Characteristics of Good Teachers Essay Sample

A good instructor can be defined as person who ever pushes pupils to desire to make their best piece at the same clip seeking to do larning interesting every bit good as originative. A positive or negative influence from a teacher early on in life can hold a great consequence on the life of a kid. Teachers. particularly at the simple degree. must be really originative with their instruction manners. Not every kid learns the same manner. nor are they interested in the same things. It is hard to maintain the attending of kids when learning. A good instructor demands peculiar features such as being a good hearer. being good organized/knowing of topic. and being enthusiastic. These features truly assist the success of their pupils and their calling proceed for the benefit of our hereafter.

A good instructor being a good hearer is oh-so of import. It enables the instructor to be able to truly hear the pupils and be able to understand any jobs that they may hold. Such as if the pupil doesn’t understand a job in math category and the instructor doesn’t know at first what the pupil knows. So the instructor will hold to pattern their feature of good hearing to hear what the pupil has to state about the job to be able to so assist happen the solution. A good instructor is ever a good hearer as good. He/she uses an empathic instruction attack. These instructors make certain that their pupils learn what they teach through affecting them in the on-going treatments in the schoolrooms. They encourage pupils to talk their heads and express themselves on a topic more openly. This has to be something to hold for person who wants to prosecute the calling of learning. As Marian Cruise said “Good Listening Skills aid to hammer a healthy relationship between the facilitator and the scholars. Bing patient. attentive and encouraging active pupil speech production goes a long manner to do the scholars feel that they are being listened to and heard. ” ( Cruise. 2011 ) .

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Knowing of the subject/Being good organized are besides really of import because being good organized truly does assist particularly when working with all of the student’s documents and holding to rate them makes being good organized a characteristic worth holding. Very good alike quality instructors are ever good prepared and organized. They are good versed in their academic subjects and are better able to present the talks in an organized mode such as the introductory portion. the chief session and an effectual decision at the terminal of the talk. They use task analysis attack for the more complicated of talks. Besides holding Knowledge of the topic truly increases the sum of regard the pupils will hold for you. “If you convey to pupils that you are knowing about the subject or subject… students will esteem your ability to teach…” ( Kyriacou. 1998. 84 ) “…without experiencing confident in their capable cognition. instructors will be unable to develop assorted schemes in the schoolroom for learning. If instructors are ever holding to mention to their notes… they can barely concentrate on pupils’ work and acquisition. ” ( Bourdillion et al. 2002. 49

The instructors that are enthusiastic and encouraging towards their pupils will make full the ambiance with positiveness and raise the ethical motives of their pupils to be acute scholars. They are passionate about their topic and Teach with optimism. The set high criterions and expect their pupils to make good in every assigned academic activity. This leads childs with the same enthusiastic features that the instructor demonstrates and the pupil larning this will be good acquitted for their duties subsequently on in life. The enthusiastic instructor will do every twenty-four hours lessons seem merriment and simple to make. every bit good as make the pupils develop a passion for larning. This is why being enthusiastic is a characteristic that is a truly good thing to hold because it buffs the teacher’s ability to learn and buffs the student’s ability to larn. In the terminal what truly makes a good instructor? The instructor who wants their pupils to win and will make anything in their power to assist them and with the characteristic that good instructors have win in the instruction of the childs.

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I remember when I was merely a child my freshmen twelvemonth of high school where I entered a school in which I was unfamiliar with and wasn’t truly certain what to anticipate in category. I was faced with infinite sums of people and plentifulness of instructors. All of them truly good instructors. but there was one outstanding instructor that truly did listen. who was organized and knew a great trade of cognition in the topic. and is ever enthusiastic in category. My proficient instructor Mrs. B. the lady who pushed and still force me to go the best I can be and wants the best for me. She ever takes me out of my comfort zone and brings visible radiation to a twenty-four hours that would otherwise be a dark twenty-four hours. I have genuinely learned what a great instructor looks like and it will assist model me into an even better instructor.

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