Community Environmental Issue Essay Sample

Community Environmental Issue

Central Texas. particularly Travis County. has been under drouth conditions since La Niña. a conditions form where the surface temperatures are cooler in the Pacific ocean. therefore making drier conditions in the southern portion of the United States. in 2011 ( StateImpact. n. d. ) . Although this type of conditions form is typically combated with the reaching of El Niño. which has the opposite consequence. it failed to happen in winter of 2012 and cardinal Texas was left with the driest conditions it has experienced since the lowest drouth on record in the 1950s ( StateImpact. n. d. ) . Match this drouth with the challenges that cardinal Texas faces with H2O quality and it is clear that the part needs to makes alterations in order to prolong a healthy. abundant. H2O beginnings for the coevalss to come. Water Use in Central Texas

As a consequence of a three twelvemonth drought Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan. the two chief reservoirs for cardinal Texas’ H2O supply. are at an all clip low at merely 35 % full ( Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project. 2009 ) . Storms in cardinal Texas during July 2013 brought 2 to 4 inches of rain to the bulk of the Texas hill state and every bit much as 8 inches in certain musca volitanss yet rain autumn is significantly below the typical norms ( StateImpact. n. d. ) . Currently. Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan hold 702. 157 acre pess of H2O versus their capacity of 2. 01 million acre pess. In 2011 influxs were the lowest in history at approximately 10 % of norm. in 2012 influxs were the 5th lowest in history at approximately 32 % of norm. and in 2013 influxs have been on gait to near the all clip depression of 2011 until recent rains have resulted in moderate betterment. These historic depressions of influxs and H2O keeping creates a state of affairs where H2O preservation and consciousness in progressively of import yet 15 % of cardinal Texans and 19. 3 % of Travis county occupants have indicated that they have no thought where their H2O comes from ( Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project. 2009 ) . In add-on. despite these historic depressions. the demand for H2O has remained unchanged and ingestion as increased ( StateImpact. n. d. ) . The Central Texas Sustainability Project ( 2009 ) indicates that although H2O ingestion and preservation consciousness has increased by 13 % and 40 % of citizens province they are concerned about H2O use. long term tendencies remain unchanged. It is clear that the citizens of cardinal Texas. specifically Travis county. must take action to conserve H2O before demand over powers supply. Water Quality in Central Texas

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In add-on to H2O militias at an all clip low in cardinal Texas there is an added bed of concern as it relates to H2O quality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency. or EPA. divides H2O pollution into two classs: point and nonpoint beginning pollution. Point beginning pollution comes from a specific topographic point. such as a H2O intervention works. while nonpoint beginning pollution comes from many beginnings which are non as easy to observe or command ( Berg. Hager. & A ; Hassenzahl. 2009 ) . Nonpoint pollutants are the taking cause of H2O pollution in cardinal Texas and have been known to do issues with imbibing H2O. Common nonpoint pollutants include fertilisers. weedkillers. insect powders. oil. lubricating oil. and pet or farm animal waste. Harmonizing to The Central Texas Sustainability Project ( 2009 ) 40. 000 people were served by a public H2O supplier while the supplier was in misdemeanor of EPA H2O quality regulations.

This is a major concern for all citizens. and it is critical that the issue be addressed by cut downing pollutants with little alterations to the manner things are done. Using the appropriate sum of pesticide. decently disposing of oil and lubricating oil. and disposing of favored waste decently are all little stairss one can take to cut down the sum of nonpoint pollution that contributes to take down H2O qualities in cardinal Texas. A call to action. One thing is certain. H2O direction and preservation are important elements to the sustainability of H2O in the cardinal Texas part. Harmonizing to the Central Texas Sustainability Project ( 2009 ) H2O in cardinal Texas is non distributed to fit current ingestion and growing forms and there is a gulf between where H2O comes from and how it is delivered to citizens. It is of import that current citizens recognize the demand to utilize H2O in a responsible manner that does non harm the indispensable maps of the natural ecosystem in order to continue for coevalss to come. .

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