Clash of Cultures Essay Sample

The twelvemonth was 1637. the month was June. On one forenoon. 500 English. Mohegan. and Narragansett were led by Captain John Mason to infiltrate the settlements in Pequot. At that clip. Mystic. Connecticut was the topographic point where Pequot cantonment was located. Men. adult females. and kids from Pequot were go oning with their regular lives before they were viciously assaulted. John Mason and his ground forces nearing the knolls were noticed by occupants. The Pequot folk were non so certain if they should or should non swear Mason and his ground forces. Equally shortly as world struck. they ran for screen. The Pequot tried with everything they had to contend a good battle but were unsuccessful in their efforts. The Pequot work forces. adult females. and kids ran for their lives with the little hope of lasting from the aggressors throughout the twenty-four hours. John Mason was an English who was appointed the commanding officer of the colonial armed forces at the clip of the war. As the intelligence reached him that Pequot folks have issued menaces to take out the new settlements on the Connecticut River. Mason and Underhill. another commanding officer. led an ground forces against them.

They were supported by some Native American Indian folk. viz. the Uncas and the Miantonomo. The original program by Mason was to fire the Pequot’s. They succeeded in their mission. as they killed over 700 Pequot’s in a fire. Seven Pequot’s were besides captured alive by Mason but they managed to invent their flight. The conflict between Mason and the Pequot’s is important due to the fact that it helped organize colonial and American policies for the native people for over three centuries. It was merely a manner for Mason and his military personnels to flog the Native American population off so that the success of the settlements could be present in the native’s countries. It seemed like the balance of power overnight had shifted from the thickly settled but unorganised indigens to the English settlements.

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Henceforth [ until King Philip’s War ] there was no combination of Indian folks that could earnestly endanger the English. The devastation of the Pequot’s cleared away the lone major obstruction to Puritan enlargement. And the thoroughness of that devastation made a deep feeling on the other folk. The phrase “total war” was developed after this conflict. Native American adult females and kids failed to get away from the battleground. The Native American small towns were burnt to the land. The lasting Pequot’s they were sold off into bondage. The following twelvemonth the Treaty of Hartford was developed to pull an terminal to the history of the Pequot folk. This resulted in the want of the tribe’s existent name and their district. As for Masson. his military calling skyrocketed from this war. He was appointed the main military officer for the settlement. every bit good as a member of the Connecticut legislative assembly.

He besides worked as the Board of Commissioners of the United States Colonies. Masson died at the age of 72. following which a statue built marking him in 1889. This was done as a testimonial to his function as the establishing male parents of Connecticut. The procedure of dehumanisation so started. ignoring which state was involved. As Mason and his ground forces began to dehumanise the Pequot people. the result and people responsible behind it were more evident than of all time before. The immoral intervention the English and Americans in enslaving and slaying Native Americans have been the subject of arguments for a long clip now. This pattern by a smattering of people was aimed at deriving more land. wealth. and power. From the get downing force helped us get land. wealth and power. Harmonizing to a study of American slaughters. incidents of mass extinction similar to the Pequot War portray a batch about our mentality toward force and war. jurisprudence and order.

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Ultimately. these events show the true narrative behind the first colonists who came to America. The extinction of Indians. by slaughter or flight. powered Europeans to settle in this continent. while the Indian wars are merely emphasized in the first subdivisions of our nation’s History.


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