British Airways Vs Virgin Atlantic – Marketing Case Study

British airways with Virgin Atlantic

This research survey is an effort to analyze the effectivity and efficiency of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The range of this probe is focused on ; the enforced cooperate and concern schemes that lead both BA and Virgin Atlantic into accomplishing comparative advantage over one another.

Harmonizing to the Academy of International Business ( Undated version ) , BA was regarded as the universe ‘s favorite air hose when re-launched in the

1980 ‘s, and happened to be the largest air line and flag bearer of the United Kingdom. Its chief aim was to project itself as a planetary air hose. British Airways corporate mission is “ To be the unchallenged leader in universe travel ” . Its new mission provided its direction with a authorization to be more than merely an Airline. Its purpose is to set up new industry criterions with respects to invention and client service, rescue of robust fiscal public presentation and rise through the ranks from being an Airline to a universe travel concern with greater flexibleness in widening its trade name to new concern countries ( Jack Yan and Associate Media and Communications ) . BA ‘s scheme is in conformity with the be aftering school by H. Igor Ansoff.

( Include the type of scheme and place the scheme school )

Virgin Atlantic was established by Sir Richard Branson in the 1980s. It is 2nd to BA in footings of size, and is the 2nd biggest long haul air hose in Britain. Virgin Atlantic ‘s mission is “ To turn a profitable air hose, that people love to wing and where people love to work ” ( Virgin Atlantic, Undated ) .A Virgin Atlantic ‘s advantage over the old ages is its ability to retain client trueness. Due to its strategic planning and execution, it is able to prolong a long-run profitable and successful place American University, Washington DC ( 1980 ) .

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( significance of mission )


  • Strengths
  • British Air passages
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Good trade name nameA and trade name image
  • highly-recognizable trade name image / trade name name
  • Excellent repute
  • Excellent online repute
  • Key Messages – consistence ; dependability ; quality of offering
  • Value, service, and monetary value based on distinction.
  • largest air hose and flag bearer of the United Kingdom
  • The 2nd largest long draw air hose in the UK and the 3rd largest European bearer over the North Atlantic
  • Aircraft purchases scheme is considered as an industry leader “ benchmark ” that influences other bearer ‘s determinations
  • Airline Partners & A ; Alliances / Franchising – one universe spouse air hoses
  • Innovation technological
  • Company advanced characteristics that distinguishes its name
  • Environmental public presentation Social and
  • Green ( 2005 )
  • Disposal of services or outsourcing
  • Well-designed organizational construction
  • Strong leading development programme
  • Management squad lead by Richard Branson
  • Entreaty to broad assortment of clients
  • Customer trueness
  • The child-friendly air hose