Avivas Services Marketing Mix Marketing Essay

This study will be looking at the services which Aviva provides and how the services the concern offer differ from a typical fabrication house. Looking at the theoretical issues of intangibleness, heterogeneousness, inseparability and perishableness which affect the assorted elements of the services marketing mix of Aviva ‘s merchandises provided to their clients.

Company Introduction

Aviva is the sixth-largest insurance group in the universe. It has a turnover of over ?47.1 billion.

Aviva provides more than 44.5 million clients with insurance, nest eggs and investing merchandises. They are one of Europe ‘s taking suppliers of Car insurance, Motor insurance, Life insurance, Home insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance, Personal accident insurance, Pet insurance and Business insurance.

Aviva ‘s chief activities are the proviso of general and life insurance, long-run nest eggs merchandises and fund direction services. The group has about 36,600 employees, ?379 billion of assets under direction and 43 million clients.

Aviva ‘s Principal subordinates are:

Aviva Life – Pensions, investings, Life Insurance and long term nest eggs ( once Norwich Union )

Aviva Insurance – General Insurance

Aviva Investors – Fund Management ( once Morley Fund Management )

Aviva is ranked as one of the UK ‘s top 10 most valuable trade names in 2012 and has been voted the UK ‘s top life, general and wellness insurance company by insurance mediators. Aviva aims for superior long-run investing public presentation and it is UK ‘s one of the most financially strong investing company.

Aviva provides an extended scope of value-for-money, good quality merchandises – investings, retirement, protection and health care – designed and altering to run into your demands, both now and in the hereafter.

Aviva was created by a amalgamation of two British insurance houses, Norwich Union and CGU plc. In October 2009 the company decided to concentrate on its commercial insurance sector and show its committedness to agents by establishing their ‘find a agent ‘ installation, utilizing the British Insurance Brokers Association hunt engine. To assist them with this enterprise, Paul Whitehouse was recruited to play the portion of a successful hairstylist running three salons. The message of the run focused on concern insurance through insurance agents. The shutting line of the run was “ We ‘re in concern to maintain you in concern ” .

The Marketing Mix

Selling is the ability of an administration to supply the right merchandise, at the right monetary value, via the right mercantile establishments and presented in the right manner. In add-on to merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity, services selling calls for three extra Ps – people, procedures and physical grounds.

The thought of categorization impacting the selling mix frequently expands our apprehension of the selling mix itself. For illustration excepting merchandise categorizations such as tangibleness, repute, heterogeneousness, inseparability, perish-ability and ownership which are associated with service, we can look at the selling mix as merely four P ‘s: The merchandise, the monetary value, the topographic point, and the publicity. This initial thought of a selling mix originated in the 1960 ‘s when developed by Neil Borden in his book: “ The Concept of the Marketing Mix ” ( Borden, 1965 ) In this article Borden lists assorted elements of the selling mix for makers, 12 in entire, saying the list “ can be long or short depending on how far one wants to travel in his categorization and sub-classification of the selling processs. ” From this list has derived the four P ‘s of the selling mix we know today.

These four Phosphorus ‘s do up the natural merchandise without any service factor, the existent merchandise, where it is sold, the publicity to the mark consumer and the merchandising monetary value. There is arguably no grounds to demo any sort of client service in the four P ‘s selling mix, can be thought of as “ clearly producer-orientated. ” ( Kotler, Armstrong, Harker, & A ; Brennan, 2009 )

Merchandise Differentiations

Theoretical issues of Intangibility, Heterogeneity, Inseparability and Perishability are as follows

Intangibility is a alone feature of service which can non be seen physically, felt, tasted or touched as physical goods are. For illustration when we watch a film in the theater, we are entertained by watching it. Entertainment is the end product of the service that is delivered.

Issues caused by intangibleness are

Lack of service stock lists: Servicess can non be stored as the physical goods are.

Lack of patent protection: As services are intangible, they can non be patent protected as the physical goods are. Service offered by one house can be besides offered by other company in different manner.

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Trouble in pass oning services: Goods can be physically displayed, but whereas services are non physically shown to clients. It ‘s difficult for the companies to convert the client to purchase do the merchandises that are offered as services. E.g. Insurance

Trouble in pricing services: Servicess offered by companies differ and no two services can be same as clients ‘ demands are different. Servicess are customised and therefore tend to hold fixed pricing.

Heterogeneity is a alone feature of service that reflects the difference in the service that is provided from one client to other client. For illustration when a client goes to a eating house and ordered nutrient would be different sort from the other client and no client ‘s experience is the same. Similarly no 1 ‘s usage made jewelry expressions likewise as it ‘s alone to the clients ‘ demands.

Issues caused by heterogeneousness

Service standardisation and quality control are hard to accomplish

Servicess provided by different suppliers within the same location tend to be same.

Temper and accomplishments of a individual supplier differ from daily

Inseparability is a alone feature of service which displays the association between the people or company which provides service and the individual who is engaged in having the service and besides other clients who are indirectly or straight acquiring the cognition. For illustration when a client wants to take an cyberspace connexion, the gross revenues squad of the cyberspace company need non interact face to face with the client to give the information about the merchandise. But whereas in a production procedure like Saloon, the client has to be physically present to acquire his hair cut.

Issues caused by inseparability

Physical connexion of the service supplier to the service: In order to supply the service to the client, the service supplier has to be physically present and Face-to-face interaction with clients makes employee ‘s satisfaction critical when they are non able to supply proper counsel to clients.

Engagement of the client in the production processes: Customers involvement may change harmonizing to the demand that the client be physically present to have the service, i.e. for a dental service, client has to be physically present in order to work out his or her job related to dentitions.

Engagement of other clients in the production procedure: Customers presence is required in some service and some clients frequently portion a common service experience and that shared experience can be negative or positive depending upon the experience the client gets out of the service he has received.

Perishability is a alone feature of service in which the service can non be saved. Fresh services can non be reserved or neither can be inventoried. For illustration seats in a theater can be inventoried for a period of clip before the purchase of the ticket and can non be inventoried after the show is finished. Another illustration of perishableness is fresh meat, it can be stored for certain clip period but once it sold it is wholly perished.

Issues caused by Perishability

Matching supply and demand is a major challenge for the service supplier, if there is a higher demand of service, than service suppliers tend to do the supply of the service upper limit. When there is a higher demand, than the service supplier gives optimum supply degree.

Aviva ‘s services selling mix


There is no point in developing a merchandise or service that no 1 wants to purchase. Companies try to happen out what the clients need and so develop the right merchandise that attracts clients.

A green goods is we produce. If we produce goods it means touchable merchandise and when we produce or bring forth services, it means intangible service merchandise. A merchandise is what a marketer sells and what purchaser buys. Thus, Aviva provides insurance services and hence insurance services are their merchandises.

Aviva is the taking company offering insurance services to the users. Apart from offering life insurance policies, they besides offer underwriting and confer withing services. When a individual or an administration buys an Insurance policy from Aviva, he buys a policy along with it the aid and the prestigiousness of the insurance company and the installations of claims and compensation. It is natural that the clients expect a sensible return for their investing and Aviva as insurance company wants to maximise their profitableness.

Aviva would hold intangibleness issue as the company can present new insurance strategy which would give the client the advantage of holding to take individual insurance policy for the whole household. The company can protect the merchandise trade name but it can non curtail other insurance companies to come up with similar strategy with a different name, hence there is deficiency of patent protection. The company provides different strategies harmonizing to the clients ‘ demands and the pricing of the insurance is non the same for every client.

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A merchandise is merely deserving what clients are prepared to pay for it and the monetary value demands to be competitory.

In insurance concern the pricing determinations are concerned with the premium charged against the policies that a client would take and besides involvement is charged for defaulting the payment of premium.

The factors that Aviva utilizations for finding the premium rates under a life insurance program are mortality, disbursal and involvement. The premium rates are revised if there are any important alterations like

Mortality: When make up one’s minding upon the pricing scheme the mean rate of mortality is one of the chief considerations that it takes in to care.

Expenses: The cost of processing, committee to agents, reinsurance companies every bit good as enrollment are all incorporated into the cost of episodes, premium amount and forms the built-in portion of the pricing scheme.

Interest: Rate of involvement is one of the major factors which determine if the client ‘s willingness to put in insurance. Customers will non be willing to set their financess to put in insurance if the involvement rates provided by fiscal establishments are much greater than the sensed returns from the insurance premiums.

Aviva would hold intangibleness issue in pricing, Aviva provides different sorts of insurances. Customers tend to take which merchandise they would desire to choose and as insurance is non same for all the clients the monetary value varies depending on the premium and the term that a client is will to travel for. Hence pricing the service plays a major function in Aviva.

Topographic point

The topographic point where clients buy a merchandise must be appropriate and convenient for the client and the merchandise must be available in the right topographic point at the right clip.

Place plays an of import function at Aviva. It has subdivisions all over the UK and besides has insurance agents in order to offer the services. This helps the company to treat the services to the end-user so that the spread between services that are promised and services that are offered is bridged over.

Aviva besides offers clients to use for policies online. This helps the clients to acquire their insurance without traveling to the subdivision or to reach agent and saves clients ‘ clip.

Aviva would hold inseparability issues, if a client wants to take insurance he has to acquire in touch with the staff and acquire the information needed to take the right sort of merchandise he wants. Aviva should hold more dedicated advisors to educate the clients for taking insurance and explicating the benefits of holding insurance from their company.


Promotion is the manner a company communicates what it does and what it offers to the clients. Good publicity is necessary for a company to hold better income and it besides shows what advantages the clients get when they choose their services.

Aviva promotes its services by advertisement in telecasting ads, wireless and hoardings. This helps Aviva to hike its gross revenues. It besides provides trueness price reductions to bing clients which helps the company to pull new clients by word of oral cavity. The company besides uses direct mail and on-line runs to aim new clients.

Aviva besides offers particular promotional trades which help the company to acquire new clients who wish to exchange from an bing insurance company.

When it comes to publicity, Aviva would hold heterogeneousness and intangibleness issues as no client would hold the same sort of policy. Insurance policy depends on assorted factors like age, wellness etc. so the company has to custom-make the policy harmonizing to the client needs so that they could pull more clients.

The company gives promotional offers to clients which are intangibleness in nature and this makes it difficult for the company to really convert the client to take their service as they are non physical merchandises which a client can experience.


Anyone who comes in contact with clients will do an feeling and it might hold positive or negative. It is out most of import for a company to guarantee that all employees who have contact with clients are decently trained and besides should hold right sort of people for the occupation.

Understanding the client better allows planing appropriate merchandises. Aviva being a service industry and involves a high degree of people interaction, Aviva makes certain that all its staff is given regular preparation so that they can keep strong relationships with the clients. They have 24 hr helpline with multi-lingual staff to reply client questions sing them policies or any other service related issues.

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When it comes to people, Aviva would hold perishableness issue. If a client is non happy with the service that the company is supplying so he be given to look for better services that other company offers. Employees should do certain that they understand what the client issues are and seek to assist them out so that they do n’t free the client.


The procedure of giving a service to a client is important in footings of client satisfaction such as waiting times, the information given to clients and the manner the staff helps the clients are of import for a company to maintain the clients happy. Customers are non interested in the item of how the concern tallies.

Aviva ‘s procedure is client friendly. They advise clients about the merchandises that they offer and tell the clients which merchandise is best suited. Aviva has the repute of velocity and truth of payment. Their processing method is easy and convenient to the clients. The instalment strategies they provide cater to the of all time turning demands of the clients. They provide different strategies to provide the demand of clients who wish to travel for the service. The IT & A ; Data Warehousing system of Aviva helps the company to hold a incorporate manner to supply service big no. of clients expeditiously and keep their operating expenses. This helps to better client service degrees.

When it comes to treat, Aviva could hold issues related to inseparability, intangibleness and perishableness because they have to hold advertise on a regular basis about their merchandises that they offer, new strategies that the company is giving to its bing clients every bit good as new clients. Service and quality control could besides hold inauspicious consequence on the gross revenues of their merchandises. If they do n’t offer clients the aid that they need on clip, clients might experience unhappy about the service that they get which leads to switchover to a different company.

Physical grounds

Service can non be experienced before it is delivered. Physical grounds given by an administration must corroborate the premises of the client. As the client can non see the service before purchasing it, but they can speak about the service with other people about the experience they have got by taking their merchandise.

Distribution is a cardinal determiner of success for all insurance companies. Today, the insurance companies have a big range and presence throughout UK. Constructing a distribution web is really expensive and clip consuming.

Aviva provides all the information on their web site so that clients can hold all the information about the merchandises and the services the company provides.

Aviva has besides been utilizing distant distribution channels such as telephone and electronic mail in order to make more clients so that they can avoid mediators, conveying down operating expenses and increase profitableness.

Aviva offers an full scope of merchandises including motor, place and life insurance and pensions.


The seven P ‘s of Marketing Mix

The selling mix is the combination of selling activities that an administration engages in so as to outdo run into the demands of its targeted market. Taking merchandise categorization in to account when covering with selling of services, it expands the apprehension of the original 4p ‘s. The Insurance concern trades in selling services and hence due weightage in the formation of marketing mix for the Insurance concern is needed. The selling mix includes sub-mixes of the 7 P ‘s of selling i.e. the merchandise, its monetary value, topographic point, publicity, people, procedure & A ; physical attractive force. The above mentioned 7 P ‘s can be used for selling of Insurance merchandises.

The services that Aviva offers as mentioned above is affected by issues of categorization of being Intangibility, Heterogeneity, Inseparability and Perishability which based on the researched information is performed good by the concern. Aviva offers services which are competitory with other insurance companies on monetary value and service support which has helped the company to be ranked as one of the UK ‘s top 10 most valuable trade names in 2012 and sixth-largest insurance group in the universe. It has become one planetary trade name with 43 million clients and has over 300 old ages of heritage.