Behavior Modification Research Paper Essay

Reinforcing positive behaviour is critical in many facets. It helps parents. school instructors and directors seek positive behavioural responses from the topic whether it’s a kid. grownup or even an employee. “Reinforcement was foremost studied by Thorndike ( 1911 ) . who illustrated that support is a procedure where the behaviour is increased by the immediate effect that follows. Thorndike placed a hungry cat in a coop and nutrient outside the coop and the cat finally learned to press the lever once more and once more to derive entree to the nutrient that was placed outside the coop. Thorndike called this “Law of Effect” . merely. because the cage-cat illustration showed how the animate being learned ( stimulus-response ) through operant conditioning” ( Thorndike 1911 ) . Support can be either positive or negative ( Miltenberger. 2011 ) . Both have their ain virtues and demerits.

Positive support is frequently considered as more desirable. particularly. since the negative support can non be sustained for excessively long and besides it has opportunities of revoking opposition. Positive support through both primary and secondary methods helps win the regard and trueness of the topic most of the times. Sustainable support is a mixture of the two types: positive and negative. For personal behavioural alteration. people largely choose to acquire positive stimulations. They do non wish to be hurt or punished in order to execute a undertaking. Likewise. I besides chose the positive methods and would prefer that I am given grasp at place. school and/or my workplace because that will assist me to show increased productiveness. dedication and committedness and it will besides cut down the degree of emphasis. These positive factors of support may include bettering the work environment. bettering timings and/or offering conveyance services.

Behaviors are every bit of import at work every bit good as in our societal lives. This is because positive behaviour is connected to good public presentation and impact. and. negative behaviour is connected to negative impact. During rating periods. employers review positive behaviour from their employees and they focus on both positive and negative behavioural types when they looking to engage new employees. Behavior is a response that can be reinforced. Reinforcement construct of psychological science helps happen what reinforces positive behaviour and which activities reinforce negative behaviour. There are both positive and negative reinforces and there are benefits and effects for both behavior type. In the workplace. the Manager is non merely required to happen the factors that help in reenforcing positive behaviour. but. besides to measure the comparative success of these factors in different work and place environments every bit good. A elaborate analysis of reinforcement literature will help in efficaciously modifying the behaviour. Literature Review

B. F. Skinner used the support theory to positively promote the mouse to happen a manner out and acquire cheese and today. Directors make usage of support theories to actuate employees. Reinforcing positive behaviour allows the directors to find what can be expected from their employee ( s ) . Daymut ( 2009 ) says that positive support helps in places. schools. offices and about anyplace. Reinforcement is supportive in increasing the opportunities of certain behavioural response. The chance of behaviour can be increased by increasing the stimulation to which the person or employee responds. The primary reinforcing stimuluss are physical stimulations and the grasp and non-monetary wagess are the secondary reinforcing agents. Punishment serves as negative reinforcing stimuluss while gratitude serves as positive reinforcing stimuluss.

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Peoples are inclined to different reenforcing factors based on their personality-type. the sort of environment they were brought up in and the things that are inculcated into their heads. The pleasure-pain rule suggests that some people are motivated better when they find pleasance in making something. while. others may non indulge into an activity unless they find hurting by non making them. For illustration. acquiring sick due to over-eating and inordinate weight addition is a negative reinforcing factor that will assist an single adopt a modus operandi of healthy ( equal ) eating picks and light exerting such as walking. etc. Reinforcement works otherwise in different environments. Some environments are better suited for the positive support while the others are better for the negative support. However. in most of instances the positive support is considered more effectual and utile ( DeLeon. Neidert. Anders. and Rodriguez. 2001 ) . The support of behaviour is backed by some demands that can be personal. societal or organisational.

Peoples even use these schemes for assisting people with psychological jobs since they are non able to demo response in normal conditions without induced stimulations. The stimulation in positive method should be such that they can be easy arranged as required. On the other manus. the negative factors should besides non be excessively critical to ensue into a rebellious behaviour of the topic. The common illustrations of positive stimulation or positive support includes but non limited to ; offering gifts to kids on acquiring good classs. paying excess sum for labour undertakings that were completed on clip and/or increasing the wage of an employee or even advancing him/her. The illustration of negative support or negative stimulations includes but non limited to ; penalizing a kid for non finishing prep. inquiring an employee to sit tardily in office for non run intoing gross revenues mark. etc. The type of support should non be selected based on the picks of director. but. these picks should be made based on the behaviour.

Negative support should non be used unless the positive support factors have failed ( Cosgrave. 2007 ) . Positive behaviour of an employee is desired non merely to do the system efficient. but. besides to acquire the occupation simply done in the first topographic point. While reenforcing a behaviour. the direction of a company or the parents at place or the instructors at schools should be confident that the support agent will be effectual in the long term. For illustration. it is non possible to advance an employee every clip he completes a undertaking or give gifts to the successful kid every clip he passes the exam and/or give the kid confect every clip he/she finishes his work on clip.

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Secondary stimulations. doing the part known and puting higher and more respectable marks can besides function as reenforcing factors that may be guaranteed in the long tally. DeLeon. Neidert. Anders andRodriguez ( 2001 ) say that the positive support is really effectual and has found to be helpful particularly when positive behaviour is to be evoked in the kids with autism and other psychological diseases. Tuten et Al ( 2014 ) say that friendly enforcement techniques are helpful for professionals every bit good as nonprofessionals. Treatment

B. F. Skinners and many others have found that positive support is effectual in arousing positive psychological behaviour. Skinner described positive support in his mice survey and it was a success. My clients ( investors ) believe in me. value and appreciate me. but. sometimes they try to delegate me to tasks that are non related to my accomplishments. and. I think they tend to make this based on their perceptual experience of my capablenesss and behaviour. Sometimes. the work force per unit area is really high because I am given many undertakings that are compulsory and need to be completed in a really short clip frame and this make me experience stressed at work because ( sometimes ) because I work from home-all alone in the State of Georgia and the physical facets of my occupation is located in other provinces ( D. C. -Maryland country ) and I have to trust on others to execute certain assignments in short time-frame. Therefore I suggest how support can be used in handling issues I face: Positive Support: I am bespeaking that my company supply me with an office infinite in Maryland-DC country where I can go to every other month.

Besides. my on the job hours should stay the same with some flexibleness. Further. my company should let me to engage a parttime helper to assist take attention of some of the footwork. i. e. . station tribunal notices on doors. file legal paperwork in the tribunals. etc. Following. I perform better between the hours of 6am to 3:30pm and I would wish to maintain that agenda. if I can hold an helper. Therefore. I believe that if I am afforded the chance to work during those times that suit me so my public presentation will be 110 % better. Negative Support: The direction can denote that my wage will be deducted if I do non work for fit figure of hours every twenty-four hours. Besides they can punish me if for non finishing my undertakings by its deadline day of the months which in return can besides impact other undertakings in the company and lead to legal jobs and loss of money.

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The negative support should be given merely one time in a piece and it should non be introduced unnecessarily. What I wrote supra is a good illustration of what I do as a Property Manager and I’ve described it in a manner that would profit me if I worked for an Employer. I am freelance and my occupation can be nerve-racking at times. so I hire local contractors in D. C. -Maryland country to assist me accomplish 20 % of my work ends to cut down some of my emphasis. I think positive support is non merely good towards work-related behaviour alterations. but I would besides propose that people use positive support schemes to modify their ain personal behaviour every bit good. I would wish to propose that all of us should assist others follow these schemes. excessively. Decision

Without commanding behaviour. a individual can non successfully execute the everyday undertakings of life. It is sometimes non possible for an single to command his behaviour and feel motivated. In such state of affairss. external motive factors are required that can be either grasp or effects for negative behaviour. These positive and negative support factors should be used strategically because there are virtues and demerits of each. I will prefer positive support because this will assist me in experiencing motivated and engaged. The negative support is connected to unpleasant feelings of shame and abuse that will non be good in the long tally. Both persons and organisations can utilize a combination of the two methods to acquire a positive result.


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