Breaking Social Norms Essay Sample

When asked to compose a response paper on interrupting a societal norm. it was really difficult for me to take one that wouldn’t acquire me arrested or in a batch of problem. I finally came up with an thought an experiment to see people’s reactions to something that society considers a societal norm. Harmonizing to society societal norms are the regulations that we live by that dictate right and incorrect behaviour within our society.

The societal norms are besides capable to some kind of penalty. In order to understand why my actions were considered to be interrupting a societal norm. I obtained permission from the general director at The AMC Sony Imax Movie Theater in Stonecrest Mall to carry on an experiment. I will explicate why. pealing cell phones. and stating other frequenters the film. or keeping conversations with others is considered interrupting a societal norm non to advert an embarrassing experience when you get put out of the theatre.

On Friday September 5. 2014 I took my childs to the films to see the film LUCY. While there I sat following to some frequenters while my cell phone rang and echoed through the theatre. so I proceeded to reply my phone and carry on a conversation with the other individual on the phone. The following thing I did was acquire up and travel my place following to another frequenter and began stating him everything that was about to go on in the film. I laughed truly loud and offensively at parts of the film that weren’t even amusing. It was so abashing for my kids who had no hint as to what was traveling on. Finally after about 45 proceedingss into the film one of the frequenters got up and had the director semen and escort me from the theatre. I explained to him that I had to acquire my kids and he allowed me to travel and acquire them. They pretended to move as though they did non cognize who I was.

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When I was escorted from the theatre I felt really embarrassed for myself and my kids even though everything I did was planned. I was besides ready for the reactions from the frequenters in the theatre because if it was me I would hold been annoyed besides. What I was making was merely apparent rude. What I understood in this experiment that it was the voice of one individual who told that really had gotten me escorted from the theatre. but 99 % of the people in that theatre were annoyed and angry that person was upseting them from watching a film they may hold paid $ 10. 00 or more to come to see and bask. Everyone in the theatre the frequenters and my ain kids included felt that what I was making was incorrect and or raging. I understand that if what I was making was something that everyone in that theatre were accepting of I would hold ne’er gotten asked to go forth the theatre. The frequenters were society and as a group they decided that my behaviour was inappropriate.

Society has regulations that govern over peoples behaviours. Those regulations are called “Social Norms” . The “Norms” that are dictated by society screen a really large scope of behaviours. in merely about any state of affairs that you could believe of. these regulations besides dictate how we should and should non move. and how we must and must non act in those given state of affairss. Social norms cover so much that it is difficult to distinguish between which are personal and which are societies. It is necessary in order for a society to map in an orderly manner society must organize appropriate behaviours for the people in it. Not conforming to society or interrupting a norm does keep certain effects. The societal norm I broke wasn’t something to acquire me thrown in gaol. I still felt the reverberations of my actions.

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