Career & Technical Education Essay Sample

1. Supply a sum-up of the legal demands in your province sing kid maltreatment and disregard ( including contact information for the appropriate bureau ) and besides your program’s policy sing your duty to describe kid maltreatment and disregard.


2. Include the current certification of completion of a certified paediatric first-aid preparation class ( includes intervention for blocked air passage and provides deliverance take a breathing for babies and immature kids ) . Certification must hold been within the past three old ages.

3. Use the Internet. public library or your program’s professional library to obtain the name and contact information for an bureau that supplies information on nutrition for kids and/or nutrition instruction for households.

4. Supply a sample of your hebdomadal program that includes ends for children’s acquisition and development. brief description of planned acquisition experiences and besides adjustments for kids with particular demands ( whether for kids you presently serve or may function in the hereafter ) .

Competency Goal II
5. Choose four vocals. finger-plays. word games or poems that you can utilize to advance phonological consciousness. Describe schemes to advance phonological consciousness among kids whose place linguistic communication is other than English.
6. Describe nine larning experiences that promote physical. cognitive and originative development – three for immature babies. three for nomadic babies and three for yearlings. Describe the ends. stuffs and learning schemes used.

Competency Goal III
7. Supply the rubrics. writers. publishing houses and right of first publication day of the months and a short sum-up of 10 age-appropriate children’s books that you use to back up development of children’s self-concept and self-esteem. and to assist kids cover with life’s challenges. ( extra information )

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8. Use the Internet. public library or your program’s professional library to obtain at least two resources designed to help instructors in constructively covering with kids with ambitious behaviours ( such as aggressive behaviour like hitting or seize with teething or shyness ) .

9. Supply the name and telephone figure of an bureau in the community where you work for doing referrals to household

Competency Goal IV
10. Find out where to obtain resources. stuffs and interlingual rendition services for households whose place linguistic communication is other than English. Supply the bureau name and contact information.
11. Document your program’s policies that specify parents’ duties and what the plan does for parents.

Competency Goal V
12. Supply three samples of record-keeping signifiers used in early childhood plans. Include an accident study. exigency signifier and a 3rd signifier of your pick.

Competency Goal VI
13. Use the Internet. public library or your program’s professional library to obtain the name. reference and phone figure of your state’s bureau that regulates child attention centres and places. Make a transcript of the subdivision ( s ) that describes making demands for forces ( instructors. managers and helpers ) . Describe two of import demands related to your occupation duties.

14. Review the web sites of two or three national early childhood associations ( one with a local affiliate ) to obtain information about rank. their resources and how to order. Download at least two resources from the Internet that will heighten your work.

15. Obtain four booklets or articles designed to assist parents understand how immature kids develop and larn. Articles must assist parents understand how babes and yearlings ( birth to age three ) develop and larn. At least one article must be related to encephalon development.

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16. Locate an observation tool to utilize in entering information about children’s behaviour. One transcript should be clean ; the other transcript should be filled out as a sample of your observation of an single kid ( the child’s name should non be included ) .

17. Obtain contact information for at least two bureaus in the community that provide resources and services for kids with disablements.