Characteristics Of A Community Worker Social Work Essay


Human existences have been engaged with a series of businesss from runing to what we are today. As societies and communities began to be, several actions were done merely to undertake a common job or to distribute awareness ensuing to what we call today as ‘voluntary ‘ work. Voluntary work when it relates to the demands of a community, it is referred to as ‘voluntary community work’. The professional and voluntary community workers are both motivated by the ceaseless demand to lend positively to the community.

Both types of community work include making some kind of work that benefits the community.  This could be anything from taking attention of people in old people ‘s places, to working for the kids and their families. Â

Community service comes in many different signifiers, such as belonging to a service organisation, doing contributions to the needy, passing your clip lending towards the improvement of the society. Some community workers may be called upon to execute admirable actions like salvaging people ‘s lives, nevertheless there are smaller ways that an person can assist his community. ( Standard Journal )

Professional community service relates to everything that is done for the community for money and for geting accomplishments and experience. Professional and voluntary work, are different ways of making community service. The voluntary service is based on self motive and the impulse to better the community without any selfish grounds while the major incentive of a professional community worker is his salary. Today the two ways are being combined. Most persons and companies nowadays actively tackle societal issues while taking advantage of personal net income and acknowledgment within the industry.   Â

Community Service

Community service is about assisting others either straight or indirectly in order to better the status of the community in which we are populating. Community service is different from other establishments as it deals with local jobs instead than planetary jobs at big. Community service is based on the thought that it is a good thing person is making without anticipating anything in return. The existent beauty of functioning your community is that you get to assist others, and in the terminal, it helps you excessively to hold a better community with happy people and a safer environment. There are many grounds people do community service and there are many different ways in which to lend, but the chief thought is to do the universe a better topographic point to populate. ( communityserviceopportunities.php )

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There are assorted grounds why people engage in community service, some are voluntary and some are non voluntary. Some people like to make community service because they feel that it is the best manner to better their community. There is ever person for whom your aid and clip can be necessary ; this is good ground to work at giving back to the community. Many individuals view community service as an of import facet of citizenship or values, while others do it because of their faith. Yet there are people who engage in community service in order to carry through demands for certain company, as a demand to graduate from an establishments, or even as a compulsory legal penalty given by Judgess alternatively of or in add-on to imprison clip or mulcts. The construct behind this is that the jurisprudence can happen a manner to penalize felons or wrongdoers at the advantage of the community and giving jurisprudence surfs a reminder about what it means to be a good citizen. ( communityserviceopportunities.php )

Irrespective of the grounds to be a community worker, it is indispensable to retrieve that community service itself takes on many signifiers from cleaning the route monthly to assisting kids in poorness. There are many ways to do the community a nice topographic point to populate. Prevailing signifiers of community service are beautification attempts such as picking up refuse or bettering landscaping work, while many others are focused on instruction or public assistance of kids where community workers can better composing accomplishments of kids of doing a safe topographic point for them when their parents are off from place.

Features of a community worker

The community worker must be trained and knowing but this is non all. The individuals who need to look into and help communities must cognize and understand themselves. Before one can measure what is go oning with others, community workers must be “ centered ” and “ above reproach ” in their ain life. The worker must be cognizant of the codification of moralss associated with the occupation he is making. Their ability and committedness to move ethically is an indispensable facet of the quality of the service offered to those who use community services. ( National Code of Ethics, 2012 )

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A community worker needs to be able to set aside his prejudices and trade with others in a logical and professional. If person is honorable with himself, if he knows his lacking, see his capacities, and is cognizant or his personal beliefs, he will be more likely capable of seting them on one side to undertake others rightly and no biass. It is hard to discourse with a household member who raped his biological girl of 13 old ages old like in Mauritius in 2011. ( Le Defi, 2011 ) But, if you are a community worker, you need to hold good relationships with that maltreater in order to develop trust and easiness healing. A community worker must stay impersonal and cod facts.

A community worker needs to hold active hearing accomplishments, non to explicate an reply, but hear what is being said. From this information, the worker needs to do speedy determinations in hard state of affairss. Not listening actively may do unneeded hurting to people who are involved. Each household feels that they are the lone one to hold come across a tragic experience ; nevertheless there are many things in common that exist in most of the instances. ( Fairbairn, G.J. 2002 )

The community worker needs to larn how to take emphasis. Stress is one of the chief causes of bosom onslaughts. The worker needs to cognize how to take emphasis from his life for case by making speculation or physical exercisings. Covering with other people ‘s issues is hard if you have feelings. The quotation mark is, “ God does non give anyone more than they can manage ” , but community workers handle jobs that can non be discussed with other people apart if the instance is truly complicated like the individual wants to harm himself or person else.

To go a successful community worker, one needs to developl adulthood every bit good as experience. One of the most of import accomplishments for a community worker is to be able to sympathize. Community workers must travel beyond understanding. To win as a community worker, one must experience true empathy for people and be able to put yourself in another individual ‘s place. ( Fairbairn, G.J. 2002 )

Voluntary community workers

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Voluntary community workers work on a salary free basis.  They perform actions that benefit the community. They do n’t acquire money for the work they do. Furthermore, they are non required to be qualified to execute voluntary community work ; they merely necessitate to be motivated to make good for the community. Voluntary community work is a group of people or a individual who is wants to work for the public assistance of the community without being paid. They are assisting out other destitute neighbours without taking any money for it. These workers should non inquire money for their part. They should work unfeignedly with dedication. Being voluntary workers, they should non believe that they do non necessitate to set all their attempt in what they are making as they will non acquire any gross.

Professional community worker

Professional community workers are required to be trained and qualified for the work they do, such as a physician or a manager.  Professional community workers get a salary like any other employees. Professional community work is most frequently done by organisations for money. They get money for whatever they are making. These workers should execute their work loyally but besides expect to acquire paid for it. They work for the community while being paid and have all the demands necessary to be able to work towards the improvement of the ( community. ( Community Dev J.1980 )

Service bringing

Service bringing can be defined as the relationship between the community worker and the dwellers of the community, and those who benefit from the services, it comprises of both the services and the support provided.

Community based attacks

Community based attacks is defined as a group of attacks, put into pattern in community-level plans or as portion of local plans. Amount of engagement differ along set of factors from audience with dwellers to utilize of resources, determination devising and execution of the plan in the community. Participatory attacks have existed since many old ages but the amplitude of beneficiary control in development undertakings differs well. ( Cliffe et al. , 2003 )

Community-based attacks are going really common and are used in many state of affairss in the presence or absence of a capable authorities. Community-based attacks can be adopted in topographic points where regular aid is non available. Advocates of community-based attacks province that their built in adjustability makes it easy to interfere in topographic points where the authorities is delicate, nevertheless those against say that in pattern they frequently miss to be established, or attenuate. ( Cliffe et al. , 2003 )

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Aims of community-based attacks

Merely like service bringing, a set of aims are associated with community based attacks.

Four types of aims will be discusses farther: authorization, constructing organisational capacity, bettering efficiency, effectivity and sustainability and beef uping local authorities.

Authorization of people and communities

Community-based undertakings have the capacity to be more across-the-board, to authorise communities, and heighten relationships between civil society and the province ( Narayan, 1998 ; Alkire et Al, 2004 ) . Some have uncertainties on whether complicated things such as authorization can be tackled through engagement in community development undertakings ( Mosse, 2001 ) . Sometimes it is viewed as a manner to better jobs while in other state of affairss it is seen as a factor holding a built in value and is a restriction in itself.

Improve efficiency, effectivity and sustainability of intercessions

There is big consensus that community-based intercessions have the capacity to be more admiting to the necessities and purposes of dwellers. Furthermore, there are proof that community-based undertakings are more productive due to lower grade of bureaucratism and stand outing information of local costs ( McLeod, 2003 ) .The undertakings that include largely resources available locally tend to be more sustainable. ( Ribot, 1995 ) .

Build organisational capacity at local degree

Mobilization of communities determines troubles, program and manage undertakings help to authorise community ability for group procedure. Significant inquiries encompass the term ‘community ‘ and the ways in which the necessities of sub-groups and people are depicted, for case black or hapless people. Community-based attacks try to set up ‘social capital ‘ but while this is a good thought it is most of the clip put into pattern uncritically with improper apprehension of cultural and political status and vested concern in the position quo ( Harris, 2001 ) .

Strengthen local administration

Community-driven advancement is more and more being advanced as a manner of beef uping state-community synergisms ( Das Gupta et al. , 2004 ) . These attacks capacitate communities to order services and supply a agency for reconstructing trust and answerability and re-building the societal contract between communities and the province. The purposes of doing more powerful local authorities and distributing improved services are frequently confused. Strength to run into short term goods marks frequently divert the head from organisational alterations required to do service bringing systems sustainable in the long tally.

Service bringing of a voluntary community worker

Peoples have sometimes worked with the thought of desiring to happen some manner to give back to their community, and help those who can non assist themselves. Some can volunteer and merely speak to people so that they have a good twenty-four hours and doing them happy. Others may to hospitals and assist the old people, holding conversations and listening to them, therefore geting adulthood. These persons are most of the clip more than grateful to hold a talk with person and being listened to. Similarly, voluntaries are besides able to assist kids by making activities like pulling with them. Volunteers are satisfied with the felicity of the people whom the aid. ( Helping others is good for you, 1998 )

By volunteering and making community service, many people get a adulthood that they can non acquire anyplace else. Volunteers are given the opportunity to see life from different positions, and derive a batch of humbleness at the terminal. . ( Helping others is good for you, 1998 )

When volunteering, these people are able to give as much of their clip as they want, the committedness becomes theirs. They have no job in acquiring involved with the work as it is being done out of their freewill. By making community work voluntarily, an person non merely makes a difference in his life but besides in all the lives of people who will profit from his service. ( Billig S.H. 2002 )

Those who engage in voluntary community service are motivated by a personal force, they are happy if they are able to do a difference in person ‘s life and do non anticipate anything in return. Volunteers are altruist by nature that is they like to assist people without any involvement ; they have compassion for those who need aid.

When making community service voluntarily, the voluntary will non care about timing if he truly wants to assist the other individual ; he will non hold to esteem the organisation ‘s working hours to assist person. When working for an organisation, the workers will hold to stay by the regulations and ordinances assigned, if they want to assist person they will hold to make so merely during working hours. ( Billig S.H. 2002 )

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Service bringing of a paid community worker

To be able to work for an organisation and being remunerated, the community worker must be trained, that is he will possess the accomplishments, experience and will understand the importance of the codifications of moralss. Therefore he will be in a better place to take rapid and effectual determinations for the public assistance or the community. To acquire the occupation, the person have the necessary makings and carry through the organisation ‘s demands to be considered worthy therefore he will b at a good place to take wise and good determinations. ( Learning In Deed, 2005 )

Bing a professional worker, the individual will hold all the resources necessary to be able to assist the needy ; he will moreover be able to utilize all the resources efficaciously without giving excessively much or excessively small. Besides the worker will hold a good database, the contact inside informations of all the individuals who can be of any aid. The company will supply back up to the worker in instance of accident, he will be covered by insurance unlike voluntary community workers. ( Learning In Deed, 2005 )

Working in an organisation merely as a agency to acquire a wage can besides be debatable as the community worker ‘s chief aim will non be to assist people in the community but instead to gain money. The worker will non hold the same motive to make something good for others as he will anyway acquire his wage at the terminal of the month.

When working with the aged and kids, the community worker might non experience happy and might besides non do an attempt to set a smiling on other people ‘s face. His premier aim will non be to do others happy, the worker will non be satisfied by seeing the vicinity happy unlike with voluntary community worker.

The community worker does his work merely as a agency to acquire a wage will hold no involvement to assist people or to work for the improvement of the community. If he encounters a instance outside his working hours he will non seek to assist the people necessitating aid as he will non see it as portion of his work. Equally shortly as his working hours are over he will happen it of no usage to work for this community. ( Learning In Deed, 2005 )

Critical Analysis

It is true that while prosecuting in community service out of free will the person will experience happy to be able to lend for the public assistance of the community, nevertheless the voluntary community worker will confront clip restraints, he may be making the work voluntarily as he is non able to make it on a full clip footing as he has already some other battles. Furthermore voluntary community workers will non hold adequate resources to assist those who need aid, for case constructing a topographic point for kids to pass their leisure clip when parents are absent require a batch of resources which unpaid workers might non possess. They will besides miss the accomplishments that are needed in hard state of affairss like covering with delinquent kids ; they may take the incorrect determinations unconsciously and are guided by their emotions alternatively of being logical. On the other manus, paid community workers may possess the needed makings, accomplishments, experience, resources and database but if their lone motive is their salary, they will non do any attempt to work out the jobs of the people in the community.


Therefore, as we can see both voluntary and paid community plants have their advantages and disadvantages. The best thing that can be done is to unify the two so as to be able to truly profit the community. By unifying the two types, the worker will hold the resources to assist better the vicinity, he will be able to take the right determinations with all the accomplishments, makings and by esteeming the codifications of moralss, have clip to manage the instances, and he will hold a sense of worthiness assisting the vicinity moreover in return he will acquire a wage to be able to provide for his disbursals. The community worker should non nevertheless work merely as a manner to acquire a wage. The authorities can authorise both professional and voluntary societal workers in footings of resources, entree to information and engineering and supply preparation, so that they can make their work more expeditiously. By unifying voluntary and professional community work, non merely will the community benefit but the worker will besides derive adulthood.