Campaign Speech Essay

To our beloved beautiful. sexy and of all time dynamic campus decision maker Dr. Ma. Evengeline P. Perez. to the different chairs of different sections. to the module and staff of this establishment. to my co-aspirants and to the best pupils of the whole universe. a pleasant afternoon to each in everyone.

We are convened here this afternoon for another singular and momentous activity in our lives as pupils. for this afternoon’s activity is considered as one of our greatest decision-making in our lives as pupils. A wise determination in taking a leader who will function as your voice and will hear and reply your questions towards your rights as one of the of import stakeholders of this establishment. My fellow Cenphilians. the adult male standing in forepart of you right now is an aspirer to go a leader. who had dullard in head that being a leader is non an chance to govern over the others nor to enslave other people. For me. going a leader is a great challenge and duty to go on the good disposal done by the old people in authorization on the Supreme Student Government or otherwise known as the SSG. I being an aspiring leader of the said organisation. would wish to go on hearing your voices as what the old disposal did. in order that you can show and exert your freedom of address.

And I as an aspirer. will function as your staircase that your voices will be recognized as a pupil until everything will be okay. And as been said by a non so intelligent animal in the sketch Spongebob Square Pants. “Everything will be okay at the terminal ; if it is non all right. yet it is non the end” that is harmonizing to Patrick the Starfish. Yes this is truly true my fellow cenphilians. and really one of the grounds why I ran on this organisation is that I want to promote and act upon everyone to prosecute your dreams. If you haven’t inquire me. I am one of the destitute pupils of this establishment but still I am strong plenty to get the better of the challenges in life being a pupil. The bravery I have in myself. forces me to ran as a leader. thought that if God’s good. I can act upon others in a positive manner. And if of all time I may non be lucky plenty today. still I can guarantee you. you can still come on me for some motives and advices. and I will ne’er waver myself to assist and soothe you in footings of your jobs.

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Cause I ran believing that I am non merely be a leader but besides will put myself as your “Manong” who is willing to steer and assist you in footings of any ineluctable troubles in school or even outside the school premises ( financially non affect ) . I can besides be your friend for I am willing to render an excess ordinary services for the goodness of everybody that will heighten our personality for the improvement of the full community. Last. I ran as a president on the SSG execom with a intent of holding a positive alterations in our establishment throughout my leading to keep our name on top. CPSU CAUAYAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. and I want that alterations to be solicited from you. For I believe. as what a wise adult male says that. a good leader is ever a good follower and yes Indeed.

And if of all time I became a leader. I want a just intervention to every pupils. and being a president in God’s good is non my lone opportunity but everybody’s opportunity to show your ideas and thoughts for the improvement of the campus. because hopefully. I Arjay T. Bando a 3rd twelvemonth BEED pupil. is an open-minded. trustworthy and accessible individual is ready to function you my fellow Cenphilians with all my bosom and up to the best that I can. Of class. all of these things would non be materialized without your support my fellow Cenphilians. Let us work in manus and manus. all together for the success of our programs. So I am inquiring for your full support to delight vote me. don’t bury my name Arjay Bando draw a bead oning to be the following President of the Supreme pupil Government for the school twelvemonth 2015-2016. and together with my senators “maga isa kita padulong SA kauswagan sng Aten Institution” .

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