Comparing Ontario to Quebec: Childcare affordability

Issue Statement

Interest groups have been buttonholing the Minister to present a plan similar to Quebec’s $ 7 dollar a twenty-four hours childcare plan. Should the Ontario authorities alteration its current policy sing child care and present a plan similar to that in Quebec?


Populating disbursals and low-cost child care is by far the largest disbursal for households in Canada. Both low income and middle-income households struggle to happen low-cost and quality child care.

CUPE Ontario published a study foregrounding that the kid attention in Ontario is in crisis and demands immediate attending by the authorities. Harmonizing to the study, kid attention fee subsidy merely assist households that qualify for it. Due to a big waiting list for the subsidies many households either don’t get a opportunity to avail them or they don’t measure up for it because they don’t fall into the specified income bracket. The study indicates that the current Full Day Kindergarten plan was implemented in Ontario with small fiscal and policy support for child care. The under-funding of this plan and cutting the subsidies to be availed for the accredited child care led to the deficit of subsidies and left many households out with no kid attention.

A study consequences conducted to happen about the households satisfaction sing kid attention subsidies indicated that 92 per cent of parents utilizing a subsidised topographic point were happy with it – and 66 per cent of those who didn’t have a topographic point wished they did.

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Parents struggle to happen quality and low-cost kid attention in Ontario. They spend every bit much as $ 2,000 a month ; which for some household means that the kid attention sum increases more than their mortgage payments.

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Current Status

Presently the Early Old ages Division in the Ministry of Education has the duty for early childhood instruction, including child-care and duties under the Day Nurseries Act.The Ontario Legislature passed the Full-Day Early Learning Statute Law Amendment Act on April 27, 2010.

The deductions of the Full Day Kindergarten plan were highlighted in the Toronto Star, which stressed that many kid attention centres had to confront the fiscal loss because many musca volitanss were vacant due to kids go forthing for the Full Day Kindergarten plan. In add-on to this, school boards complained that they were non given adequate support to implement the plan and hence, they are non happy with the policy that they should entirely be the one to implement and run the plans. ( class reading Monsebraaten and Rushworthy )

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Child attention Canada highlighted in their study that Ontario kid attention is at a critical point, necessitating an immediate action and to follow an inclusive action which takes into history different demands of the households and society. The support to the accredited child cares was cut down every bit more financess were issued to the Full Day Kindergarten plan therefore, few kids had entree to the accredited quality kid attention. The Full Day Kindergarten plan does non provide to the demands of parents who prefer directing their kids to the licensed child care. Parents are left with small pick to take from high quality child care. Presently, the subsidy waiting lists are so drawn-out that low income households have small hope for of all time procuring a subsidy. Even the municipalities that did non hold subsidy waiting lists before now describe them. It is really likely that this state of affairs will decline if there is an addition in the fee and lessening in subsidy. In add-on to this, municipalities have to confront turning shortages, as subsidy are being cut back. Their current subsidy support will buy fewer infinites once the per-space costs addition.

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Key Considerations

The research shows that every dollar spent in the quality child care and kid attention support brings a $ 2.54 return in short and long-run benefits to society, which means more educational benefits and high employment rates. SOS

The cardinal findings gathered from the informations to measure the suitableness of kid attention subsidy for individual female parents indicated that individual female parents who are employed full-time are more careful and thoughtful of the monetary value of child care than those who are employed parttime. Furthermore, lessening in the monetary value of child care additions employment and hence, helps individual female parent make an effectual usage of paid child care. Childcare rewards, subsidies and employment of individual female parents.

The Quebec $ 7 a twenty-four hours child attention plan has been fiscal successful for both parents working in about all households whether it be low income households or high income households. The debut of the subsidised twenty-four hours attention system besides gave adult females an chance to gain who otherwise would hold stayed place to take attention of the kids. The informations collected by Parents Central after successful running of the plan for ten old ages showed that there were about 70,000 adult females playing a cardinal function in the work force, which signifies an addition of 3.8 per centum.

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The information farther indicates that Quebec’s subsidized positively affects the economic system because it pays more for itself due to significant addition in the income and revenue enhancement gross.

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The Fortin ‘s survey indicated that if a similar twenty-four hours attention system was introduced in Ontario merely like Quebec, the plan would bring forth an extra $ 1.2 to 1.3 billion income from which federal authorities is likely to profit each twelvemonth. That could amount to an mean $ 100 revenue enhancement interruption per individual in Ontario or could besides take to an increased investing in bettering other services and issues like instruction, wellness attention, and poorness.

The child care in Quebec has proved to profit people and society in many facets including diminution in poorness, increased mobility for female parents and bring forthing more babes among all income brackets. This will hold long term positive affects as Canada will necessitate both more babes and more working grownups than of all time before that can lend towards the society and the economic system.

The policy histrions that should be involved in implementing this balanced attack in Ontario are: Children and Youth Services, Municipalities, School Boards, provincial authoritiess. ( Pasacal )

The new societal policy demands to work closely with the Ontario’s poorness decrease scheme as a close spouse because leting a subsidised child care plan will finally increase parents workforce and therefore, disbursals of the family to be shared by two household members alternatively of one. ( Pasacal )


The authorities needs to a plan that will be in the best involvement of all the households every bit good as the authorities itself.

The authorities needs to happen a medium manner to supply for child care subsidies and take step that will outdo support the system as a whole. Some of these step may affect: supplying more picks to parents. Keeping in head that the Quebec despite holding active household policy offers small pick to parents, including picks that do non affect institutional attention, the Ontario authorities demands to supply picks to parents every bit good as active household policy. One manner for the authorities to make this is pay cosmopolitan household allowances, for case, but at the same clip besides provide extra parental allowances to female parents who look after their kids until they start traveling to preschool. In add-on, they should offer public child-care services but besides reimburse a part of disbursement on private child-care services for the households who are unable to avail public kid attention services due to the deficiency of infinite available in them.

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Since the higher income households already pay higher income revenue enhancement, hence, the parents fees must be standardized every bit good.


Before implementing the low subsidy option like Quebec, the authorities needs to guarantee that even though the households could hold small pick to choose from the day care but in no fortunes the quality of the twenty-four hours attention should be jeopardized.

The authorities needs to see implementing clear and rigorous regulations sing the households which will be entitled to inscribe their kids in the kid attention with specialised subsidy plan. Working households and working female parents specially individual mas must be given precedence over female parents who are a stay at place parent and may desire to set their kids in outside attention merely because it is so low-cost.

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The Ontario’s current policy plan sing kid attention is better as kids can seamlessly travel and interact throughout the twenty-four hours. The benefit envisioned by Pascal of implementing this plan was that in-class course of study taught during a school twenty-four hours can be linked with after school activities. However, this seems equivocal because the afterschool plan is provided by 3rd parties which makes it hard to guarantee the quality and the genuineness of the plan whether the instructors in the after school plan would be able to associate the after school activities with the school course of study.