Banks Mat Review Essay

Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter believe the topic of leading to be one worth researching. and they do so in their book much to our net income. In this short book. Banks and Ledbetter get down by showing the overall inquiry they want to reply: Make Christians’ core strong beliefs shape their positions and patterns of leading or are they affected by broad cultural premises? [ 1 ] The book begins by researching the many grounds for the increased involvement in leading today. The writers offer a overplus of grounds. non keep backing the greatly increased gait of alteration. and they besides set out some other factors for understanding leading. including the comparing and contrast between a ‘leader’ and the qualities of ‘leadership’ . Banks and Ledbetter take great attention to inquire ambitious inquiries. This pattern AIDSs in the development of the book.

In the gap chapters they begin by specifying leading as affecting a individual. group. or organisation who shows the manner in an country of life. [ 2 ] The writers besides provide a strong differentiation between direction and leading while besides demoing the importance of these two functions to work together. The foundation of the authorship is supported by the claims towards the importance of the survey of leading. Banks and Ledbetter continue on to research leading in a wider scope of historical and Biblical contexts. They work from spiritual and Christian positions and work outward towards cultural influences. The writers portion insight as it relates to the scriptural. historical and modern-day positions. covering the histories of the Apostle Paul. historical theoretical accounts such as the Benedictine tradition. Lutheran. Presbyterian and Pentecostal. They continue by researching trait. eventuality and transformational leading.

Chapters three and four provide the most specific Hagiographas on the subject of leading. In these chapters Banks and Ledbetter pull attending to the natural spiritual. theological. and spiritual constructs of leading. Here the writers conduct a instance survey of a important writer of leading stuff. Stephen Covey. It is revealed that many readers are influenced by his Mormon religion without genuinely understanding or spoting the undertones. [ 3 ] This continues with an geographic expedition of other sensed governments on the subject of leading. One such survey is of Laura Beth Jones. an adult female author with increasing influence as it relates to leading.

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Chapter five addresses how to interpret patterns of leading into single context through the usage of three basic yet of import values: fidelity. unity. and a servant-like attitude. Exploration of these three traits is undergirder with treatment of writers such as Robert Greenleaf. He is one of many leaders who brought into popular leading believing the thought of ‘servant leadership’ . The book stopping points by offering illustrations in the signifier of case-studies. These surveies provide deeper penetration into the foundational qualities of successful leaders over the span of several old ages and many different context. This offers the reader a broader position of leading by demoing its success in many different signifiers and context.


While reading through each chapter I was challenged to see the struggles I have faced that came as the consequence of missing a director to attach to my leading. As a curate. I am a natural leader. I tend to seek out alteration while seeking for ways to invariably do things better and more efficient. About two old ages ago I was in a struggle with several of the leaders in our church. The struggle revolved around our misinterpretation of each others approach and functions in leading.

As an advocate of alteration. I was offended by their apparent deficiency of religion in prosecuting a broader range in ministry and our effectivity in the community. As directors. they were more disposed to travel easy and could merely visualise the jobs that would necessitate to be addressed in order to accomplish the vision that was laid Forth by me. After analyzing the point of views of Banks and Ledbetter I can now see how we could hold easy been on the same page and shared the same end while merely looking from distinguishable positions.

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I have now began to inquire how many other relationships could hold been mended by merely understanding the function that each party played. I have a inclination to presume that others will automatically see things in the same manner that I have. This has frequently led to great letdown or great feelings of being misunderstood. In this manner my passion can easy go focused on the incorrect thing and people could easy go the mark of that passion.


While the book does a great occupation of researching the subject of leading. because of the comprehensiveness and deepness of the subject many inquiries remain. Taking into history the writers definitions of directors and leaders. how do the two functions successfully communicate their purposes to one another? It is really possible for the two functions to coexist with proper recognition of one another. How do the two operate together efficaciously without disrespecting or ignoring the importance of each function. Besides. how does one know which leading manner works best in a given context? Does it take an drawn-out period of test and mistake to detect the proper manners? How do followings or even directors respond to a invariably altering leading manner?

This book could hold been greatly improved with a more comprehensive survey of the specified leading subjects. The composing feels much like a generic overview of really of import subjects. While good written and prosecuting. I am left desiring as it relates to finding how to non merely integrate the leading manners but besides choose the manner that is most fitting. This book feels like a film that ended excessively shortly. Leaving readers inquiring what do with the brief information provided.

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With a fresh position of the information given by Banks and Ledbetter. I now have the information needed to implement a healthier leading manner that includes a lucidity of my function as an agent of alteration. This program is broken into two distinguishable parts. First. to decently place the contexts that guide the position of leading within the leading squad of the church that I pastor. What types of leaders have they encountered in the yesteryear? Are they unfastened to alter or resistant to it? This aim will be accomplished through the programming of one on one meetings with each leader.

These meeting will let me the chance to prosecute each leader in a meaningful conversation about the leading styles they are most comfy with. With this information I will be equipped to better function these leaders by pass oning with them in a manner that they are most likely to have. This is based upon Banks and Ledbetters observation of the wide thought of leading many people carry.

Second. I will make a comprehensive list of the nucleus beliefs that will steer our leading squad. For those sing going parts of our church. how do they cognize the values that determine our determination devising as leaders? This list will reply that inquiry. It will go the nucleus values for current and even future leaders. This comprehensive list will integrate scriptural instructions from Jesus every bit good as the Apostle Paul’s makings from 1 Peter and the epistles to Timothy. By sketching these nucleus values. we create answerability. an property that could besides let for congregants and members likewise to experience more comfy prosecuting with the vision of our church by being secure in the way and the values that guide us.


Banks. Robert and Ledbetter. Bernice “Reviewing Leadership: A Chriatian Evaluation of Current Approaches” . Grand Rapids. MI Baker Publishing Group 2004