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Team Case C.

National Cranberry Cooperative
Please read the class battalion point “National Cranberry Cooperative” . See the undermentioned instance premises:
A. All the procedures ( including Destone. Dechaff. and Dry ) start from 7am. B. On an mean “busy” twenty-four hours. there are 18. 000 barrel delivered over 12-hour period ( from 7am to 7pm ) .
C. Wet berries are 70 % of all berries.
D. Holding bins 17-24 are dedicated to wet berries.
E. Capacity of each of five dump trucks is 600 bbl/hr.
F. Capacity for Dechaffers and Separators are non divided for dry and wet berries. G. There are 20 peak yearss in one twelvemonth. where there is truck waiting happened. H. Truck Drivers are paid by $ 18/hr

Please fix the replies to the undermentioned inquiries:
1. Analyze the current procedure. [ Using the procedure flow map. available in the Excel file associated with the assignment. of the current procedure at Receiving Plant # 1. grade the capacity and use of each of the operations. Show the flows of moisture and dry berries separately. ]

2. On a busy twenty-four hours. what is RP # 1’s current maximal throughput rate? 3. Assuming that treating starts at 7 am on a “busy” twenty-four hours. show the state of affairs during such a twenty-four hours. by building an stock list build-up diagram for bins and trucks. 4. What are the possible capital investings considered by NCC? 5. Quantify the costs and benefits for NCC’s investing for the 5th Kiwanee dump truck in 1980.

6. Quantify the costs and benefits of “converting dry berry keeping bins into wet/dry berry keeping bins. “

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