Being a member of a social group Essay

Peoples become a member of a societal group because of their very nature. that is. non to experience lonely. to experience secure. and to fulfill some demands such as societal and self-esteem demands. Bing portion of a group has both positive and negative results for an person. Positive results can be listed as basking group work. deriving new positions and doing friends. and being more originative. On the other manus. there are some negative results such as dissensions between the members of the group and losing clip.

One of the positive results is basking group work. In a group work people perform their undertakings quicker and in a more effectual manner. In a group. each individual seems to be more capable. Working together provides a perfect information flow. Peoples portion their cognition and accomplishments with one another. By that manner. people can experience themselves like a squad because they are moving as a individual organic structure and are holding duties. Such sort of a group work provides each member with new positions which is a consequence of the exchange of thoughts between group members. Therefore. they start to look from a different and a more incubator window.

Involving in a societal group provide chances for doing friends. This is another positive facet of societal groups. Peoples feel themselves better when they have more friends and worse when they do non. On this issue. ( 1991. p110 ) Goleman stated that patients who suffer from malignant neoplastic disease and have no friends need more medical attention than those who have friends. That proves the importance of the societal groups in people’s lives. Merely through this manner they can go societal and enjoy lives more.

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Besides its positive results. being portion of a group has some negative results every bit good. These are dissensions between members and blowing the valuable clip. Disagreements normally exist when persons have struggles with the thoughts of others. They want to be free-riders which means moving as a individual individual and make non take part in or non lend to the common work. That creates dissensions between group members. The group work can convey inefficiency. For case. it can go on longer and can blow the clip present. The dissensions between the members of the group can besides do losing clip.

To sum up. all it’s negative and positive results considered. groups play an of import function in our lives even though it cause struggles between group members and losing clip. A group is a good shelter that satisfies some of the basic demands of the people involved such as societal and self-esteem demands. Further more it helps people to derive new positions. to be more originative. and to happen new friends. Overall. a group is a societal institute which combines assorted sorts of people who are different in head. visual aspect. age and gender.