Collecting Data Essay Sample

The human service field has many different traveling parts. Along with heavy caseloads. there is a significant sum of paperwork that must be completed to supply services. Before a client can get down to acquire services. an intake rating must be completed. The intake rating is the initial meeting between the client and human service worker. This procedure is meant to garner information to turn to the immediate demands of the client and to ease services. It is of import that all pertinent information is included in this rating. A client’s basic information is documented by utilizing their old issues experienced by the client. age. day of the month of birth. household background. faith. and strengths and weaknesses to call but a few ( Summers. 2012 ) . It is besides of import to observe who referred the client. what the underlying job is. every bit good as a history of old ratings. services. and intervention.

There should be no clean infinites on the intake rating and really seldom should at that place be an N/A ( non-applicable ) . Some signifiers are more in-depth than others and include household history and let for an rating of the client’s strengths and failings. All information included in the consumption rating is confidential to guarantee the client’s privateness. Some intake ratings are conducted over the phone while others are completed face to face. With the consent of the client. information gathered during the intake rating should be shared with other suppliers so services can be coordinated. Human service workers charged with the consumption procedure should be skilled interviewers. The client will be more extroverted and portion more pertinent information if they are comfy and at easiness.

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It is of import for the interviewer to be non-judgmental and to inquire open-ended inquiries so they can arouse more information. The intake rating provides a foundation for services and supports for the client. So the more in-depth the rating. the closer the human service worker will be at successfully supplying aid. The information provided must be true and every bit elaborate as possible. The intake rating should non be rushed. The human service worker should take the clip necessary to pull out elaborate information that can assist the client in the hereafter. The intake rating procedure may be one of the most of import stairss in the assisting field. This rating is the beginning of the procedure for person to inquire for aid. The client may non cognize how to acquire aid. but with the intake rating. the human service worker is better equipped to indicate them in the right way.

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