Challenges Faced By Enterprise Cloud Computing Information Technology Essay

The term Cloud Computing still doesnt have a perfect definition. But most people have understood it as a solution to the day-to-day storage, processing and other jobs. Rob Lovell ( 2010 ) defines cloud computer science as “ a extremely scalable calculating resource provided as an external service via the cyberspace on a pay-as-you-go footing ” . It is fundamentally the cyberspace, but known as the cloud. The advantage here in the cloud is they pay merely for the services which they use. They users does n’t necessitate to worry about storage jobs or where and how the information is stored. Besides he can entree his files, package, etc.. from anyplace like he would be accessing his electronic mail.

What is the Cloud?

Mr. Weber ( 2010 ) has defined the Cloud as “ IT-as-a-service ” . It means you are utilizing person else ‘s IT Infrastructure instead than constructing your ain substructure.

An Enterprise cloud can be defined as a cloud for a peculiar Enterprise. An Enterprise cloud is a cloud which offers the same benefits as if you were utilizing your ain private cloud. The lone difference here is that the upfront cost is low. An endeavor can besides utilize their ain endeavor firewall for security intent. Some cloud companies provide an interface where a individual in the company can pull off the company ‘s informations on the cloud ( Weidenbacher, 2011 ) .

Mr. Weber ( 2010 ) has besides explained advantages of utilizing cloud computer science: –

Cloud Computing is easy Scalable. When your organisation grows it is necessary to suit more waiters for storage, etcaˆ¦ But here it is the organisation which will apportion you more infinite whenever it ‘s needed.

Cloud Computing is Mobile. You can entree your resources, package ‘s, etc… from anyplace across the universe, likewise to the manner you entree your electronic mail.

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Cloud Service suppliers ever try to maintain their package ‘s and services up to day of the month. i.e. You can ever work on the Latest version of the package without really necessitating to upgrade your ain computing machine.

An Article by Mr. George ( 2011 ) explains that in the avidity to switch to the cloud, organisation tend to bury the hazards which are associated with their shifting to the cloud. He has mentioned some hazards which will be discussed in front.

Challenges Faced by Enterprise Cloud Computing

Datas Administration

Yale ( 2011 ) explains Data is the most critical thing for any organisation. Data administration ensures that the users informations which resides with any endeavor stays safe no affair in whichever signifier and if any loss or consequence to that informations can ensue in the Enterprise being penalized or much more inauspicious penalties. Therefore it is necessary to handover your personal informations merely to sure parties. The European Union ( EU ) has Torahs like the Data Protection Act ( UK Legislation, 1998 ) which govern users ‘ informations inside the European Union.

This becomes a job for the cloud suppliers as Soni ( 2010 ) says that informations storage is really inexpensive in India. This violates the Data Governance as information is being stored outside the EU. In such instances the Cloud supplier is responsible for the information which is abroad.


There are great Systems out at that place like IaaS/ PaaS, but they do n’t hold good manageableness. i.e. Amazon EC2 claims to be Elastic, but Amazon will non automatically scale your application If the waiter becomes overloaded. It is still up to the developer to pull off that. For illustration an online shopping web site will see more visits to its web site during sale season, or during vacations, festivals, etcaˆ¦ During this clip it would be necessary for the company to scale it web infinite, but this would n’t be done automatically. For this ground many Cloud suppliers are working with other companies to supply the full services offered by Cloud Computing. RightScale is one of the companies which is working with Progress for Cloud Management ( Smith, 2011 ) .

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More and more companies have started switching to the cloud ( Meyers, 2011 ) . It is necessary for a cloud service supplier to cognize what their clients want. It is besides necessary for cloud services to supervise their resources. Hyperic is one of the companies which are supplying cloud monitoring services. Hyperic besides was the first service supplier which provided wellness and public presentation of Amazon Web Services & A ; Google App Engine. The Benefits of Cloud Monitoring include managing Cloud costs, constellation direction, failure analysis, etc..

Reliability & A ; Availability

Companies desiring to switch to the cloud are worried whether they will acquire the same dependability and handiness, they used to acquire when they had their ain system without the cloud. News such as “ Amazon Gets A Black Eye In The Cloud With Server Crash ” ( Team, 2011 ) posted on Forbes, frighten them. Amazon ‘s Servers had crashed out of the blue around Easter 2011, conveying down a few web sites along with it. Amazon is a large company which has challengers like SalesForce, Google, etc.. in the cloud market and besides a large shopping giant viing with ebay. Vanessa Alvarez said “ Customers need to get down inquiring tough inquiries and non presume everything will be taken attention of in the cloud, because it will non, They should n’t be numbering on a cloud service supplier like Amazon to supply catastrophe recovery ” . This clang besides led to a clang of Salesforce ‘s Heroku Unit, which went down for more than 8 hours. Netflix an on-line film portal depends on Amazon as it experiences immense explosion of traffic largely during dark clip. Amazon besides hosts the celebrated online gambling zynga which host games like FarmVille, and many other games for Facebook ( Galante, 2011 ) .

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Service Level Agreements ( SLA ‘s )

Cloud Service suppliers although they provide Service Level Agreements ‘ but they do n’t specifically advert where the information will be shacking, the commissariats for its security, etc.. ( George, 2011 ) . There are besides opportunities that two companies which are challengers of each other may be holding their informations shacking on the same waiter. Hence it besides becomes hard for a cloud supplier to supply that degree of privateness that one gets in a private environment. Questions are besides being raised as to what degree would the cloud supplier be responsible lawfully if anything happens to the informations and how the amendss would be assessed.

Data Transportation Bottlenecks

Although the cloud may be capable of treating a big sum of informations in a twosome of proceedingss or hours, it is a concern how such a big informations would be transferred to the cloud unless they have immense bandwidth to reassign all the files onto the cloud ( Sheehan, 2009 ) . Another manner to make this would be to utilize big capacity Hard Disks and transport it to the cloud company. Although the initial transportation of informations would be immense the approaching transportations would be manner smaller than the initial one ( Dahl, 2010 ) .

Performance Capriciousness

Cloud Companies promise first-class public presentation with practical machines running in their waiters, but this public presentation is unpredictable. As mentioned above Amazon ‘s Server crashed following many sites to closing down.