Compare and contrast the UK Education System Essay Sample

I. Introduction
The comparing between the UK’s instruction system and South Korea’s instruction system are instantly clear once scrutiny of the OECD conference tabular array is complete. The UK is in 6th place whilst South Korea is figure 1 in the universe. During the conferences history the UK has ever been in front of South Korea. However the recent alteration within South Korea’s political leading in … . South Korea’s precedences and demands have implemented alteration that has benefited the country’s ranking in the universe of instruction. The UK has been on the taking border of the worldwide campaign for better criterions in instruction. the legal system and the economic system. To be figure one in the universe has been the driving force throughout the history of the United Kingdom. However South Korea is undergoing monolithic alteration and development along with its pan Asiatic opposite numbers who are now serious rivals in the world’s economic system. This essay will compare and contrast the two systems and place factors which have enabled this dramatic bend of events. II. Complusory instruction

The history of instruction within the UK has undergone several reforms particularly since the terminal of the First and Second World War. In 1918 the mandatory school age was 5-14 old ages old. In 1947. the demand for educated work forces saw the compulsory go forthing age alteration to 15 and by 1973 until present the school go forthing age is 16. These alterations were done in the hope that the economic system will profit from educated school departers. Unfortunately. during the 1960’s the authorities recognized that the bulk of school departers were underperformers. 41 % of the population of the UK enrolled in Higher instruction ( OECD. et al 2010 ) . With 37 % of 25-34 twelvemonth olds finishing secondary instruction. The important difference between the two states dramatically effects the criterion of educated work force and the economic system.

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Alternatively in South Korea. prior to 1945. a bulk of the population had non received formal instruction. By 1960 the figure of registrations in instruction had increased 96 % . Compulsory instruction between the ages of six and 15 is free. although there are tuition fees for 15 to 18 twelvemonth olds to supplement authorities support. South Korea has the highest third instruction registration in the universe. a sum of 103 per centum ( UNESCO ; 2010 ) of the country’s population has successfully completed Higher Education. 97 % of the 25-34 twelvemonth old age scope completed secondary instruction. ( OECD. 2010 ) . This revolution commenced and continued during the Korean War. and political instability.

III. Investing in instruction
The cost of instruction for primary and secondary instruction is free within the UK. Third instruction costs in present twenty-four hours up to £9. 000 per academic twelvemonth depending on the class and the institute. Funding for Higher Education has become readily available to enable more pupils to obtain higher instruction. Throughout history HE has been recognized as elitist particularly anterior to post-war criterions. Most HE appliers in the yesteryear have been from educated households in the center or upper categories. In Contrast Higher Education fees in South Korea are lower being a maximal tuition fee per academic twelvemonth is £7. 600 depending on the class and establishment. this factor and the importance of HE amongst cultural belief influences the 103 % of pupils who attend Higher Education.

The Government spends merely 4. 9 % GDP in comparing to South Korea’s 7. 6 % GDP which is above the OECD’s universe norm of 5. 9 % . Teachers in South Korea have a higher income and position. therefore the enlisting procedure is more competitory and recognized for using merely the best alumnuss. In contrast instructors in the UK work long hours with less wage and acknowledgment for who they are. The demands to go a teacher aren’t every bit rigorous as in South Korea. This factor may act upon the criterion of instruction the kids may have every bit good as the attitudes of the instructors. IV. Accountability

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The policymakers of the UK enforce the schools criterions with reviews from OFSTED. and Independent Schools Councils ( ISC ) through practical appraisal and provides information for the parents and the community. In South Korea the schools are monitored by external administrations created by the Provincial Education Offices. These reviews evaluate the criterions and way of the schools. and act upon the awards presented by the Ministry of Education for the top acting schools and instructors. whom receive fillips for all their attempts and difficult work. ( Education Finance. 2014 ) The UK’s diverse cultural backgrounds have made an impact on the control of the instruction system. and society’s general influences over the kids. The political opinions on the kids over the parent’s means to train and command their kids. the deficiency of traditional atomic households and the fiscal deductions of such have limited the manner in which the instruction system and households connect and become accountable for the success of the children’s single demands. The civilization in the UK does non qualify that the citizens attend Higher Education to break the economic system hence there is less force per unit area on pupils to achieve high classs and instruction.

The civilization of South Korea is a blunt contrast to that of the UK. The political reform and concentrate on the quality of instructors have enforced the states point of view and demand to develop a strong state. ( Jensen. 2012 ) . The households and beliefs of the South Korean society enforces the traditional methods of raising a kid. The community raise the kid together. therefore the kids are seldom raised in individual parent places. The kid by and large has. the influence of both parents and grandparents to back up their demands within instruction this assists in the enforcement of the Schools answerability to Society. The South Korean Society acknowledges that the harder a kid works the better the success rate for the economic system. The student’s belief is that the better the university they receive their grade in the better the occupation they will acquire and the more money they will gain. “Thus sheepskin from the right universities impact callings. matrimonies and. of class. rewards: grade holders earn an mean 33 per cent more than high school alumnuss. That compares with a 66. 7 per cent spread for case in the UK. ” ( Song. 2013 )

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V. Conclusion
In decision it is possible for the divide between the UK and South Korea’s instruction system to be reduced should the UK implement and alter the civilization of instruction. and take a foliage out of South Koreas policies by passing more on instruction. accent on the criterion of instructors. guaranting answerability amongst schools. pupils and parents is solidified and potentially concentrate on supplying better support for instructors and pupils to larn. have and accomplish a better criterion of instruction. for subjects of the UK alternatively of invariably altering policies that appear non to do any difference or heighten the economic system by cut downing the divide between categories.

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