Brand Name Super Duper Eggs Marketing Essay

The trade name name and the logo is what distinguish one concern from another. The trade name name gives a message to the consumer of who you are. The name Super Duper Eggs will be suited for these super-sized eggs as the name is really tricky and is most likely to be remembered by the consumers. Super Duper gives the consumers an thought of what they are buying. “ Super ” depicts the organic and the value of the egg ( intending best of quality ) it besides connotes the super sized egg. The image in the logo shows the prestigiousness of the eggs when surrounded by beams which will give the consumer a really positive image and helps to pull strings the heads of consumers giving them an thought or glance of what the egg is.

The coloring material yellow is chosen as agencies of pulling a busy consumers oculus when they are busy shopping. The bright xanthous coloring material and the alive image of the eggs will capture the eyes of the consumers which would profit in the gross revenues of this ace sized egg.

The name of a merchandise is really of import to make a good trade name image. If I used a name such as George Greensdale for my super-sized eggs none of the consumers will be interested as it would non give an thought of what the merchandise is as it is simply a name that many consumers may non be cognizant of. Therefore it is of import to give a name such as Super Duper Eggs which helps the consumer know what the merchandise is about as everyone consumes eggs and knows what an egg is.

To make a good trade name name it is of import to do certain that the consumers are good cognizant of the merchandise. In order to accomplish this, an efficient selling program should be made. The selling mix should include the P ‘s to concentrate on. This may affect public dealingss such as patrons or fundraisers for charity, or extended and effectual advertisement runs could be conducted where people will be more cognizant of the Super Duper eggs. This will assist to make a good trade name image for the concern. Other ways may include winning awards or choice criterion certifications which could make good will for the concern which would make awareness excessively.

Branding is used to place a good or service of a marketer and to separate them from other Sellerss. It uses a name, a term, a symbol, a logo or a design.

The benefits of branding

A Good trade name individuality commands a price-premium: this means that a higher monetary value can be charged when a good trade name image is created as consumers build trade name trueness and are encouraged for repetition purchases.

A monetary value premium creates the perceptual experience of quality. Consumers may believe that higher monetary values serve better quality which would besides enable trade name trueness.

Perceived quality has been shown to positively impact client use. Consumers tend to take trade names they perceive or think to be choice trade names. This leads to reiterate purchases and hence trade name trueness.

A Customers relate value with quality. If one trade name has higher quality than another trade name, clients tend to believe that the higher-quality trade name is of better value for money.

Alone selling point of a merchandise is the existent or perceived benefit created by the houses.

Super Duper eggs have a alone merchandising point ( USP ) as the eggs are large, low-cost and nutritionary. Therefore they have a benefit that would pull clients to purchase ace duper eggs.

Undertaking 2

The concatenation of concerns or mediators through which a good or service base on ballss until it reaches the terminal consumer.

Channelss are broken into direct and indirect signifiers, withA a “ direct ” channel leting the consumer to purchase the good from the maker and an “ indirect ” channel leting the consumer to purchase the good from a wholesaler.A Direct channels are considered “ shorter ” than “ indirect ” 1s.

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Distribution channels are a really of import facet of selling the merchandise. Super Duper eggs sells a really delicate and perishable good therefore a distribution channel that has less managing and a shorter distribution channel will be the best.

The eggs have to be sent to 20 Boother Brothers supermarkets every bit good as the local clients. First an appraisal of the production of eggs should be made as during some times of the twelvemonth the production degrees may change and therefore the concern has to be prepared. After the 4800 eggs have been delivered to the supermarkets the remainder could be delivered to the local clients.

Before choosing an appropriate distribution channel many factors should be considered such as

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Location of clients and distance?

Purchased frequently?



Eggs are perishable goods and ace duper eggs have to present these eggs to the north E of England. Eggs are purchased reasonably frequently as the local clients such as the hotels besides require these eggs. Super Duper Eggs is viing in a niche market as they are the lone manufacturer of ace sized eggs therefore no rivals for these super sized eggs. And the sale of eggs to the Boother Brothers is a net income devising understanding.

After sing all of the above factors the direct merchandising method is the most appropriate as it is an order to present the 4800 supersized eggs to each of the Bother Brothers supermarkets. If jobbers ( indirect merchandising ) are involved there will be excessively many managing which will interrupt the eggs and decelerate down the bringing procedure. Therefore Super Duper eggs could utilize the direct merchandising method to present goods to Boother Brothers and the local clients as direct merchandising is the shortest and the most efficient manner to present these eggs.

Before implementing the direct merchandising method of distribution the advantages and the disadvantages should be considered.

Direct merchandising is a channel of distribution which concentrates on selling merchandises straight to the consumers and non through mediators ( besides called in-between work forces ) .

Advantages of direct merchandising

It is an easier and a faster method of distribution

No in-between work forces are involved in the distribution procedure therefore the manufacturer has control over distribution.

Does n’t depend on in-between work forces therefore the concatenation is shorter

Cash on bringing

Disadvantages of direct merchandising

Non-availability of marketing expertness of in-between work forces

Large investing is required as vehicles need to be purchased for the delivering

Unsuitable for little manufacturers as sufficient capital may non be available.

Methods of direct merchandising

Mail order

Direct mail merchandising

Courier services

Cold naming

Own retail mercantile establishments

Telephone merchandising

Door to door selling

Channel direction is a direction procedure where the providers jointly builds up gross revenues, publicity and production schemes to optimise gross revenues in a specific distribution channel in a manner that unambiguously benefits that channel and is a win-win for both the provider and retail merchant. There is a value added service for the clients as it includes after gross revenues service of the merchandise.

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Undertaking 3

A pricing scheme is a program used to put the monetary value to gain the maximal sum of net incomes.

A concern can implement pricing schemes for several grounds:

To seek to interrupt into a new market

To seek to increase its market portion

To seek to increase its net incomes

To do certain all the costs are covered and a peculiar net income is earned.

To last in the market

A Pricing is a cardinal competitory arm and a really flexible portion of the selling mix. Below are a few pricing schemes that could be used:

Cost-plus ( or “ mark-up ” ) pricingA

This pricing scheme adds the cost of production plus a mark-up on the cost to the monetary value. An advantage of this attack is that the concern will cognize that its costs are being covered.A The chief drawback is that cost-plus pricing may take to merchandises that are priced excessively high which would be excessively expensive for the consumers, therefore consumers may exchange to the replacements available in the market ( rivals merchandises ) .

Here is an illustration of cost-plus pricing ; this concern wishes to guarantee that it makes an extra ?50 of net income on top of the unit cost of production.

Penetration pricing

Penetration pricing is the pricing technique ofA puting a comparatively low initial entry monetary value, normally lower than the intended merchandising monetary value, to pull new clients. The strategyA aims to derive market portion and capture the market with their low monetary value.

After the house has increased market portion of a merchandise, A they would increase monetary value as their aim has been achieved.

Penetration pricing is frequently used when a house is establishing a new merchandise. A lower monetary value than rival merchandises is a competitory weapon.A A By utilizing this scheme the house can capture the market.

Monetary value planing

Planing involvesA puting a high monetary value before other rivals come into the market. This is called the first mover advantage.A This is frequently used for the launch of a new merchandise which faces small or no competition – normally due to some technological characteristics or cutting border developments.A These merchandises are normally purchased byA ” early adoptive parents ” A these are people who are prepared to pay a higher monetary value to hold the latest or best merchandise in the market.A

Excellent illustrations of monetary value planing include advanced electronic merchandises, such as the digital camera, Apple iPad, iPod, the Xbox and Sony PlayStation 3.

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Loss leaders

This scheme sets the monetary values intentionally low. The usage of loss leaders is a method of gross revenues promotion.A The intent of doing a merchandise a loss leader is to promote clients to do farther purchases of profitable goods while they are in the shop.A

If a concern undercuts its rivals on monetary value, new clients may be attracted to buy goods from that concern and the bing clients may go more loyal. So, utilizing a loss leader can assist to construct client trueness and may ensue in repetition purchases.

Using a loss leader is a short-run pricing tactic for any one product.A Customers will shortly acquire used to the this and may ensue in majority purchasing, hence a concern should utilize it for a short period of clip.

An illustration of this pricing scheme is the supermarkets. They sell some merchandises low in order to promote gross revenues of other profitable merchandises.

Predatory pricing ( note: this is illegal )

This scheme sets the monetary value really low in order to forestall new houses from fall ining the industry. They lower their monetary value to an extent to which the new houses can non vie.

Psychological pricing

The purpose ofA psychological pricingA is to do the client believe the merchandise is cheaper than it truly is.A Sometimes monetary values are set at unusual monetary value points.A

For illustration, why are DVD ‘s priced at ?12.99 or ?14.99? The reply is theA sensed monetary value barriersA that clients may have.A They will purchase something for ?9.99, but think that ?10 is a excessively much.A So a monetary value that is one pence lower can do the difference between shuting the sale, or non! This works in the head of the consumer.

Competitor-based pricing

This scheme is besides called monetary value takers. This is when a concern sets their monetary value harmonizing to their rivals. If there is strong competition in a market, clients are faced with an extended pick of whom to purchase from as all the rivals offer similar monetary values. As a consequence they may purchase from the cheapest supplier or possibly from the one which offers the best client service.A

Most houses in a competitory market do non hold sufficient power to be able to put monetary values above their rivals. Therefore they tend to useA ” going-rate ” pricingA ( puting a monetary value that is in line with the monetary values charged by direct rivals ) .A In fact such concerns areA ” price-takers ” A – as they do n’t hold power, therefore they must accept the traveling market monetary value as determined by the forces of demand and supply. Besides called market led pricing as the monetary values are determined by the market forces.

After carefully analysing all the pricing strategies the most suited options for Super Duper eggs were market skimming and cost plus pricing. In order to sketch the best possible pricing scheme the advantages and disadvantages should be looked into in more item.

Advantages of Market planing

The merchandise is a new merchandise hence high monetary values can be charged and hence high net incomes can be earned

The company can construct a good trade name image and trade name trueness by bear downing high monetary values as consumers associate high monetary values with good quality

The costs of developing the merchandise can be covered efficaciously as monetary value premiums can be charged

Disadvantages of Market planing

It is a impermanent scheme as this will be changed when rivals enter the market ( short term scheme )

Some clients can non get by with expensive merchandises therefore they may be discouraged.

As Super Duper eggs are the exclusive provider of ace sized eggs and as they are the first in the market this scheme could assist them gain maximal sum of net incomes. However they could utilize this for the short term as the rivals may come in the market.

Advantages of Cost plus pricing

All the costs can be covered and net incomes can be made

Guarantees the concerns survival as all costs can be covered efficaciously

Monetary values should n’t be the same as the market monetary value

A long term scheme that would enable the concern to gain maximal net incomes

It is easy to cipher

Disadvantages of Cost plus pricing

Merely takes into consideration the cost of production non the demand

Monetary values may be charged excessively high ensuing in a loss of demand for the merchandise

Rivals monetary values may be lower

Cost plus scheme ensures Super Duper eggs to cover its costs which will enable them to do net incomes and their endurance in the short tally. However as this scheme does non see demand and competition in the market the scheme may neglect as harmonizing to the jurisprudence of demand lower the monetary value higher the demand. Therefore if rivals have a lower monetary value the consumers may exchange to the rival merchandises. The merchandises are monetary value elastic because there are close replacements.

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Both schemes has its advantages and disadvantages but as Super Duper eggs are the first in the market they should bask a good sum of net incomes for their attempts of research and development and introducing a merchandise such as these super sized eggs. Even though the scheme is short term it may take some clip for the rivals to develop a ace sized eggs as they have to happen a farm and provender cowss and so on. Therefore as Super Duper eggs have the first mover advantage they should do good usage of it. They besides have a good market portion capturing supermarkets in England, hotels and the local clients. The high monetary value charged could besides intend that the egg is of high quality and provides nutrition to its consumers.

Therefore the concern should utilize the market planing monetary value scheme till the rivals enter the market.

Undertaking 4

Integrated market communicating is a direction construct that is designed to do all facets of marketing communicating such as advertisement, gross revenues publicity, public dealingss, and direct selling work together as a incorporate force, instead than allowing each to work in isolation.

This is a combination of the selling mix to accomplish the selling aims of a house.

Besides known as publicity mix

A Promotional mix uses several different types of communicating to back up selling ends which include Advertising, Personal merchandising, Publicity, and Gross saless publicities.


Ad: is a signifier of communicating used to promote consumers to purchase a peculiar merchandise. Ad could be done through postings, cusps, telecasting, wireless, gross revenues representatives, hoardings, booklets etc. The advertizement must concentrate on possible purchasers and must pull them. For illustration if the merchandise is for kids so it must be advertised during times where sketchs on the telecasting are being showed or topographic points where kids gather.

Public Relations: the concern takes portion in societal events and supports societal events in order to derive a good position about the concern every bit good as to make consciousness about the merchandise and the concern. This will give the clients a good image about the concern and will promote them to get their goods from that concern. Examples of public dealingss are charity events, sponsorships, merchandise arrangements, environmental undertakings, winning industry awards, etc.

E-communication: is a signifier of advertisement through the cyberspace where electronic mails will be sent to histories where information about the merchandise will be present.

Gross saless publicities: these could be considered as fast ones or catchs to promote or carry the consumer to buy the merchandise. A Examples of devices used in gross revenues publicity include vouchers, draws, merchandise samples, premiums, point-of-sale ( POS ) shows, awards, points that can be converted into wagess, loss leaders, etc.

Direct merchandising: this is where one individual sells the merchandise straight to its concluding consumer. They can sell it to other concerns as good. This could be a really effectual method as good interaction with the clients every bit good as feedback or suggestions could be taken.

Word of oral cavity: this is go throughing of information from individual to individual. This is a really effectual method as people tend to believe the other people and their personal experiences. This is an unpaid signifier of advertisement. Satisfied and happy clients tell their friends and household about the how much they like the merchandise or service and this creates a good image about the concern in the consumer heads which builds up trueness. Word-of-mouth is one of the most believable signifiers of advertisement because people who do n’t stand to derive personally by advancing something put their reputes on the line every clip they make a recommendation

Super Duper eggs could be marketed in all of the above methods. The mark or the possible purchasers of these ace sized eggs would be people who love to cook or people who love nutritionary nutrient, largely adult females. Therefore the eggs could be advertised in super markets utilizing booklets and through the telecasting utilizing advertizements in between cooking shows particularly or during tele play.

These eggs could besides be marketed utilizing our chief client Boother Brothers utilizing point of purchase shows. Using methods of direct merchandising hotels, bakeshops and food markets could be approached to sell the eggs. As cyberspace is really popular attending utilizing the cyberspace will besides be a really successful and of import method.