Business Is Booming Essay

The Broadway Cafe needs to take advantage of e-business schemes if it wants to stay competitory. Make a papers that discusses the many e-business schemes that The Broadway Cafe could utilize to increase gross. Be certain to concentrate on the different countries of concern such as selling. finance. accounting. gross revenues. client service. and human resources.

Undertaking FOCUS:

* Explain how understanding e-business can assist you accomplish success in each of these countries. A few inquiries you might desire to turn to include: 1. What type of e-business would you deploy at The Broadway Cafe? 2. How can an e-business scheme assist The Broadway Cafe attract clients and increase gross revenues? 3. What types of prosodies would you desire to track on your e-business Web site? 4. How could you utilize an e-business scheme to spouse with providers? 5. How could a portal aid your employees?

6. Would you utilize Kiosks in the coffeehouse?

By implementing the e-business scheme into Broadway café I believe that this would assist us more to success in our little concern. Mentioning to the e-business schemes I would deploy both the B2B and the B2C schemes. The B2B scheme is decidedly a helpful tool that we will be used to cover with all our providers. This scheme makes communicating between organisations easier. it will assist us to maintain path of our orders. do our informations entry easier for our employee. helps to maintain path of our cargo and orders. it will assist us to hold a good direction program as good. another program that we can number on is the electronic informations interchange EDI by implementing this we would be able to interchange private message between our concern and other organisations. From another side we have the B2C scheme and it’s the relationship between our café and its client. by implementing this scheme in our java store we will let foremost all cyberspace users to hold entree to our java store and have an thought what’s Broadway café is all about and 2nd we’ll let our client to hold entree to their preferred java store.

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This scheme will let our client to do on-line orders in a little or big measure and it will do our base of client larger than earlier. The e-business schemes in our Broadway café will decidedly play a large function in the selling of our café it will decidedly assist our clients to run into our new merchandises and to remain attached to the old 1s and at the same clip it will present our merchandise to some new clients. the e-business will decidedly assist in cut downing cost through both schemes the B2B and the B2C. these schemes will let our clients to hold entree to their merchandises 24/7 and that help us to increase our gross revenues. A portal is really of import for our employee. it makes things easier to understand and clear and let them to do any of import alterations that has to be done and showed to public. and from another side booth will assist our client to acquire all information they need on-line. any events or alterations or how to utilize vouchers for price reductions etc.