Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery Essay Sample

“It is better to hold a universe united. than a universe divided ; but it is better to hold a universe divided than a universe destroyed. ” said Mr. Winston Churchill. at the clip of II World War. The dealingss between the Black and White races in USA have been slightly similar. non excessively in the distant yesteryear. As on day of the month they are constitutionally united. but the mind-level integrating is yet to take topographic point. The Blacks have equal legal rights. and the White personsnowknow that they ( the Blacks ) have equal rights. The state of affairs has changed for the better. but much demands to be done to better the conditions related to criterion of life and criterion of life of the Black community. God sees the truth. but how long is the adult male to wait? The combustible younger coevals among the inkinesss. can non populate on confidences. and political cliches. They must acquire their economic. societal and political rights on the same terms as they are available to Whites. This is the echt outlooks of the Black race. and why non!

The formidable yesteryear and the never-say-die bravery of the Blacks… . .

Remembrance of the yesteryear. whether Sweet or sour. is gratifying. when the present provinces of personal businesss are healthy and sound. But what if the present conditions are non so good? They are expected to be good. but really are non? The pages of American history. daubed in the gores ( related to Blacks ) are inquiring the shouting inquiry. How to do this state heaven on Planet Earth? The reply is simple and direct. Eyes full of understanding. Black Marias full of love and the life that refuses conflicts-this alone is adequate. Unfortunately such a merger between the White and Black heads has non yet taken topographic point.

The contents of Litwack’s book will give you sufficient stuff and concrete grounds. why such a perfect brotherhood has non taken topographic point and no 1 knows how long this place will last. He makes his points really clear. without demoing much aggression. But non one time he says that inhuman treatment on inkinesss by the White persons for the interest of personal aggrandisement demands to be condoned. It was non needed so ; it can ne’er be allowed to go on now. because the Blacks are constitutionally protected. The southern history of USA is full of black-white confrontation. a acrimonious experience which the Black subdivision of the society had to go through through. in its attempts to procure what was due to it lawfully and morally. He provides adequate well-researched material– the procedure. how freedom came through in the South and at what cost.

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The state of affairs was such the Blacks could non populate without the support of the White persons and vice-versa. But this life of inter-dependence had many complications and jobs of accommodations. Once the White persons had absolute rights over Blacks. who were their slaves without any human rights. But in the changed circumstance even to express the word ‘slave’ was a legal offense. Such a drastic transmutation had accommodation jobs for both the communities. The communities had to pay the monetary value for Emancipation. in their ain manner. The 10 chapters of the book are like 10 mirrors. each supplying clear accounts on the subject covered. They are: “The Faithful Slave” . Black Liberators. Kingdom Comin’ . Slaves No More. How Free is Free. The Feel of Freedom. Traveling About. Back to Work: The Old Compulsions. Back to Work: The New Dependency. The Gospel and the Primer. and Becoming a People.

The Civil War. the blessing for the Black Race… .

Litwack’s book describes how the terminal of Civil War brought unprecedented alterations in the life and life of the Black people. They were take a breathing the fresh air of freedom after untold wretchednesss and subjugation in the epoch of bondage. Some of the atrociousnesss perpetuated on them are excessively average for the printed page to gaining control. Blacks fought for their freedom and when it came. they were mentally non ready to accept it and yet they were ready! To foster the new individuality as free citizens was non easiest of the occupation for them. They were no more African slaves. they were African Americans. They were the societal and political peers of their former Masters. Mutuality between the two races could non be avoided. but it had to be on new footings and conditions. Mental accommodations on either side were a hard procedure. Litwack’s book provides a rare penetration into the race dealingss of the water under the bridge epoch. and its impact on the race dealingss obtaining today. He has done deep research by questioning the former slaves. the slave-lords. about the assorted faces of societal and economic life of the Blacks. The Emancipation was non the concluding word for freedom. It was merely the beginning. Then natural stuff for the emotions and facts of Litwack’s book comes from reliable beginnings like letters of Whites. war-era journals. and Union ground forces records. Depression-era interviews of former slaves and their progeny. and Freedman’s agency records etc. The trademark of the post-Emancipation epoch was uncertainness.

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This book by Litwack. chiefly on issues related to wake of the Civil War. is written from the slave’s point of position. What it was for them to see freedom! Technical freedom is one thing. but to accomplish freedom in the existent sense. which is tied to economic freedom. was non forthcoming instantly to the Black people. Vested involvement was out to work. to forestall them to go landholders. They continued to stay labours. working in Fieldss and plantations. With emancipation the thought of having land “remained the most exciting chance of all. ” ( Litwack. 1980. p. 399 )

The outlook of land redistribution. “forty estates and a mule. ” was badly founded and unfulfilled. The success of “such experiments [ that ] took topographic point at Davis Bend. Mississippi. where inkinesss secured rentals on six extended plantations… [ and ] repaid the authorities for the initial costs. managed their ain personal businesss. raised and sold their ain harvests. and realized impressive profits” ( Litwack. 1980. p. 376 ) was an exclusion. Overnight transmutation in the mentality of the white race was unthinkable. Many of them were non willing to widen the necessary co-operation. to smoothen the acrimonious dealingss of the past. Fresh jobs. like differences over public infinite began to take topographic point on streets and public transportation… “Almost every white adult male remained positive that merely stiff controls and irresistible impulse would restrict the natural leaning of inkinesss toward idling and vagrancy. bring on them to labour for others. and correct their misguided impressions about freedom and working for themselves. ” ( Litwack. 1980. p. 305 )

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Emancipation could non supply the expected freedom and solutions to the basic jobs of the Back Man. His original jobs remained the original jobs. though the impact was less. There were many irresistible impulses for the black adult male to asseverate the clauses of freedom in the existent sense. Nevertheless. Emancipation was the solid beginning to the new type of political and economic battle. Prof. Litwack has thorough control and apprehension of the jobs of the Black race and has convincingly explained the rough worlds of the horrid yesteryear. in the book “Been in the Storm so long: The Aftermath of Slavery. “