Characteristics of Science Essay Sample

1. Describe the features of scientific discipline.
A. The features of scientific discipline are observations. hunt for regularities. treat the information. and self-corrections. Science is based upon observations that incorporate our senses. or instruments that extend our senses. to construe natural experiences. Science is a searh for regularities. These regularities may include ascertained phenomena or forms in nature. After observations have been recorded about regularities. scientist must treat the information. Science is a self-correcting procedure in which antecedently bing constructs can be expanded. modified. or replaced if necessary. 2. Why is scientific discipline considered a incorporate enterprise?

A. Science is considered a incorporate enterprise because of the methods. concluding. and zest for scientific discipline is cosmopolitan. There is physical scientific discipline. Earth scientific discipline. and life scientific discipline. 3. Compare and contrast scientific discipline and engineering.

A. Science is a tool that allows us to grok phenomena. Technology is the application of scientific discipline. Science feeds engineering. as evidenced by the growing of familial technology after understanding the molecular constellation of DNA. 4. What did Sir Isaac Newton mean when he stated. “If I have seen a small farther. it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” ? A. He was merely able to carry through what he did because of the people who worked and studied before he did. 5. Defend the statement “Process accomplishments are considered life accomplishments. ” A. One uses procedure accomplishments to finish mundane undertaking. such as choosing and utilizing the right tools to finish a undertaking or forming a undertaking. 6. Why must all three facets of scientific discipline be addressed in a successful scientific discipline instruction plan?

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A. Science is a synthesis of content. procedure. and attitude. Without content. the pupil can non understand the magnificence of the existence. Without procedure. the pupil can non see the exhilaration of find. Without a healthy scientific attitude. the pupil can non value content appreciate the exhilaration of find. 7. Associate the classical scientific method to the procedure accomplishments of scientific discipline. A. Both are used to inquiry and observe something. Besides. they are used to analyse informations and construe the information. 8. What can be done to better scientific attitudes and instruction? A. Bettering attitudes toward learning scientific discipline and cut downing scientific discipline anxiousness. 9. Describe several features of a well-designed experiment. A. Each experiment must hold a dependant. an independent and control variable. A well-developed hypothesis and lab study. 10. In an experiment designed to prove the effects of outboard motor oil on the growing of algae. place the control. the independent variable. and the dependant variable. Construct a simple hypothesis.

A. The Control is the growing of algae without the oil. The Depenedent Variable is the growing of algae. The Independent Variable is the motor oil. If you give the algae motor oil. so the algae will decease. 11. The term theory is frequently used in mundane life. yet the scientific method involves the preparation of hypothesis. Describe how the term theory is misused in mundane life. A. In mundane life we use the term theory as a conjecture. but scientifically it is a set of ascertained procedures. supported by significant grounds. 12. Why is at that place no room for superstitious notion and mysticism in scientific discipline? A. There is no room for superstitious notion and mysticism in scientific discipline because they lack physical grounds. 13. Why is a cardinal cognition of biological science necessary for everyone? A. Knowledge of biological science makes one more scientifically literate and able to understand the universe around one.

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