Back to School Obama Speech Essay Sample

We all have a duty. right? Well. the reply must be yes – at least entering to Barack Obama. The President of the United States of America. Barack Obama held this address: Back to School on the 8th of September in 2009 at Wakerfield High School in Arlingtin. Virginia in context of the first twenty-four hours of school. He held this address in order to discourse the importance and outlooks of an instruction with the clear message of the duty you have to yourself followed by the sentence: “if you quit on school – you’re non merely discontinuing in yourself. you’re discontinuing on your country” . which leaves the immature Americans behind with a immense load on their shoulders. Obama’s chief intent is to actuate the immature Americans to take an instruction. so they are able to stand on his or her ain pess. The interesting facet in this address is he that involves himself and explains his journey to make his ain fate.

But how has he succeeded with this address? That is what we will concentrate on in this assignment with focal point on the manner he addresses the issue to his audience and the values he suggests and moreover discourse his message of the address compared with The American Dream.

Politicians know how to give a address and they are non inadvertent. This address is filled with rhetorical devices. which most present politicians use in their addresss to accomplish their political ends. The power of the spoken words were good known in the antediluvian times where the word had the power to act upon the consciousness. emotions and feelings of an audience. President Barack Obama understands really good the power of the words. which he shows us in all of his addresss. Barack Obama often uses personal pronouns as “we” and “you” to do the audience an active participant of the event and to make a relationship between talker and audience. Obama repeats the phrase “I’ve talked about your…” ( p. 1 l. 20. 22. 23. 26 ) which is a combination of words that he has used in other addresss.

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For an illustration he uses about the same words in Obama’s race address where he repeats the quotation mark: “This clip we want to speak about…” These phrases are used to stress that Obama and the audience together is chew overing over the jobs he raises and demonstrates and their ideas and thoughts are the same. The address is written in a really straight linguistic communication with no imagination and about no metaphors either. The lone metaphor used in the text is in a quotation mark from Obama’s female parent: “this is no field day for me either. fellow. ” ( p. 1 l. 16 ) The address is hence written with a serious intent where the audience acquire the straight significance of the words. It is clear to state that Barack Obama is utilizing a straight. serious and political voice in this address. This is besides demonstrated in his manner of utilizing lists when doing his points apprehensible for all ages: “And for those of you in kindergarten. or get downing in-between or high school…” ( p. 1 l. 4-5 ) When he speaks. he tries to instill some really strong and meaningful words into the immature people’s head.

Wordss like “responsibility” . “expect” . “work hard” and “education” are mentioned plentifulness of times in his address. He repeats a batch of the words and builds up the sentences by get downing with a phrase and reiterating it throughout the last portion of the sentence. An illustration could be the 7th portion on page 4: “You won’t love every topic you study. You won’t click with every teacher… . And you won’t needfully win at everything the first clip you try” . He uses “you won’t” in this portion three times. and it is sort of the “foundation” of that portion. and it supports his points and messages. So this reiterating gives his words more significance and substance. He wants the receiving systems to acquire his points and to remain focused on the most of import things and words he says. It gets easier to understand what he wants and what he expects. In order to make out to his audience. Obama besides uses chiefly two signifiers of entreaty – ethos and poignancy. First off all he uses a big sum of ethos. speaking about his ain experiences and his ain childhood and life.

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He is speaking to a really immature audience and in order to catch their attending. he has to be on the same degree. “I know that feeling. When I was immature. . ” ( l. 10 ) . He uses ethos in a manner that makes the hearers able to place themselves with Obama. which makes him look trustworthy to us. Along the manner this is a really good thing. so people do non see Obama as a commanding powerful president. but as a adult male who is every bit the Americans. Obama besides reaches out to his audience by utilizing poignancy. and adverting values that are really of import to Americans: “It’s the narrative of pupils who sat where you sit 250 old ages ago. and went on to pay a revolution and found this state. Students who sat where you sit 75 old ages ago who overcame a Depression and won a universe war ; who fought for civil rights and put a adult male on the Moon.

Students who sat where you sit 20 old ages ago who founded Google. Twitter and Facebook and changed the manner we communicate with each other” ( l. 153-157 ) . By including things that are really of import to Americans in his address. he manages to gain their full attending. and make slightly a national feeling. It’s a inexpensive fast one. but it is decidedly working. Obama is truly seeking to make his audience’s feelings and do them experience together. Another ground why he does this is because he is speaking to a immature audience. Using Son in his statements wouldn’t work on such a immature audience. seeing they have most likely no involvement in political relations and what has to make with political relations. Therefor he reaches out to them by utilizing poignancy and ethos.

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However. in what manner is Obamas address connected the American Dream? As a broad politician. Barack Obama has a immense focal point on one as an person. It is of import to him that every American learns how to stand on their pess. but still be able to walk frontward together. He mentions difficult work a batch of times. which reflects the American dream – to accomplish something. A immense portion of Obamas address reflects the thought of The American Dream. The work ethic that Obama presents sounds like the work ethic there is behind The American Dream. The difference is merely ; this might non be your dream Obama is showing. Not in the same manner. as it was your biggest dream you want to accomplish. so you are traveling to lose motive. which is what Obama wants to make with his address. The American Dream is more a single undertaking in contradiction to what Obama says: “Because when you give up on yourself. you give up on your state “ ( l. 148-149 ) ” . and points out the alterations and chances you have to catch to keep on. Like The American Dream Obamas address concerns your single presentation and it is you. who writes your ain fate – you choose your ain hereafter.

So our decision is. that Barack Obama’s chief inquiry is: “What will you accomplish in life” . Not if you want to accomplish something but what. His address is a petition to immature Americans to take an instruction. and in order to make his immature audience he entreaties to their trust and emotions and points really straight ; you have a duty. so take it.