Choose two out of the five Vignettes to write about Essay Sample

Please reexamine the undermentioned sketchs. Use your text and category notes as a mention to find what theoretical attack can help you in supplying an account to the grounds why the undermentioned persons have the header mechanisms and behaviour that they do. Identify all the major issues with each scenario. Specify the intercessions that can help in each instance. Are at that place any identifiable strengths with each instance? Last indicate out any ethical issue s and criterions that apply and what legal authorizations need to be considered.

Vignette # 1

Janet. a 42-year-old comptroller. nowadayss for therapy on the advice of her hubby. Janet states that for the past twelvemonth she has suffered from concerns. crossness. frequent tearful episodes. and insomnia. She sometimes sleeps during the twenty-four hours. losing work due to tiredness. Subsequently. Janet has started imbibing. She admits to holding four or five drinks most darks to assist her autumn asleep and to taking addendums during the twenty-four hours to remain alert. At work. Janet has been reprimanded by her supervisor for her statements with colleagues and tearful effusions. Janet shortness of breath. “My hubby can’t stand me this manner. and I can’t stand to travel on this manner. either. I’ve even thought about dividing until things can acquire better. ” Continuing. she adds. “What would my friends and colleagues think if they knew I came in for aid? “

Vignette # 2

A 72 twelvemonth old grandma. Mary. is raising her 13 twelvemonth old grandchild. Jenny. Jenny’s female parent seldom visits with the household as she is involved in a drug life manner. Jenny’s male parent is incarcerated for ownership and sale of illegal substances and does non keep contact with Jenny or Mary. Mary complains that she has no transit to run the errands needed for her and Jenny. Mary besides has diabetes and it is non certain if she is taking her medicine. Jenny is frequently seen in the same apparels and appears to be broken in her visual aspect. Jenny has non been independently ill. but her grandma has non kept up with her annual medical visits as recommended by her physician. because she does non work and can non afford private insurance for Jenny. Mary appears to be overwhelmed and complains that she merely takes attention of her grandchild and is non involved in any “social events” . Jenny is in the fifth class and is reading at a 2nd class degree. Jenny seems to be executing at a lower degree so the remainder of her schoolmates. Jenny frequently becomes withdrawn when asked about school and says she feels “dumb” .

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Vignetter # 3
Jane and John are two 25 twelvemonth old persons who live together with two kids. Nancy ; 4 old ages old. and David ; 2 old ages old. Jane denies utilizing drugs during her gestation. nevertheless. she does acknowledge to utilizing drugs. e. g. marihuana. Methedrine. and cocaine. anterior to her gestation. Both proudly reveal they do non imbibe intoxicant. John and Jane province that they really seldom use Methedrine. 4 to 5 times a month. and that they are really certain they are non addicted. Both province they have non used Methedrine in three months. Jane and John have no household support as they are both former Foster young person and have been portion of the Department and Children and Family Services. Currently. they run the hazard of being evicted from their current flat. John late lost his occupation due to put offs. Jane works for full clip for minimal pay with WalMart. Jane has expressed concerns because her boy. David. battles with creep and has non started walking. Jane states that he tends to sway back and forth a batch. Nancy has been wetting her bed on a regular footing. Jane states that Nancy is really smart and helps a batch around the house. However. she wants for her kid to win and wants information on how to assist her become prepared for school. Vignette # 4

A individual male parent. David. is raising his 13 twelvemonth old girl. Diana. David is assisted by his female parent. Josephine. to help in the attention of his kid. Josephine is 65 old ages old. Josephine presently sees a physician for diabetes and high blood force per unit area. but beyond that she is good wellness. Josephine has at times become disoriented as to clip. e. g. twenty-four hours of the hebdomad. clip of twenty-four hours. David was diagnosed as a particular needs pupil in simple school. David did non finish high school. David merely completed the tenth class. David had been involved with packs as a adolescent. and was apprehended by the constabulary as a immature male parent. As a consequence of David’s opposition to go detained. he acquired a terrible caput hurt which has for good disabled him.

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David is a receiver of Social Security Income and is unemployed. Diana has been described as being really angry and withdrawn in school. Many have described her as dressing in a really masculine mode. Diana is neglecting all her categories. Diana’s female parent was besides involved with packs and drugs as a adolescent and perchance when she was pregnant. Diana’s female parent left David and Diana when Diana was three to populate with another adult male. Diana cooks. cleans. and assists her male parent in basic day-to-day maps.

Vignette # 5

A individual female. Christina. is raising her 13 twelvemonth old girl. Samantha. She is from Guatemala and merely speaks Spanish. She besides has 3 younger kids ; Tony age 8. Gina age 4 and Robert age 2. The school territory has called Christina because Samantha has non been go toing school. Christina shows up to the school instructor meeting that was scheduled for her and her kid and studies that she has no 1 to watch her kids and has to go forth Samantha at place to assist her in the attention of her siblings. Mom expresses “it is either they eat and have a topographic point to kip. or they come to school hungry and we are out in the street. Christina besides has a 30 twenty-four hours notice to resign on her current flat because she was non able to pay her rent in full last month and she has been systematically tardily. Christina has besides been reported to hold a chronic cough. which Christina can non afford to take her to the doctor’s. Samantha studies that she does like remaining at place. because it is hot and she is non allowed to open the door or Windowss while her female parent is at work. for safety ground. The current conditions has been in the mid 90’s to lower 100’s. Mother adds that she is even more overwhelmed because she is pregnant once more. and studies that the male parent of the kid is married and will non be a portion of her or the child’s life.

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