Business report for Qantas Essay Sample

1. Executive Summary:

The chief focal point of this study is to place the legal categorization. the features. the life rhythm phase of Qantas and one internal and external stakeholder that is affected by the activates of Qantas. The legal categorization describes that Qantas is a public company and has changed its legal categorization in the growing and adulthood phases of the concern life rhythm. The features of Qantas negotiations about the company’s industrial categorization and sector categorization. The concern life rhythm is explained and gives ground why Qantas is in the reclamation phase of station adulthood. There is besides description of one internal and external stakeholder and what responsibilities Qantas has to them.

2. Legal Categorization:

Queensland and Northern territory aerial service ( QANTAS ) limited is a public company that operates all over the universe. but has non ever been a public company. Bing a public company means that Qantas must hold a lower limit of five stockholders. with no maximal figure. a lower limit of three managers ( 2 must populate in Australia ) . the word “limited” or “Ltd” in its name. has limited liability ( protects stockholders from losing personal assets if the company goes into settlement ) and must print their audited fiscal histories each twelvemonth ( one-year study ) .

In 1947 Qantas became a public concern endeavor ( a company owned and operated by the authorities ) when it was purchased by the Australian Government as there was a monopoly market. The Australian authorities operated Qantas for a long period of clip until they sold 25 % of Qantas to British air passages in 1993 which began the procedure of turning Qantas into a private concern endeavor. This was completed in 1995 when Qantas was privatised and portions where listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ( ASX ) after a prospectus was issued. To this twenty-four hours Qantas is still a public company.

3. Business Features:

Qantas is normally known as a rider air hose but the bash more so merely transport people all over the universe. Passenger conveyance is the nucleus concern but they have diversified into cargo and besides in flight catering ( selling Qantas merchandises inside the aero plane ) . Therefore Qantas can be in both air power and cargo industrial categorizations.

Qantas is found in the third sector. The third sector is the name given to concerns that provide consumers a service. Qantas provide consumers with a signifier of conveyance. which is a service.

4. Life Cycle Theory:

A concern life rhythm is a theoretical account that shows the phases in which a concern can see through growing and development. The concern rhythm can be easy explained utilizing a diagram:

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The diagram shows that there are four subdivision of growing a concern can see the first being constitution where a concern is seeking excessively survive and set up good foundations for future growing. The 2nd being growing where a concern is seeking to increase gross revenues which can assist a concern grow through variegation. merge or coup d’etat. The 3rd is adulthood where gross revenues start to level out as a company’s market portion may goes down due to an addition in competition. If this occurs a company manner attempt to better there merchandise through invention or seek to take down costs and there forward be able to take down the cost of their merchandise. The last phase of the concern lifecycle is post adulthood where a company has four options:

Renewal – for reclamation to come about a concern must contrive new or innovate existing merchandises or coup d’etat rivals. through horizontal integrating. to make a monopoly market.

Steady State – this will come about if a concern does non alter there ends when traveling from adulthood to post adulthood.

Decline – for diminution to come about a concern would happen that net incomes will get down to worsen as their merchandises become out dated or disused and if alterations are non made. the concern may be forced to shut down ( surcease )

Cessation – occurs when a concern is shut down by its proprietor on intent. voluntary surcease or if a company can non pay its creditors it may be forced into nonvoluntary surcease

During each phase there are new challenges faced by the proprietors and troughs of companies. During these times of alteration concern may hold to alter its orgainsation. operation and its nature to cover with the challenges of each phase in the concern life rhythm. For concern to be successful they must invariably develop and alter schemes to cover with the growing of the concern or the life of the concern may be cut short.

4. 1. Business Life Cycle Phase:

Qantas is in the station adulthood phase and are seeking to regenerate in the concern life rhythm. These are shown by the company’s net incomes in the last few old ages and the programs that have been set out for Qantas hereafter.

The boards of managers are implicating new schemes to assist Qantas regenerate in the station adulthood phase. These schemes are:

Structural alterations to the orgainsation

Reducing cost by $ 1 billion over the following two old ages ( sustainable hereafters plan ) .

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Continuing to promote gross revenues to Qantas. com. gold

Pinpointing non nucleus assets for sale. including terminuss at Sydney and Melbourne airdromes and outsourcing activities to cut down the complexnesss of running a full service air hose.

Expanding its travel. catering and cargo divisions to protect it from the extremums and troughs of its core air hose concern.

Seeking reciprocally good partnerships with other quality air hoses

Segmenting its winging concern to aline costs and grosss in peculiar markets.

The debut of low cost air hoses. such as Jetstar. Australian airlines and jet Connect.

In the reclamation phase of the concern life rhythm a company may hold to confront many jobs that can impact weather the company is renewed. conditions it declines or worse if the company will shut down. Some jobs that a concern may confront are:

Anticipated gross revenues may non come about due to inaccurate prognosiss. hapless timing or inappropriate selling schemes

Employees may go disquieted about the restructuring and have to cover with changeless alteration.

The grounds for alterations are non communicated clearly.

A grade of inactiveness can keep back the reclamation

The credence of alteration may non be the same for all employees.

These jobs have to be overcome to avoid diminution in the station adulthood phase of the concern rhythm. If this is successful gross revenues. hard currency flow and
net incomes will be higher so of all time and will maintain turning. Once this is achieved a company can seek to go more sustainable by variegation. integrating or investment in there nucleus concern. Then the life rhythm will maintain traveling.

5. Stakeholders:

There are many different persons and groups that are affected by the activities of Qantas. these are known as stakeholders. The stakeholders of a concern can find weather a company can be a success or a failure as they interact and influence the determinations made by the direction of a company. The undermentioned stakeholders affect Qantas in many different ways:

The Australian Government

Suppliers / creditors




Society / general populace


5. 1. Business Responsibilities to Stakeholders:

5. 1. 1. Internal:

One internal stakeholder that is affected by the activities of Qantas is its stockholders ( proprietors ) . Stockholders are people that have bought portion in a company ( hence having a per centum ) that is listed on the Australian stock exchange. Stockholders receive dividends ( the net net income that is paid to the stockholders as a hard currency wages for puting in there company ) at the terminal of every fiscal twelvemonth.

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It is the responsibility of Qantas to seek and do the greatest net income which will make the largest dividend for every stockholder. This is the chief end for every public company. If the stockholders are non happy with there dividend they may take to vote in a new Chief executive officer that can supply them with the dividends that they want. Qantas besides has to let go of all information about its orgainsation. operation. fiscal inside informations and everything else that may concern a stockholder. This information is handed out after every fiscal twelvemonth. They besides must supply information about the public presentation of the company at any point in clip.

Qantas is seeking to better their net incomes by the debut of low cost air hoses ( jet connect and jetstar ) which is seeking to aim people that have lower incomes. They are besides seeking to cut down cost by purchasing newer. more dependable and fuel efficient aeroplanes that will do running cost lessening over the long tally. Qantas ever is seeking to believe of new manner to increase dividends for portion holders. They are making this because stockholders are the most of import stakeholder in any company. as they are portion proprietors.

5. 1. 2. External:

On external stakeholder in Qantas is the environment. The environment can be affected by the activities of Qantas in many different ways.

Qantas has a responsibility to do certain their merchandise does impact on the environment. They have to believe of manner to care and continue the environment. They have to seek and work out when harm is being done and seek to happen sound and responsible environmental direction programs to maintain our environment in its original province.

Qantas has used all its power to seek and forestall any harm being caused to the environment by:

Introducing boxed repasts on international and domestic flight. This helps to cut down waste as the boxes can now be recycled

They have besides invested in illuming and air conditioning that produce low green house gas emanation.

They have started to utilize solar power energy in the major domestic terminuss in Australia

Have purchased new aeroplanes which produce the lowest green house emanation compared to any other commercial aeroplanes that are on the market.

Qantas thinks about the environment and is ever witting of the environment when believing approximately new concern venture or when introducing their merchandises