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Introduction including overview of country inspected and activities taking topographic point:

On the above day of the month at the stated location a wellness and safety review was carried out by the named individual. The country in inquiry is a designated recycling Centre which besides houses an built-in risky waste stuffs store which houses wastes including batteries. dissolvers. acids and aerosols from site procedures and an office. The Centre operates on a 24/7 three shift footing. using 7 secret agents and 1 director. The Centre processes about 4500 1000 dozenss of waste on an one-year footing and activities include baling and packing waste watercourses which is carried out by 2 inactive bin lift compactors. 1 horizontal baler and 1 perpendicular baler. There is a high volume of FLT and HGV traffic involved in processing and transporting the waste. The site has a nothing to landfill accreditation and purely follows their responsibility of attention implementing the waste hierarchy control steps.

Whilst many good patterns were found to be in topographic point there were besides legion minor issues that whilst independently do non represent major concerns. jointly if non addressed could represent the beginning of important failures to the sites Health and Safety Policy.

Executive Summary:

During the above mentioned Health and Safety review whilst many good patterns were observed legion Health and Safety issues were found that require immediate actions. These actions are a legal demand under the employers responsibilities as stated in The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. subdivision 2 ( 3 ) .

It is strongly advised that recommendations listed receive Swift actions as a failure to make so may ensue in civil or condemnable prosecution. Potential effects include. moral ( accident rates / industrial disease and ill wellness ) . legal ( prosecutions / civil actions – compensation claims ) and fiscal ( direct and indirect ) deductions with some possible scenarios being called to magistrates tribunal which carries a £20. 000 6 months imprisonment punishment or perchance crown tribunal where this increases up to 2 old ages imprisonment and limitless mulcts.

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Many of the issues uncovered were as a consequence of site policies and processs non being efficaciously communicated. a cardinal recommendation is to reexamine communicating methods and developing policies in order to rectify the issues found during this review.

Main findings of the review:

Physical Hazards:

A figure of physical jeopardies were found including slippy floors. draging overseas telegrams. insecure furniture. faulty IT and losing safety signage. Some of these are easy holes such as refresher preparation and tool box negotiations but others will necessitate clip and investing such as excess drainage.

In dispute to statute law:

HASWA 1974: ( 2 ) Without bias to the generalization of an employer’s responsibility under the predating subdivision. the affairs to which that responsibility extends include in particular- ( a ) the proviso and care of works and systems of work that are. so far as is moderately operable. safe and without hazards to wellness ;

Conveyance Hazards:

Good findings were that all FLT drivers had received supra and beyond minimal preparation demands. nevertheless due to the volume of traffic and pedestrians a conveyance hazard appraisal and segregation program is desperately required.

Machinery Hazards:

Lock off process was non being followed. retraining. possible disciplinary advised. Machines had pure appraisals in topographic point but issues were still found.

In dispute to statute law:
HASAW 1974: 2 2 Without bias to the generalization of an employer’s responsibility under the predating subdivision. the affairs to which that responsibility extends include in particular- ( degree Celsius ) the proviso of such information. direction. preparation and supervising as is necessary to guarantee. so far as is moderately operable. the wellness and safety at work of his employees ;

HASWA 1974: 7
( a ) to take sensible attention for the wellness and safety of himself and of other individuals who may be affected by his Acts of the Apostless or skips at work ; and

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Electrical Hazards:

In dispute to statute law:
Electricity at work regs

Kettle n the office had no PAT and was removed during review. Damage socket on FLT courser was besides locked off during review. Location of electrical panels next to high volume of traffic is non ideal.

Biological Hazards/COSHH:

Drain from the Centre was found to be unequal and in a hapless province of hygiene. COSHH closet found unbarred. MSDS sheets losing and forces non adequately vaccinated.

In dispute to statute law:

( 2 ) Without bias to the generalization of an employer’s responsibility under the predating subdivision. the affairs to which that responsibility extends include in particular- ( B ) agreements for guaranting. so far as is moderately operable. safety and absence of hazards to wellness in connexion with the usage. handling. storage and conveyance of articles and substances ; COSHH Regs 2002 ( Storage of unsafe chemicals )


On the whole the country had many good Health and Safety patterns. nevertheless there were countries that were either losing appropriate policies or processs or policies and processs were in topographic point but non being followed. The companies Health and Safety Policy is in topographic point to both run into the demands of the employers Health and Safety 1974 at Work act subdivisions 2 and 3 duties every bit good as:

Moral grounds:

Accident rates / industrial disease / ill wellness
All of the above are cardinal drivers in advancing a positive wellness & A ; safety civilization across site.

Legal grounds:

Prosecutions / civil actions / claims
Should an employee have an accident due to faulty equipment the company could ne in breach of their responsibility of attention if found that a responsibility of attention was owed. this responsibility was breached and that it resulted in hurt or loss.

Fiscal grounds:

Direct and indirect cost ( ill wage / temp labour / clip )
If an employee was injured replacing labor would hold to be financed. if machinery was damaged this coul besides consequence in important down clip and to a great extent damage the concern financially.

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A suggestion is made to reexamine the whole Health and Safety Management system utilizing a program do look into move attack integrating looking at the Health and Safety policies and processs. marks and aims. functions and duties. execution and operation. checking. auditing and reviewing.

Recommendations – include as a tabular array in the undermentioned format:

Precedence definitions:

1 = High 2 = Medium 3 = Low

Likely resource deductions
Target day of the month
Review Health and Safety policies and processs
Time and attempt

1 month from study
Transport hazard appraisal to be carried out and actions implemented

Time and attempt from in house forces to transport this out.
Civils cost to be confirmed for barrier system. ( Approx £2K for segregation barriers ) 1
1 month from
the study
Implement hebdomadal inspections/audits for all machinery.
In house. minimum resource. ( Time )

1 month from
the study
PAT registry to be created

In house. minimum resource. ( Time )

1 month from
the study
Add battery coursers and leads to FLT daily look into sheet

In house. minimum resource. ( Time )

1 month from
the study
Increase drainage in recycling Centre and implement cleansing agenda

External contract for civils. monetary value to be confirmed. ( Approx £4K for extra drainage ) . 2
2 month from
the study
COSHH audits to be set up and carried out
In house. minimum cost. ( Time )

3 month from
the study
DSE appraisal to be carried out in office
In house. minimum cost. ( Time )

3 month from
the study
Adopt medical showing programme and besides look at inoculation demands possibilities In house. minimum cost. occupational Health. ( Time )

3 month from
the study

GC3 Marking Matrix

For each component. 0 Markss should be awarded if that facet of the study fails to run into the standards for 1 grade.