British colonists in America Essay Sample

During the 17th and progressively in the eighteenth century. British settlers charged Great Britain with go againsting the ideals of regulation of jurisprudence. self authorities. and the equality of rights. Though this may be true to some extent. the settlers themselves violated those very ideals in their intervention of others. When one considers the rough intervention of inkinesss. Native Americans. and even the poorer categories of white colonists in colonial America. the protesting colonists seem to be rather hypocritical.

If the British monarchy was oppressive in the positions of the settlers. the intervention of inkinesss must be beyond oppressive. First of all. inkinesss did non come to America under their ain free will. Many were kidnapped from Africa and sold into the American slave market. As slaves. inkinesss had no rights at all ; they were simply regarded as belongingss of their Masterss. In fact. break one’s back codifications made slaves and their kids belongings for life of their Masterss. Deprived of unrecorded. autonomy. and decidedly the chase of felicity. inkinesss suffered much more under the settlers than the settlers had under British regulation.

Native Americans. like the inkinesss. were injustly abused by the British settlers. Not merely did the settlers invade the land that was truly the Natives’ . but they went every bit far as to killing and destructing if there was opposition. In the ill-famed Pequot War. English colonists virtually annihilated the Pequot folk by puting fires to their wigwams and hiting every Native they see.

Such contemptible behaviour of the settlers surely made it dry for these same settlers to protest against British regulation.

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Even the poorer categories of white colonists suffered unfairness under their ain people in colonial America. Due to their deficiency of economic position. these hapless colonists were forced to be in lower society. For illustration. when go toing church they had to take seats in the dorsum. Besides. they didn’t have the right to vote because of belongings demands. These poorer categories of white colonists have small to no say in the colonial authorities. and because of this. they were frequently neglected.

In comparing to the British’s intervention of the Americans. the colonists’ intervention of inkinesss. Native Americans. and poorer white colonists was a great trade worse. For the inkinesss and Native Americans. their rights. which were non recognized. were blatantly violated. Even if conditions were a small better for the poorer white colonists. they were still regarded as inferiors. Sing the colonists’ rough intervention of these groups. the charges against the British monarchy were relatively lame.