Biodiversity in the US and Nigeria

Critically examine attacks to keeping and reconstructing degrees of biodiversity in two states ( The United States of America and Nigeria ) .


The purpose of this essay is to convey to the attending of the loss of species in these two states: The United States and Nigeria.

These losingss are caused by human actions. For some decennaries now some people have been noticing at the dismaying rate at which these species are being extinguished. Some life scientists have come up with different Numberss of figures theorizing the figure of species that are being wiped out on a annual footing. Wilson, ( 1992, p. 280 ) guessed that extinction rate might be between 27,000 and 100,000 species per twelvemonth. And others were stating that about half the species the universe knows today will be wiped out before the following millenary.

British conservationist who specialised in biodiversity ; Myers, ( 1979 ) in his book ‘The sinking ark’ said “We might be losing every bit many as 40,000 species per year.” All these Numberss suggested have been criticised. “Although these averments of monolithic extinction of species have been repeated everyplace you look, they merely do non compare with the available evidence.” ( Lomborg, 2001, p. 249 )

Despite the fact that these Numberss can non be substantiated, but the narrative is really of import that steps have to be put in topographic point to protect and conserve species all around our communities so that nature can take its class.

This essay will get down by specifying the significance of biodiversity, why is it in danger, how of import it is to continue the species, discuss attacks to keeping and continuing them, and decision.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a combination of two words, bio which is biological science, and the other is diverseness, which is a blend of the term biological diverseness.

Biology as we know is the survey of life beings, workss and animate beings and their natural environment. How these beings coexist together in their environment both in life and growing. Diversity here umpiring to the diverseness of these workss, animate beings and other beings ; both big and little holding different forms and sorts and different assortments, all belong to a peculiar country ; so uniting biological diverseness is how the word biodiversity came approximately ( as in short signifier )

Biodiversity comprises of different life species workss, animate beings and beings that live at more than one graduated table. These species exist in different ecosystems like lakes, rain forests, and comeuppances of diverse planet. It is merely the figure of species in a given environment or country.

How the word ‘Biodiversity’came approximately.

Biodiversity is a more recent formulated word in 1985 and its beginning can be traced to the adult male called Walter G. Rosen who coordinated The National Forum on BioDiversity which was held in Washington DC in 1986 ( Harper & A ; Hawksworth, 1995 ) . This forum was held in concurrence with U.S National Academy of Sciences and the Smithsonian Institution. The proceedings in this conference were edited by Wilson ( 1988 ) and the descriptive header was called biodiversity. Wilson was ever concerned about the figure of species, an of import subject of his work, and one that is outstanding and should be remembered is the fact that diverseness can non be captured by species Numberss entirely. “We can non presume that we can mensurate the diverseness of a system merely by numbering species Numberss ( Maclaurin & A ; Sterelny, 2008: 2 )

Why are species in danger of vanishing in Nigeria?

In modern times the rate of extinction has increased enormously because of human activities. In North America biologists believe that since 1625, more than 500 species of workss and animate beings have been nonextant ( Kriesberg, 2010 )

If that figure is merely in North America, one can conceive of what might be the entire figure when one includes all corners of the Earth. Obviously the figure will be really high.

Expansion of the Nigerian route system, oil geographic expedition and extraction including rural development plans have contributed vastly to the devastation of Nigeria’s forest and game militias.

Growth in population: Since after the Second World War there seem to be more frequent usage of lands as consequence of addition in population in Nigeria and the US. This will besides increase the figure of people looking for adjustment which will take to uncluttering of lands for development such lands will be utilized for lodging, substructures, roads, shopping promenades etc. All those uncultivated parts that have been uninhabited for decennaries and have become a jungle are being cleared for development. These jungles are places for a batch of workss, animate beings and micro-organisms. As the jungle is being cleared, what is traveling to go on to these species? Besides pollution is a large job. Speciess carry onslaught on themselves thereby acquiring rid of each other.

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A batch of beings have disappeared from the surface of the Earth. During the history of the Earth at that place have been periods when many species ceased to be. No 1 knows for certain why this happened but grounds suggests it was because of alterations in clime. An illustration as the earth’s clime cooled, sea degrees fell as H2O was locked up as ice ( Fosbery, McLean, 1996 ) .

There is more to the disappearance than the clime alteration. Evidence has shown that worlds are a large factor. Worlds have hunted many of these species to extinction merely for the intent of feeding themselves particularly in the development and 3rd universe states where there is deficiency of nutrient. Humans hunt these species for the interest of pleasance thereby utilizing their teguments for ornament, places, clothing’s, bags and other things. Some besides kill them for concern intents as a beginning income.

We worlds destroy their home ground more than we even know. We tend to bury that whenever we cut down a tree we are rendering some species homeless, and we do this anyhow and whenever we choose particularly in Nigeria where people do anything they want to make in their land, no ordinances, no Torahs for the protection of these species.

An single merely decides to cut down some trees to do the land suited for farming being selfish plenty they fail to recognize that some beings are depending on those trees for beginning of nutrient, edifice nests as in place, and for shelter.

This has led to the formation of Conservation Movement which has been associated with developing scientific discipline of ecology. In the United States this motion was created to protect and continue the county’s wildlife, natural resources and wild lands. It is besides known as Nature Conservation. It is a political and societal motion for the protection of home ground for the hereafter. During the early phase when preservation motion was formed it comprised of Fisheries and Wildlife motion, H2O, dirt preservation and sustainable forestry. But today the motion is no longer what it used to be. It a motion for the bar of wildlife but has now included saving of biodiversity.

There has been a argument that preservation motion is broader and far more reaching than environmental motion, while on the other manus some people are stating the reverse, and another group is stating that the two are wholly different both ideologically and in pattern. In American context the two are seen as different from each other. Conservation is perceived as the saving of natural resources for continued sustainable usage by the people.

Why is it of import to continue the species?

Biodiversity is of import for every life being including worlds and really critical to the quality of our lives. An ecosystem is where all diverse beings take portion in natural procedures that is indispensable for the endurance of all living things. Biodiversity produces nutrient and medical specialty. And the riddance of one life being will impact other species, for the fact that all living things are connected in a web of interrelatednesss that create a complex web of mutuality ( Kriesberg, 2010 )

Natural procedure: We worlds are portion of ecosystems, and we have to depend on the natural procedures that go on in these ecosystems for our endurance. The indispensable trade goods of life, air and H2O are cleaned through natural procedures, waste is decomposed, foods are recycled and disease is kept under control. Organisms that live in the dirt are of course processed, workss that produce O and absorb C dioxide, and on the beings that break down dead workss and animate beings. When species of organisms become extinct, natural procedures may halt working ( Pyers, 2013: 6 )

Agribusiness: many of our harvests are dependent on insects and other populating things to assist with pollenation, seed dispersion, and dirt birthrate. So in other wards the extinction of one of these good beings may impact human nutrient supply.

Food: Human existences depend on biodiversity for our nutrient. Majority of the nutrients we consume are nutrient workss such as fruits, veggies and grains and these workss are from the natural state. They are of import beginnings of cistrons for engendering new disease immune harvests.

Medicine: More than one tierce of all prescription drugs are derived from chemicals that have been extracted from workss. Different types of workss are being discovered sporadically as chemical workss for the intent of drug fabrication. The United States National Cancer Institute discovered that 70 per centum of workss found to hold anti-cancer belongingss were rainforest workss ( NCI, 2006 )

Protein: About one fifth of all carnal protein eaten by worlds comes from the sea. In Asia, one billion people rely on Marine animate beings as their chief beginning of protein ( Health facts, 2012 )

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Quality life/Blue Whale: The largest animate being is purportedly the bluish giant, still survives in the world’s oceans and seas, despite being hunted to extinction. Pyers ( 2013 ) says “very few people have of all time seen a bluish giant, but the cognition that it still exists is elating. He went farther to state Giants are one illustration of how biodiversity inspires peoples wonder and imaginativeness and improves our quality of life”

During 1890-1920 witnessed the Progressive epoch in the United States that brought about a batch of reform in the state including the aggregation that contains the Hagiographas of environmentalists. It was during this period that environmental protection was supported. What happened was that there were Americans who love the creative activities of nature and would make anything to protect and continue them. This group of people were able to convert the remainder of the citizens that natural animals, such as wildlife, land, and H2O must be preserved ; that these biological diversenesss are as of import and valuable as other national concerns.

Economic value: Due to urbanization, the people like to acquire off to the country-sides for holiday and vacations. Those people who live in the metropolis ever take trips to these national reserved countries for a batch of grounds, either to acquire off from the bunco and hustle of the metropolis, possibly for leisure, bivouacing, ticker wild species, mountain mounting, etc. Wildlife watching in the US generates over $ 85 billion in economic benefits in 2001 ( Kriesberg, 2010 )

Outdoor recreational activities with the rifle: Americans are really fond of guns and have the desire to prosecute in featuring escapades with the rifle in runing wild animate beings.

Fishing, field daies, taking exposure all these activities have made Americans develop involvement in continuing wildlife and wild lands for nature based sporting activities.

The Frontiers of America has beautiful portrayal images of the country’s wilderness, and when the citizens see these images they realise the states natural admirations and make more to them.

Americans are fond of wild animate beings and workss. These species are compliment to the beautiful scenery of the wood and a pleasance for worlds to populate in the same planet with them.

And above all they have the right to populate merely as we worlds, built-in right to life. Why should we stop theirs?

Why biodiversity is of import

For over three decennaries the history of environmental direction in Nigeria has been black and this is reflected in the position of the woods which have been significantly been reduced in country and status. Years back there were some countries that hard thick woods but today those woods have been cleared and schools and other constructions have been put in topographic point. Besides notably are three other chief jobs ; there is a immense job of dirt debasement ; H2O pollution and deforestation.

Other terrible jobs are, gully eroding, harm to piscaries, coastal eroding, loss of wildlife, biodiversity and air pollution. Indiscriminate puting things on fire like waste merchandises, refuse on the streets, causes everyplace to be full of fume and smelly. Peoples have the wont of dumping their refuse on the streets when once it is full. Farmers after they clear grasses and unwanted trash from their farms they gather them together either on their farm or force them near to the route and put them on fire and everyplace will be full of fume.

The state has many different sorts of species, workss, mammals, birds. Majority of these are located in the Southeast of Nigeria. The home ground in this portion of the state has been damaged and the species populating in this country have been badly threatened. Over population is a large menace to biodiversity in this country and Nigeria being the most thickly settled state in Africa with its dwellers more than its land mass. 1000 people per square kilometer and its doing a batch of force per unit area on agribusiness and practically bulk of the people are husbandmans thereby doing every available land to be utilized for agriculture.

This sou’-east of Nigeria is susceptible to eroding. All the four provinces that make-up this part Imo, Anambra, Abia, and Enugu States are all affected by this serious eroding. In the South-south country where there is oil refinery like the Ogoniland, there is terrible sheet eroding which have affected up to 40 per centum of the land country ( Lutz, Caldecott, 1996 )


In other to defy these broad spread devastation of natural environments and to protect the biodiversity from acquiring worse, the authorities has to step in and take the bull by the horn. The state has established a system of about 45 bing or proposed preservation countries, and these countries comprises the national Parks was created under the authorization of the federal authorities in 1991, game militias or wildlife home grounds.

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Keeping and reconstructing degrees of biodiversity

Government Management of Conservation Areas

The authorities conserves natural ecosystems within the undermentioned countries, forest militias, game militias, the national Parkss and biological gardens. The aims are to get species, rich home grounds and pull off them jointly with the communities that live near the country

It is fortunate that more and more people, administrations and authoritiess are get downing to recognize the job of extinction and endangered species are taking stairss to forestall this loss from go oning.

To hold entree to different works species that could be used to fabricate drugs. The programme will be designed to turn to the demands of the local people of sou’-east Nigeria which will supply employment this will in bend empower them so that they can deduce some benefits from their environmental resources and difficult work.

Biotechnology development bureau: One of the chief aims towards the care and reconstructing biodiversity in Nigeria is to set up a concerted programme to develop methods for sustainable use of tropical workss and most significantly device a codification that will supply information on the utilizations of Nigerian workss, and besides with mention to assorted autochthonal African nutrient harvests, medicative sweet- scented workss and industrial harvests.

The Organisation of African Unity’s Science & A ; Technology Research Council has pioneered a series of undertakings whose purpose was the standardizing workss used in traditional African medical specialty, and besides the rating of workss as beginnings of biologically active compound. The survey has resulted in the publication of an African pharmacopoeia, a two volume collection of works medical specialty from the continent and methods for their standardisation ( OAU, 1986 )

Because of the menace to African biodiversity and the worsening economic value of the environmental resources, it is hence necessary to use modern rules to the survey of traditional biological resources.

Assorted undertakings and researches with universities and private sector enterprises should be encouraged in Nigeria and funding made available both at the province and federal degrees.

Changeless reminding and doing the public aware about the vanishing resource of tropical agribusiness and promote them to back up the activities of public involvement groups that are working on these issues and surrogate corporation and communicating between them.

To promote the activities and policies that leads to a better appraisal of the new emerging engineerings and do known their deductions for Nigeria natural resources.


Conservation of biodiversity most particularly those species that have medicative belongingss in Nigeria require basic stairss

  • Capacity edifice for the full population to by and large better the criterion of life and direct the support of the people for preservation programmes.
  • Inclusion of preservation instruction in school course of study from pre-nursery to 3rd degrees of instruction
  • The authorities must endorse up with committedness and power all pacts and conventions on biological diverseness to which the state is a signer.

All those traditional therapists who go into the shrub and wholly take medicative workss should be encouraged to setup their ain medicinal works gardens.

Farmers should be made to halt firing rubbish in an unfastened topographic point or on the streets ; failure to make so should be prosecuted in the tribunal of jurisprudence.

And eventually every pupil in secondary school should be made to works a tree at least one time throughout his /her secondary school calling.


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