Automotive Industry Is On The Path To Recovery Marketing Essay

After taking a major whipping at the custodies of the recent planetary recession, the automotive industry is on the way to recovery. The American giant ; Ford has made alterations to their concern theoretical account and shifted their attending towards more fuel efficient and low-cost autos as a direct impact of alterations to planetary consumers passing form in visible radiation of the economic crisis.

The focal point of this study will be on the how the outgrowth of the Chinese and Indian markets impacts the traditional production theoretical account incorporated by Ford in the yesteryear every bit good as the issues associating to sustainability of Ford. Harmonizing to Ford, 70 per centum of future gross revenues will come from India and China. Both markets have really similar features with a strong accent on smaller autos with good fuel economic system sing the fact that a bulk of the population belong to the working category section.

In the instance of China, the company operate with a joint venture with Changan and Mazda. The reaching of Ford to the Chinese market was much later than its rivals such as GM and Toyota and at the minute the market portion of the company stands at 2 per centum compared to GM ‘s 9 per centum and Volkswagen 17 per centum. In the face of high competition within the market, Ford continues to turn particularly on the success of it Fiesta theoretical account which broke monthly records. However the recent call back of autos from Toyota received major attending from the Chinese media and public, hence Ford could do usage of the state of affairs and push gross revenues of their autos which could see them cement their topographic point in the Chinese market.

The Indian market is another promising set up for Ford ; in the past the company has created autos which specifically cater to the demands of Indian consumers and in the twelvemonth 2010 Ford successfully launched the Figo. The new Ford Figo was developed to revolutionize the little auto market in India and with its extremely competitory pricing and superior fuel economic system. The Figo is true testament to the mass customisation of the Indian market as it meets the demands of a major section within the Indian market. In the following 15 old ages, Ford will take to establish 8 new theoretical accounts to the Indian market.

The study besides incorporated a SWOT analysis and from the findings, the chief standout consequence in relation to the chance of eco-friendly vehicles. Sing the fact that consumer consciousness on issues such as clime alteration and lifting oil monetary values continues to turn, the demand of the hr would be to concentrate more resources on the development every bit good as the incorporation of intercrossed and electric engineering into the merchandise line. Harmonizing Matthew Simmons ( 2008 ) , in order to run into the current supply of oil from now to 2030, the universe would necessitate six more Saudi Arabia ‘s. Therefore the development of eco-friendly and more efficient engines are the cardinal to survival in the hereafter and an chance to capitalize on the market.

The fact that Ford ‘s has concentrated on the little auto market in Asia would be highly good in visible radiation of the fact that the western markets are get downing to follow similar features to that of Asia ; with the demand more smaller and fuel efficient autos. The company would easy be able to provide to the western markets with a strong merchandise line in the little auto section.


Company History

In 1903, Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company which has remained in the household tree of all time since. During this twelvemonth, Ford produced over 1700 units where he realized that his merchandise had immense potency in the untapped American market. In 1908, Ford released “ America ‘s Everyman Car ” which was the Ford Model T.

Over the past seven decennaries, Ford became the largest car maker in the universe whose growing had been sparked by internal enlargement and the acquisition of other houses in the market which included many providers. Ford has besides developed two extra automotive trade names – Lincoln and Mercury – and they are besides minor stockholders in Mazda and Aston Martin. Most late, Ford had sold off some of their other subordinates, and this includes Jaguar and Land Rover ( which is now owned by the Tata Group ) and Volvo ( which is now owned by Geely Automobile ) .

Although Ford is the 4th largest car maker in the universe, and they have experienced exponential growing since their constitution, most late Ford has been enduring in footings of gross and popularity. Competitors- such as General Motors and Toyota- have become market leaders with higher demands for their autos. Additionally, Ford cars are non advanced plenty and most of their merchandise line has been in the market for decennaries.

Initial Mission and Aims


Ford has the undermentioned mission statement:

“ We are a planetary household with a proud heritage passionately committed to supplying personal mobility for people around the universe. We anticipate consumer demand and present outstanding merchandises and services that improve people ‘s lives. ”

David ( 2009 ) has developed a model on what the perfect mission statement should imply. These consist of nine constituents. The tabular array below will exemplify these points, and we will analyse if they have been covered in Ford ‘s mission statement or non.

Nine Essential Components of a Mission Statement

Existent in Mission Statement



Merchandises and Servicess






Concern for Survival, Growth and Profitability






Concern for Public Image


Concern for Employees



In the instance of Ford, there are several aims which they can endeavor to carry through, and in our scenario, we have decided to concentrate this on clip and resource restraints. Basically, there are short-run aims which focus on ends that should be accomplished within 12 months, and long-run aims which should be accomplished within 48 months.

Current Aims

Dramatically cutting costs to avoid authorities bailout

Further addition grosss by an extra 9 % for the following one-fourth

Become the planetary quality leader by the terminal of 2010 ; Ford has invested 1000000s in their employees to develop them to place where any of their vehicles lack in quality straight at the beginning. Using “ Sig Sigma ” management- a method developed by Motorola to better the entire quality of finished goods and minimising defects every bit good as its causes. It is rather complex and has different focal point countries where people achieve certain achievements ( Green Belt, Black Belt et Al ) who are so recognized as experts in the field.

Short-run Aims

Keeping popularity of bing merchandises and making out to more clients to turn market portion by an extra 14-15 %

Increase the market for fuel-saving, environment-friendly intercrossed and fuel-efficient autos in the market

Further invest in “ Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services ” to bring forth public involvement and popularity

Long-run Aims

Developing advanced merchandises: Currently, Ford has been enduring to bring forth gross over the past few old ages, and based on their most recent one-year study, they plan on altering five things which would vouch a more advanced and desirable merchandise. This includes their focal point on ( 1 ) developing vehicles with better drive quality, ( 2 ) to develop fuel-efficient autos which is progressively of import due to lifting monetary values and the recent economic recession, ( 3 ) to integrate intelligent and state-of-the-art engineering in their vehicles which are by and large merely found in more premium 1s, ( 4 ) to better the safety criterions in the building of their autos, and ( 5 ) the usage of stuffs to fabricate the auto will be of higher quality.

Turn to be the largest transnational vehicle maker worldwide

Measurement of Aims

In order to find and measure the efficiency and accomplishment of Ford ‘s aims and the schemes applied to accomplish them, it is critical that a measurement standard is considered. Therefore, we will mensurate utilizing fiscal performance- by utilizing basic finance and accounting charts ( balance sheets, income statements etc. ) , we can see how accomplishable their end was. Besides, a comparing can be used between existent and jutting figures.

The Internal Review

SWOT Analysis


Sustainable trade name name: Ford is globally recognized for their theoretical accounts and is known to be the innovator in the development of cars

The “ Godfather ” of cars: Their extended experience in the industry has fostered a sense of trust and dependability in consumers ‘ heads

Consumer trueness: Certain markets- peculiarly America- have developed a strong bond towards Ford which finally leads to reiterate clients

Standardized, trusted merchandises: They have a nice scope of theoretical accounts that cater to all types of consumers ( Mustang- for athleticss nuts, Focus- for immature and cost-conscious purchasers, Edge- for households and the older coevals ) . Most of these have been unchanged for decennaries.

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Lack of invention: Although Ford do hold a broad choice of vehicles in the market, they have stuck with what by and large worked for them and did non do an attempt to let go of anything advanced or groundbreaking to pull public involvement

Large sum of failed merchandises: There is a big choice of their cars that are neglecting merchandises in the market- particularly trucks which have declined dramatically

Decreasing market portion: Overall demand for Ford cars are a batch lower than what it used to be- a bead of about 75 % in the last decennary

High debt: Money borrowed to forbear from registering for bankruptcy and deriving support from the authorities has involved them in a big sum of debt


Economy is in recovery- since mid-2010, the economic recession is over and states are now retrieving from it. This will finally supply more purchasing power for consumers which Ford could take advantage of.

Expanding professional squad: The growing of their quality squad is a dramatic chance to better finished goods, therefore it helps extinguishing or minimising any callbacks, and finally up efficiency and client satisfaction

Increasing tendency towards hybrid/environment-friendly autos: The general market has grown to accommodate to hybrid autos which are less taxing on the environment, and the beginning of fuel is besides cheaper. Since Ford has a broad scope of autos developed for this intent, it could assist them derive a competitory border.

Cost-savvy attack: Ford has taken a wise attack in cut downing costs- transcending their mark of $ 4 billion and reached $ 5.1 billion.


High competition: Ford faces intense competition from General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Spare parts are more expensive: Nipponese car makers have cheaper spare parts due to take down costs on labour and stuffs. This gives them a cost-saving advantage for consumers who may demand rival ‘s vehicles more- particularly during the economic recession ( which besides reflected on their hapless gross revenues grosss )

Bankruptcy of many suppliers- this has led to a scarceness in spare parts which hence hikes up the monetary value significantly. Furthermore, clients may be inclined to travel to rivals since it is hassle-free to mend or keep their auto.


Ford ‘s direction squad is rather big, and can be separated into two distinguishable divisions as illustrated in the one-year report- ( 1 ) Executive Officer Group, and ( 2 ) Other Vice Presidents.


As seen above, Ford ‘s direction squad is rather diverse with people specialising in a big sum of divisions in the company.

Markets / Customers

The US market is ill-famed for its ferocious competition in many industries- one of them being the automotive industry. Ford has been holding problem the past twosome of old ages, but however, they have been bettering in their one-year gross revenues. As seen from the graph below, this gives a better illustration of the existent market public presentation:


Ford ‘s operations span globally, where some are larger than others. Ford is by and large concentrated around North America and Europe, but do hold operations globally. At this point in clip, it would be more cost effectual for them to merely keep their current operations instead than expanding- particularly where local makers in some parts dominate the market.

Further to this, Ford has implemented a figure of techniques in their day-to-day operations to significantly cut down their cost barriers, every bit good as strive to bring forth more gross. Although this has resulted in a important loss of employees, stockholders will be seeing an betterment in the company ‘s public presentation overall. Several studies in 2010 have indicated that their operations will be significantly better than 2009.

Business Strengths

Gross and Cash flow

Over the past few old ages, Ford ‘s entire gross has been decreasing- nevertheless, harmonizing to their official web site, the launches of several of their theoretical accounts have reached peak gross revenues. This could bespeak that their gross will be higher than 2009.

Ford ‘s hard currency flow has shown a diminution, but so a rise in 2009, and judgment by an addition in their gross revenues and public presentation this twelvemonth, 2010 would bespeak much better consequences.

Key Customers, Markets and Channels

In relation to clients, Ford has marketed their theoretical accounts to make several audiences. It is normally known that they do non provide to the luxury market, but in footings of demographics, Ford targets their consumers harmonizing to age groups. Therefore, theoretical accounts such as the Ford Fiesta and Ford Mustang will be targeted towards a younger audience, whereas the Ford Mondeo and other barroom autos would appeal more to an older group. The markets they have performed strongly in is by and large in North America and Europe, which is indicated by the graph below:

Management Domain Expertise

Ford ‘s direction squad is highly diverse and intelligent, and their attempts are seeing in the enterprises they take with the higher quality stuffs used in Ford vehicles, every bit good as their consideration for employee development- by practising successful theories such as the Six Sigma direction model. Harmonizing to an article by Lifton ( 2009 ) , the direction ‘s sphere of expertness has been invariably proven, and Lifton really benchmarked this harmonizing to General Motor ‘s direction. Lastly, Ford has besides taken enterprises to do their vehicles more fuel-efficient and environment-considerate.

Operationss and Key Processes

Based on their one-year study, Ford has spent much of 2010 on working on cardinal operations that have led to their successful development. Their attempts in research and development ( R & A ; D ) have pioneered new engineerings which have significantly improved the overall quality and desire for Ford vehicles due to the higher sum of value-added characteristics they offer. Furthermore, they have increased their planetary fabrication and enlargement throughout the twelvemonth to aim more parts and better sales- accordingly, gross revenues have increased by 31 % in the GCC entirely.

Literature Reappraisal:

The study is chiefly based on research for FORD ‘s concern theoretical account, their ability to accommodate to state of affairss and follow a scheme to excel the crisis and win in their end. Identifying the processs and turn outing FORD ‘s ability to follow the Mass customization scheme has been the cardinal elements of this survey in bend turn outing their fight in the western markets and success in Asiatic markets. The information obtained is chiefly based on beginnings on cyberspace in the signifier of official studies published by Ford. The studies provided an in-depth position of how Ford has managed to prolong in western markets and do their grade in the emerging Asiatic markets. It besides provided valuable information of schemes adopted by Ford in Asiatic markets.

Initially the research was based on placing how Ford has been able to undertake state of affairss and how they have formed joint venture with other industries to do an entry into a market. The studies provided information about Fords organisational construction therefore enabling us to coin a SWOT analysis that brought out the strengths and failing of the company. It was interesting to cognize from valuable beginnings, that Ford has adapted a new scheme, to do their presence planetary and thereby making to the general multitudes ( Business Line, 2009 ) . The thought about Ford ‘s ability to concentrate non in merely one section but in many were besides got obtained. Ford ‘s invention and the manner the organisation has been structured harmonizing to the part was found to be amazing therefore supplying us the visible radiation for analysing on the installations of the organisation. In add-on to all, the studies besides stated Ford ‘s involvement in doing their work environment eco-friendly and their involvement in supplying the clients with autos that carried eco friendly tickets.

Overall the research and studies from assorted beginnings provided expressed information about Fords processs and procedure followed, demoing their involvement in invention therefore doing manner to convey out positions on the major schemes followed and their ability to prolong competition.


Sustainability is a critical factor for any concern endurance. Ford Company gave the sustainability great attending in the past decennary ; in 2001 Ford has a major tendency in its scheme execution ; in fact it was one of the early companies that taking sustainability as long term factor in their policy as a major portion. Ford ‘s direction reviewed sustainability permeates hebdomadally chaired by the company CEO discoursing sustainability issues.

Sustainability has major ends that been considered to accomplish the intent of the company, those aims been surveies and implemented carefully to all Ford stakeholder around the universe, whether they are stockholders. Employees, traders, authorities bureaus, or nongovernment organisations.

The sustainability of Ford motors is based on the undermentioned factors:

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Leveraging their planetary graduated table:

Leveraging Ford planetary graduated table is still a major pillar in their four wheel scheme to increase their being in the market later their hard currency flow. A client driven policy is formulated that addresses each part market demand to hold an fuel efficient auto, low-cost and environmental friendly. , such as little autos is for in town transit

Flexible Fabrication:

Ford Motors through their market intelligence coupled with a direction that pays a great attending toward the Research and development brought merchandises to market with velocity and with great efficiency. In state of affairss such as the statement of William W. George, March 2010 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) , when Toyota on Feb 2010- faced with a state of affairs that they will necessitate to remember 9 1000000s vehicles, that instance was considered a aureate apportunity for Ford to increase production to carry through the deficit in car industry.

Smart Technology

In the recent old ages auto accidents and lose of lives and hurt that occurs force all car industry to heighten safety characteristics in their merchandises, Ford has gave this issue great attending. Ford has utilized the technology and safety merchandises by taking a feedback from planetary consumers, privet groups, and authorities bureaus. That information is taking in consideration under the authoritiess ordinances like US and EUROPEAN. Ford, is processing steadily to be the leader in engineering globally, the consumers are looking for new engineering in new merchandises mundane.

Fuel efficiency – environmental friendly:

Although the Harvard concern acme in October 2008 – the approaching universe Oil Crisis Mtthew Simmons, the president of Simmons & A ; Company International stated that “ to maintain current supply level between now and 2030, we ‘d hold to add six Saudi Arabias, we ca n’t add one. , Ford Motors Conceder the clime alteration and the demand of the restriction of car COa‚‚ emanations, engineering and environment came into partnership to work out this job. Ford has created many scenarios which they put ideas and attempts into. Electric autos and their research and how the consumers will accept such alterations in the close hereafter and how those electro autos will impact the industry. Ford has given the environmental issue great ideas it became a portion of its overall concern scheme. Developing and bring forthing a friendly environment merchandise give the company a footmark in the market and accordingly stabilise its place globally which gives investors and consumers more trust in Ford concern.

Driver well-being ( ford employees ) :

Ford Company has given the Human Resource its attending. With globally spread out company like that different civilization, faith and policies may take an consequence on concern. Ford has enhanced the trust component making peaceable society, transparence among the employees. Concentrating on human rights and environmental sustainability, making ethical environment to work within. For illustration ; in South Africa an educational AIDS bar plan was launched to accomplish the employee good being among the employees.

It is extreme importance for Ford to work with its spouses around the universe conditions they are stakeholders, traders, authorities bureaus or nongovernment groups to make solutions to different issues like environmental and safety, furthermore, working together with spouses in other industries to better engineering and portion new thoughts.


The twelvemonth 1995 marked the birth of Mahindra Ford India Ltd ( MFIL ) in India, in partnership with Mahindra & A ; Mahindra. Started as MFIL which assembled and distributed Ford Escort, Ford India was set up in 1998 enabling Ford autos to acquire a strong pes clasp in India. Ford ‘s Ikon, Fusion, Endeavour that followed Ford Escort provided huge success for Ford India, therefore doing it a good known trade name.

Ford has created shudders to its rivals with the debut of its little auto Ford Figo and sedan Ford Fiesta. The engineerings followed by Ford for Indian market has been outstanding and enormously welcomed by the Indian market. With a entire franchise web of 167 across 97 metropoliss Ford India had laid a strong foundation for its dining market in India.

New theoretical accounts are set to establish in India which will be India-specific but with a planetary entreaty. Ford autos for India will be developed based on a planetary scheme. Bing the 6th largest auto maker in India- Ford India is raring to travel with new eco- friendly engines and voguish designs. Introduction of 8 new theoretical accounts in the following 5 old ages ( by 2015 ) will supply a flight to success with new launches, and new installations with bigger fabricating units.

Ford ‘s rhythm in India:

All the autos launched by Ford in India are customized and designed to accommodate Indian market. Analyzing the mentality of Indian clients Ford has had a changeless and steady success in India with its theoretical account scope.

Strategy of Ford for India:

Ford is heading for a planetary platform scheme. Vehicles seen in one part will be the same as the 1s seen in other parts. Developing autos based on a planetary scheme therefore seeing India as non merely a market for debut of new theoretical accounts but as a market that can supply Ford a strong clasp in the Global economic system. Localization of installations such as power train to cut down working costs, presenting autos designed for India in the planetary market. Concentration in a market section ( little auto ) that has given the assurance and success for the organisation, Ford Figo is the start for Ford towards the planetary scheme.

“ Ford sees India as a critical scheme for Asia-Pacific. We want to put up nucleus fabrication Centres around the part and have important investings in China, Thailand ( for another little auto ) , India and South Africa because we see chances in these four states, ”

Mr Michael Boneham, President and Managing Director, Ford India,

Ford sees India as a major export hub for Asia-Pacific part and South Africa. Small auto section histories for 70 % of gross revenues made by Ford in India ( Business line, 2009 ) . The addition in planetary net income by 13 % in the first one-fourth of 2010 ( Business monitor international, 2010 ) , has brought to illume the importance of Asia in its scheme. The scheme of increasing exposure in India and China has been the key in catching up with its challengers. Ford India is pitching up with Figo for the future competition from Nissan Micra and Toyota Etios severally. Ford India has had the vision to see client demands.

Sustainability is the cardinal factor for success. Ford ‘s sustainable subject does non intend it is restricted to one proficient solution. Ford has introduced merchandises that has sustained and proven its value for the money paid by clients. Ford ‘s response towards environmental conditions, their inaugural to command agencies which could be a possible menace to the environment, like their enterprise to cut down air pollution within their installation, cut downing green house gas emanation by cut downing usage of Diesel and electricity, look intoing air conditioners for minimising ozone depleting substances and attempts to cut down noise degree. Recycling of sewerage H2O, bit and their involvement in societal duties has all added to their sustainability.

Mass customization construct of Ford for India:

India is a market which Ford targets because of the possible to introduce and expertise. The engineerings developed, theoretical account and design of autos, construction of mills and production installations, employment, are specially designed and implemented for India. Get downing from the Ford Ikon, launched in 1999 to pull clients who had a rigorous position for altering autos, till the Figo in 2010 which revolutionized the little auto market in India, Ford has proven its ability to accommodate and secure a top topographic point in the market with its mass customization construct. Ford has delivered what ‘s needed for the Indian market ; a comfy drive, low-cost pricing, best in category fuel economic system and safety. With the turning economic system and mentality of clients, Ford is continually introducing newer engineerings such as, Eco encouragement engines to accommodate the clients and sustain in the market as a market leader. It has brought out and set the construct of mass customization to good usage by custom-making their vehicles harmonizing to clients altering demands and likes.

FIGO a cardinal component of Fords mass customization construct:

Indian clients look for ;

Style and efficiency: Designed in line with Ford ‘s Global Kinetic Design doctrine Figo ‘s Unique design makes it stomp a manner statement. Powerful 1.4 litre duratorq Diesel engine and 1.2 litre duratec gasoline engine offering best public presentation in city/highway and best in category fuel efficiency.

Low-cost monetary value: Price scope of Figo starts from Rs.354, 930 therefore doing it the best priced little auto and besides doing it really low-cost.

Value for money spent: Figo offers a broad scope of characteristics including Bluetooth engineering, cardinal less entry, velocity feeling sound controls, electric boot release, lane alteration indicant, intelligent safety locking characteristics, broad insides with tremendous leg infinite and largest boot infinite in its category.

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Mass customization of its Indian theoretical accounts similar to the construct of Model-T has kept ford apart from its challengers in its ain ways. But on a large graduated table the construct of mass customization applied on Model-T had to be altered to a certain extent to accommodate the wants and demands of clients. In this regard Ford India Has proven right about the alteration in market tendency and its attack towards run intoing their demands.


Like India, China is one of the fastest turning automotive markets in the universe. Harmonizing to Fairclough ( 2009 ) the Chinese market is the 2nd largest vehicle market in footings of unit gross revenues merely after the United States. The competitory conditions of the market are rather intense with the presence of Ford ‘s arch rival GM every bit good as Asiatic and European giants such as Toyota, Audi and Hyundai. Ford entered the Chinese market subsequently than its chief rivals and put up a joint venture with Mazda and Chongqing Changan Automobile which was the 4th largest company in the Chinese automotive market ; Ford struggled ab initio as they were unable to capitalise on the stronger local houses which had already set up with other companies such as GM. One major cause for concern is the fact that Ford merely has a 2 % market portion in China compared to GM ‘s 9 % portion and Volkswagen with 17 % portion ( Reed, 2010 ) . Even with the late reaching of the company in the market, Ford would be able to do inroads into the market ; an illustration would be the increasing popularity of it Fiesta theoretical account which late broke monthly records with near to 7500 autos purchased (, 2010 ) .

The scheme which Changan Ford Mazda Automobile is once more similar to that of India ; the company makes usage of a merchandise line that is more focussed towards the smaller and more fuel efficient autos. In 2010, Ford witnessed an addition in gross revenues by 84 % through its popular theoretical accounts such as Mondeo and S-MAX. Another factor that could lend to the success could be related to the major callbacks of Toyota which received a important sum of coverage from the Chinese Media and public alike ( Bradsher and Bajaj, 2010 ) .

Chinese consumers responded positively to the ONE Ford program which pays strong accent on quality, fuel efficiency, safety, styling, and drivability (, 2010 ) . Another constituent of the scheme of the company is to specifically aim “ Mei ” which translates to “ beautiful ” in Chinese ; this section would dwell of immature working category adult females who earn approximately $ 1000 a month who would organize the bosom of the Ford Fiesta mark market ( Fairclough, 2010 ) . The advertisement runs would be conducted with the agencies of electronic adverts within societal networking web sites and cell phone text messages in an effort to pull immature Chinese clients.

In footings of fabrication Changan Ford Mazda presently have two vehicle assembly works in topographic point and a 3rd works under building to run into the enlargement programs, operations of the works will get down in 2012 ( Dow Jones Newswires, 2010 ) . The chief advantage of the carry oning operations in China would be the fact that labor costs would be well lower than that of western states. However sing the fact that many companies utilise inexpensive production inducements ; Ford believes that the chief differentiating factor is quality which is an built-in constituent of companies such as Audi and Toyota ( Reed, 2010 ) .


One country that Ford could venture into would be in the low cost auto section and aim the universe ‘s cheapest auto in footings of monetary value, the Tata Nano. The auto presently sells for a monetary value ticket of $ 2500 in India and could be sold to US markets for dual the monetary value ( The Hindu, 2010 ) . The Nano opened up the thought of low cost chances for consumers and sing the fact that the recent recession has put significant force per unit area on disbursement forms, the Nano is the reply to the job. Ford could develop a auto of the same scope and force the fuel economic system boundaries to excel that of the Tata Nano ; which could move as a major merchandising point for the trade name.

The 2nd facet would be to concentrate more resources towards the development of more eco-friendly vehicles runing from loanblend to electric vehicles. As antecedently mentioned ; the demand for oil has raised well over the old ages and consumers are besides more witting of environmental factors, hence the demand for cleaner and greener vehicles will go on to lift. The company should seek to integrate loanblend and electric options rapidly into the merchandise line. At the minute Ford has merely two intercrossed autos in topographic point ; the Fusion and Escape ( Ford Vehicles, 2010 ) . Eco-friendly autos could besides be highly effectual in markets like China, where the Ford Fiesta has proven to be successful which could be a consequence of its good fuel economic system.

Ford should besides look to capitalize on the negative state of affairss and fortunes of two of its chief rivals in the Chinese markets, GM and Toyota, both companies have run into troubles over recent times. This would be the perfect chance for Ford to capitalize and do the most of the chance ( Dornbach-Bender et Al, 2010 ) . Another factor that could work in Ford ‘s favor would be the fact that the company would obtain economic inducements from the Chinese authorities ; if the company pushes difficult plenty with effectual advertisement and selling runs in topographic point to capture more of the market, Ford could go one of the chief dominate trade names within the Chinese markets.


The automotive industry has faced the brunt of the economic recession with many major corporations seeking fiscal assistance from their several authoritiess. Ford was one of the companies who suffered the same destiny ; but since so the company is on the way to recovery after doing alterations to its concern theoretical account. The company has identified the demand of consumers who have besides suffered from the planetary economic crisis, which is more focussed towards smaller and more fuel efficient autos at low-cost monetary values. This construct of concentrating on little auto fabrication is indispensable in Asiatic states such as China and India where bulk of the consumers would be within the working category standards. Along with Ford the automotive industry sees the two states true potency to develop into really strong and promising markets. Although Ford ‘s move to China was delayed in comparings with its rivals ; the company continues to turn particularly on the success of its Fiesta theoretical account. India is one of the best illustrations of the mass customisation construct at work with the production of the Ford Figo theoretical account which caters to a immense section within the Indian market being a fuel efficient and low-cost little auto. Another major feature would be the focal point on new green options with outgrowth of Hybrid and electric engineering. Consumers have become more witting of environmental issues and with oil monetary values invariably lifting, the demand for eco-friendly options will go on to turn. Ford could capitalize by spread outing the bing line up of eco-friendly autos in the hereafter to run into the demand of consumers which in bend would help the overall sustainability of the company.

In decision, it is apparent that outgrowth of Asiatic markets such as India and China have had a important impact on the planetary scheme of Ford. The company had to do important alterations to its bing production theoretical account and offer merchandise lines that would run into the demands of consumers within the market and in both instances the focal point was on little autos with good fuel economic system. China is the 2nd largest automotive market in the universe and in visible radiation of recent events such as Toyota ‘s major call back of autos ; Ford could travel in and capitalize on the chance and cement its topographic point in the Chinese market. Asia will be the driving force of the hereafter of the company. The focal point on smaller autos would be highly good in the long tally as more mature western markets demands easy begin to follow similar features to that of Asia as a consequence of the recession with the emphasise for good fuel efficient and low-cost autos. Ford would hold a strong merchandise line of autos within the little auto section to run into the demands of the modern twenty-four hours consumer.