Biometrics Research Essay Sample

Nowadays. industries are sing technological promotion. With the rise of globalisation. it is going an indispensable to hold an easier and more effectual system.
In malice of this. there are still concern constitutions or companies that are still utilizing the antique manner. To hold an easy manner of look intoing the attending. some schools. companies. and concern constitutions are utilizing computerized monitoring attending system in which it serves as a timed log-in/log-out system that is set up with a computerized database. One method of utilizing a security system is the Biometric System. It is a system that uses information about a individual that identify a individual. It relies on the biological traits like fingerprint. face. retina. and iris. This system besides provides protection non merely for the company but besides for the employees.

Having this system will non merely assist companies on security intents but besides limits the computational overload and saves clip.

Background of the Study

Master Siomai is a nutrient cart franchising concern developed by Masterrific Foods. an 11-year-old company specialising in the production and distribution of processed meat such as jambon. bacon. Burger cakes and siomai to its diverse patronage runing from hotels. eating houses and market topographic points. Still traveling strong seven old ages after it was established. the success and experience of Masterrific led it to another highly-promising venture in 2007 – a Food Cart Franchising. This gave birth to Master Siomai which grew to 550 mercantile establishments and numbering to day of the month. The company besides has subdivisions in major promenades like SM. Robinson’s. Gaisano. Ayala. Gotesco. NCCC. Puregold. Waltermart and Savemore. Its rapid growing can be attributed to its really efficient system. high merchandise quality. and exceeding forces.

One of the keys to Master Siomai’s sensational success is credited to its really ain typical Nipponese siomai – porc siomai wrapped in echt Nipponese seaweed specially topped with crab. To complement this characteristic merchandise. our signature Japanese-inspired nutrient cart is designed in a manner that will lend to the visible radiation and pleasant ambiance that our frequenters deserve. Aside from these. we besides take pride in our delightful and flavourful beef. porc and runt siomai plus a thirst-quenching gulaman pandan drink to function as refreshment. Other new and exciting merchandises will be rolled in the hereafter non merely for the market to encompass. but for our clients to bask.

The primary motive of Master Siomai is to be accessible. We are driven to fulfill both the gustatory sensation buds and pockets of the modern Pinoy with merely the best merchandises made from the best ingredients utilizing innovated engineering and a skilled work force. Statement of the Problem

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The intent of the proposed survey is to develop an attending monitoring system that will assist the company to easy supervise each employee’s attending accurately. Demographic Profile of the employees

•Age -18 y. o. to 50 y. O.
•Computer literacy background -Intermediate to Advance
•Number of old ages in the company -1 twelvemonth to 15 old ages
•Gender -mostly females
The proposed survey seeks reply for the undermentioned inquiries: 1. Can the proposed survey truly better the public presentation of the company with respects to its attending monitoring system? 2. If the proposed survey is to be implemented. can it truly be more efficient than the old system that the company used?

Holmium: There will be no important difference on the present attending system of Masterrific Foods Corp. The proposed biometries attendance supervising system of the advocates is still to be tested.

Significance of the Study
The proposed survey aims to make an efficient attending monitoring system that will profit the employees and the company itself. Employees – will no longer hold to compose on the security’s log book for attending. with merely a fingerprint scan they can salvage a batch of clip. Company – will no longer rely on boring paperwork and will hold an efficient attending monitoring system for their employees. Future Researchers – can utilize this survey for future mentions.

Scope and Restrictions of the Study
The proposed survey will utilize a biometries finger print scanner. Biometric hallmark measures a biological characteristic of a individual like fingerprint. Hence it is a really effectual attendance-monitoring and security system. Unlike other designation processs. biometric is easy accessible and clip economy. Within a twosome of seconds. a person’s biometry is either identified or rejected. As every office follows clip direction. clip salvaging systems like biometries have become good for the office gross. Biometricss can non be shared. you can non happen anything like more than one individual utilizing the same watchword. This reduces fraud and provides complete security. A biometric log in or entry indirectly connects the person as responsible to any event. If there is a security breach. so the security system will supply the accurate record of who is accountable for the issue. This provides complete and true answerability and can non be forged by others.

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Nowadays. the fingerprint of a individual is easy copied and used for counterfeits. The biometric system scanning can besides be copied and duplicated and can be controlled by another individual from any corner of the universe. An occasional job than occurs among biometries is the false reading. A “false acceptance” or “false rejection” sort of proficient exposure becomes a greatest disadvantage of biometries. An effectual biometric system is dearly-won and is low-cost merely for big companies and establishments. Though biometric package is designed for complete security it is non an economically advantageous engineering.

Chapter 2:

Review of Related Literarture

In order to carry on a research undertaking decently and accurately you must study the bing literatures that has relevancy to the subject of your pick. This is necessary for the undermentioned grounds ( Calmorin and Calmorin. 1995 ) : ( 1 ) to set up the relevancy of the research to the current state of affairs and demands ; ( 2 ) to find the similarities or differences of past findings or thoughts with the research undertaking ; ( 3 ) to supply a background sing what has been taken and what is left to be tackled. and ( 4 ) to happen facets of the research job that might non hold been thought of earlier.

Foreign Literature
Contemporary security policies are characterised by a dramatic focal point on high engineering like biometries as a security enabler. The procedure of technoligization of security i. e. the devising of engineering the centerpiece of security systems and its perceptual experience as an absolute security supplier started in the US in the Eightiess and has since been expanded to the European Union ( EU ) and to about all developed states. ( Ceyham. 2007: 102 )

Basically all engineering is made for telling the universe and reproducing it. Modernity has applied these telling techniques to worlds. under the general class of subject. ( Lianos and Douglas. 2000: 263 )

Modern society is characterised by increasing degrees of planetary societal mobility and uncertainness associating to degrees of hazard posed by internal and external security menaces. Within this clime security driven by engineering is progressively being used by authoritiess. corporate organic structures and persons to supervise and cut down hazard ( Lyon. 2004 ) .

Biometricss is a technique for designation of people that uses organic structure features or behavioral traits and is progressively being used alternatively of or in concurrence with other signifiers of designation based on something you have ( e. g. ID card ) or something you know ( e. g. watchword or PIN ) ( Liu and Silverman. 2001 ) . The basic procedures in a biometric system involve biometric informations being collected from the informations topic via a detector faculty. a characteristic faculty extracts the biometric information and compared it to templets in a database to place the informations topic ( Jain. 2004 ) . The templets are encrypted utilizing algorithmic transmutation of biometric samples intending that the original biometric informations can non be obtained from the biometric databases. The systems that operate in a biometric designation procedure are beyond the apprehension of most persons processed and they occur in topographic points removed from the single being processed. This deficiency of understanding agencies it is non possible to oppugn the designation patterns.

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Connolly. Begg and Strachan ( 1996 ) summarized the advantages of utilizing a Database Management System as follows: ( 1 ) information sharing. or handiness of informations to authorised users ; ( 2 ) information unity. or guaranting the cogency and consistence of stored informations ; ( 3 ) security. by holding limitations or informations entree. forbiding unauthorised users from entree ; ( 4 ) backup and recovery services. supplying installations that minimizes the harm that a system failure brings ; ( 5 ) improved care through informations independency. by dividing informations from applications. doing applications unaffected by alterations in the information. Further to state. utilizing a Database Management System besides has disadvantages of its ain. ( 1 ) it is complex. functionality is straight relative to complexness ; ( 2 ) big storage and system memory demands. particularly if the system is big ; ( 3 ) the repeating care cost is larger. aside from the initial investing cost ; ( 4 ) betterments in the system may necessitate extra hardware costs.

Local Literature

The coming of the Internet revolution brought a new of possibilities for the Filipino. It besides paved the manner for the consciousness on the demand of modernisation.
Toral ( 2000 ) has opined that the outgrowth of the cyberspace and e-commerce have forced the universe. the Philippines included. to “change the ways” . so
that it will non be left behind.
Harmonizing to La Putt ( 1986 ) . with the altering times and altering demands. the demand for information has become a “need” that must be satisfied. To do paper plants to explicate things. to document every affair corrected to every dealing. to describe even minuscule achievements. these are overpowering activities if done the traditional manner.