encouraged. for more cognition means less blindness and more Sons. while competition in the application of scientific discipline should be laid under the control of Son. that is. we should vie on the footing of cognizing that what we are making and where is our finish. In economic systems. just competition should be encouraged. everyone can win the game and accomplish person success through his difficult work and legal agencies. while illicit competition should be banished. The ordinance should guarantee the legitimate involvement of most people. because the more people’s legitimate involvement is satiated. the more luck is available on our planet. which is the mark of advancement of our society.

Of class under many state of affairs the strictly logos control is impossible. for we can barely foretell what will go on in the following twenty-four hours. what to make and what non to make sometimes take to a meaningless wrangle. But there should be a imagine in our bosom. that is. every sort of competition should be conducted with a serious head in which the better universe is most of import. we are viing merely because we want to make better life of our ain and change the universe more suited for our life and more harmonious. Merely with this image the competition can avoid sightlessness and lead to existent advancement in society.

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