Better Be Safe Than Take Risks Essay Sample

To populate is to put on the line: Everything that we do is filed with unexpected danger. We see that even such everyday activities as traversing the route is unsafe. In fact there have been state of affairss when even the most harmless activities have become life endangering. For case the husbandman in Lim Chu Kang. who was in the lavatory. did non anticipate to decease through a plane crashing into what could be considered as one of the safest topographic points in the universe. It is hence non genuinely possible to take safeguards to forestall all dangers. Such being the instance. does it do sense to seek to be safe ever and avoid hazards? Fatalists argue that since we can ne’er truly predict dangers. we should populate life as it comes – go forthing everything to destine. This is so the belief among many people. though there are grades of variableness. An utmost instance exists where a folk of people. refused to resign their small town ; even though it was in the manner of a flow of lava from a volcanic eruption. They insisted that if the Gods sent lava to destruct them. acquiring out of the manner would be noncompliance to the Gods! The whole small town perished. This is. of class. determinism in the extreme. The logical place lies someplace in between. It is the responsibility of every human to populate life to the fullest and in order to this. he ought to take every safeguard and avoid hazards to life.

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There are. nevertheless. countries in life where we have to take hazards in order to populate better. Often we may be happy in certain places but may predate the state of affairs and take the dip into something a small hazardous. but giving good returns if successful. These include state of affairss like occupation alterations. go forthing the security of a occupation and traveling into concern and out-migration. For case if we are in a good place. we should non avoid put on the lining it if a better chance comes along. Peoples take hazards mundane and more frequently than non profit from them. These are hazards in concern. in picks of callings and other hazards from which there is ever hope of doing good or of retrieving. Not to take any hazard is to populate a life of quiet despair and waiting for things to go on to one. It besides means non truly populating but simply bing. Such a life would be dull so. In decision. I am of the position that we should take hazards if there are just opportunities of success. However hazards should merely be in affairs other than life. Life is much excessively cherished to be risked for anything less than it.