BP Management Planning Essay Sample



Organization Direction

Situation Analysis

Alternate Goals and Plans

Goal and Plan Evaluation

Goal and Plan Selection




Safe Operationss

Compliant Operationss

Disciplined Financial Choices

Competitive Project Execution

Organizational Direction

We strive to be a safety leader in our industry. a world-class operator. a responsible corporate citizen and a great employer.

We are working to heighten safety and hazard direction. gain back trust and turn value.

Keeping a relentless focal point on safety is a top precedence for us.

Good direction of hazard helps to protect the people at the frontline. the topographic points in which we operate and the value we create.

We understand that operating in politically-complex parts and technically- demanding geographicss. such as deep H2O and oil littorals. requires peculiar sensitiveness to local environments.

We continue to heighten our systems. procedures and criterions. including how we manage contractors. ( “Bp” . 2012 )

Situational Anaylis

Mitigate and extinguish state of affairss that put the company at hazard.

Goal transparence is cardinal to constructing trust and relationships.

Simplify ends so readings are clearï‚— Have a broader presence in the communities we serve.

Communicating is cardinal to constructing trust and relationships.



Misgiving by the community

Lack of generated gross

Increased hurts to our squad

Lack of cognition sing BP

Misperceptions sing BP

Possible addition gross by the competition


Recognize potency for our presence to impact the lives of autochthonal communities.

Sensitivity to community supplanting as a consequence of our company undertakings.

Complete Revenue transparence with authoritiess. nongovernmental organisations and international bureaus.

Manage environmental sensitivenesss and the possible impacts on communities.

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Make a civilization of Safety.


Daily hazard designation and direction occurs in the group operations and maps. with the attack changing harmonizing to the types of hazard we face.

Oversight and administration occurs at board. executive and map degrees to assist further effectual group-wide inadvertence. concern planning and resource allotment. intercession and cognition sharing.


Monitor and Control



Recognizing the Opportunity


Increasing possible to prolong growing to 2020


Undertakings: better capital efficiency

Drilling: close spread to outdo good in each basin

Production costs: maintain impulse

Refining and Selling

Safety is cardinal

Be a Pillar in the community

Costss: return to below 2004 degrees

Continue production to maintain costs low

Refining: aiming break-even in similar environment to 2009 ( “Bp” . N. D. )


Strategic Plan

Tactical Plan

Operational Plan

Eventuality Plan


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