Character Analysis of Prot in K-Pax Essay Sample

For many old ages scientist have searched for a inquiry that has boggled the mind’s of some of the world’s greatest minds: make foreigners be? If K-PAX was a mirror of world I would decidedly believe that there is life on other planets. Many people would see Prot as a moonstruck because of his different ways about him. But on the contrary. Prot was an foreigner. He healed many people. and had unnatural physical properties. and he had supernatural scientific cognition.

Out of all the people Prot healed. Ernie sticks out in my head the most. He had an inordinate compulsive upset. Prot gave him three undertakings and he would be healed. One of Ernie’s undertakings was to happen his bluish bird of felicity. so when Ernie saw a bluish bird he jumped and screamed. “Blue bird bluish bird it’s a bluish bird. ” Prot non merely healed mental diseases he “healed” Dr. Powell’s household by acquiring Dr. Powell and his boy to talk once more. Some people would state that Ernie healed himself because. he merely get the better of his upset. Which I conjecture could be true but you have to hold a small religion that Prot healed him. because he was the 1 that gave Ernie the undertakings which gave him the strength to get the better of his upset.

Prot had some highly unusual physical facets that besides lead me to believe he was an foreigner. He could see ultraviolet visible radiation. he besides had no response to medicate. and he ate fruit whole. The physicians ran trial on him and said that he could see the ultraviolet visible radiation but they were diffident how. They besides had the files from were Prot was before. and it said that he had been given medical specialties but they had no consequence on him. Then when Prot was in Dr. Powell’s office he ate an Baron 2 full banana. desquamation and all. Prot said. “Your green goods alone has been worth the trip” . I guess you could state he was merely brainsick for eating the banana that manner. but even brainsick people peel their fruit. and how do you explicate the deficiency of effects the medical specialty had on him. and his ability to see the UV visible radiation. I guess for some people that merely isn’t plenty to turn out to them that Prot was an foreigner.

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Prot besides had a supernatural scientific cognition of the stars and Einstein’s theories. He told Dr. Powell about how worlds misinterpreted Einstein and his theories. He besides showed a twosome of uranologists about K-PAX and it’s orbital forms. because they couldn’t calculate it out on their ain. As Prot finished seting in the co-ordinates he said. “This could work out the jobs your were holding seeking to map out K-Pax’s orbital forms. ” Dr. Powell rationalized this by stating that he was an insane uranologist. Prot merely said that it was common cognition on K-PAX. merely like every kid here on Earth knows that the Earth revolves around the Sun. I don’t think anyone can come up with an statement that can apologize Prot’s cognition of the orbital forms of stars.

I think this is a strong statement that Prot was an foreigner. He healed Ernie from his Obsessional Compulsive Disorder. he had “alien-like” physical traits like eating the fruit whole and non holding response to medicate. and he had to demo the uranologists the orbital forms of K-PAX because they couldn’t calculate it out on there ain. If anyone doesn’t believe Prot is an foreigner. they should travel acquire their caput examined. because it is blatantly obvious that he his an foreigner.