Becoming a Teacher Essay Sample

One of my favourite memories as an simple school-age kid is the summer that I created a hoarded wealth Hunt for “little kids” in my vicinity. I was so aroused to see the smilings of felicity as the kids embarked on their Hunts. and to see them win in happening hints and obtaining the hoarded wealth. I want to be a instructor for many grounds. but I think that the feeling of wages I experience in conveying felicity to. and encouraging growing in others. is my primary motive.

After being a nurse for 18 old ages. I was privileged to remain at place with my two boies during their babe. yearling. and preschool old ages. During that clip I felt a yearning to turn intellectually. to happen a new manner to utilize my sense of creativeness. and to be about children…because they merely plain delight me. During the summers. I gathered several households of kids together and had weekly “driveway humanistic disciplines and trades cantonments. ” The campers and I besides did several dramas and a vicinity newspaper. In add-on. I volunteered often at my sons’ schools and enjoyed my experiences exhaustively. By the clip both of my boies were about to be in school all twenty-four hours. I knew that learning kids would let me to utilize my mind and originality. and would fulfill my calling desires.

I bring several strengths to learning. As a nurse. I have had many old ages of experience working with both grownups and kids. I know how of import it is to handle people with kindness and regard. particularly when they are holding troubles or jobs. Besides. I bring a reasonably wide cognition base. holding a Masterss grade in both Nursing and Business Administration. and holding taken many other broad humanistic disciplines classs for my ain personal involvement. I think my love of acquisition is besides a strength. Hopefully. that attitude will be really contagious in my schoolroom! And last. but decidedly non least. being a ma has taught me more than any occupation or class of all time could hold about clip direction. prioritizing. and how kids truly tick on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. month to month. and twelvemonth to twelvemonth footing.

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Of class I have failings. excessively. Despite all my schooling and observation of many. many learning manners. I have no formal cognition of learning theory and how best to assist my pupils to stand out. I think the classs at Oakland University will assist me a great trade in this country. Besides. clip may be an issue. One downside to learning upper elementary. harmonizing to a preschool instructor I know. is the hours of rating documents that must be done. Knowing me. I wouldn’t want anyone else to make the scaling. and I would desire to take clip to compose a batch of remarks to promote my pupils.

I do non woolgather of making large-scale things and winning acknowledgment or awards. Besides go oning my instruction to maintain spread outing the cognition that I have to give others. I think the most of import part I can do is in doing a difference in someone’s life. Positive remarks. demoing trust in person. and taking an action that communicates attention and regard. can positively alter someone’s position of themselves and possibly their life. every bit good. What could be more of import? Teachers have both the power and chance to make a great sum of good for many people. I know that I will take all the chances available to foster. promote and convey joy to those around me.

To reason. I think that I have much to offer the instruction field. and learning has much to offer me. To learning. I will supply my cognition. ingeniousness. and dedication to kids and their parents. In return. instruction will give me a topographic point to turn intellectually and creatively. and a group of people whose growing will supply me with a great sense of wages.

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