Batter To Be Safe Than Take Risk Essay Sample

In our life. safety and danger are two factors of human life. Sometimes safety brings more confidence but non all danger is merely danger. taking a hazard means taking a opportunity. What is the better: safety or hazard?

Peoples in favour of security think nil can be got unless there is an confidence. We should esteem our life and hazard may convey an terminal without anything. For case. when driving on a large crowded street. people ever say: it is better to be safe than sorry because a minute of sloppiness will ensue in a loss of life.

On the other manus. hazard is considered to be unsafe. but it is besides a opportunity for anyone who would wish to do a alteration of their ain life. Peoples think they can non stand populating a boring life with no injury done. For illustration. a pupil would wish to acquire admitted to MIT. Although his tonss are non excessively high. at norm. he had better apply for it because the more you know how to take hazard. the more you can acquire.

In decision. I think safety and hazard should be coexisting and should non be separated as I would wish to hold a hazardous life every bit good as a secure one. If we know to to equilibrate them. we can non merely acquire success. but besides we can heighten the costliness of life. Make you hold or differ with the following statement? “It is better to be safe than sorry. ” Use grounds and illustrations to back up your response. Nowadays a batch of people like to take hazards in order to hold better results in their life. Still. others do non like to take their opportunities and want to play it safe. I believe that the reply is like a dual edged blade. It is non ever good to take hazards and so be sorry ; nevertheless. it is bootless to invariably be cautious and act safe.

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